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That. Was. Hot! Good job bro!

Harms Way, you're a very talented writer of EQG clip and I have no doubts that you wrote this fic very well too. But I think I'm gonna skip this one. Sorry, it's just that I don't like clopfics where the female is old enough to be the anon's mother. No hard feelings?

I pray that wasn't recorded on security footage.:twilightoops:

Oh man that was hot.
It was well worth the wait.

Love your stories as always!

Next is Adagio!???!! :pinkiegasp:

Hell yeah

GDI Sunset You got lucky this worked out. I'm grateful, but you're still getting a talking to on Monday! :facehoof: :ajbemused:

>The next story in this series will feature Adagio Dazzle



So, the whole thing just played out like a bad porno?

"Yeah, I somehow know that you've got the hots for me, and I'm not going to explain that. Grab my tits, why don't you?"


I must say, I enjoy how you improvise a little about these character's body
types; the ones from the show are all the same, sadly.

Anyway, that was one hell of a good story. It was nice for a change reading about the expertise of an older woman. Ironically enough, we´ll be getting an even older woman in the next story.
I can´t wait to see what you do with that one. I imagine it being more... "mystical", you know, with the siren theme and all. Anyway, great job; your stories just keep getting better and better. Catching Up will remain my favorite for a while (favorite Mane Six + my fetish), but this one was still excellent.

If you read all the way to the end, she explains how she knew about the dreams.

This was hot, but darn I was hoping for more of the mild foot play you have in your stories

With stories like this, I don't mind being in "Harms Way"....


Ok, now I get why this was on the top of the feature page in less then a day lol:pinkiehappy: Very much worth the read. I suppose there will be a sequel, so send me a link! :yay: See ya later

You never know, my friend. There are a few ideas already in my mind for a possible direct sequel for this.

7706774 sweet!:pinkiehappy: I'll be waiting:raritywink:

Is it weird that... I sort of liked this...?

Like, I thought this was really nicely written, and I'm... happy that the protagonist got with Celestia in the end.

Love this kind of stories and love the way you portrayed Celestia, can't wait for luna and how you make her look like. If you can't guess I love luna.

Great story, mate. I'm in the mood to wait for the one with Adagio. I hope it's gonna be hot with her.

I'd just like to point out you missed the perfect opportunity for a joke in the description.

but there was just something about Principal Celestia that you liked. Was it her calming voice? Those long legs? Or maybe those voluptuous curves on her body?

Ooooo, this was a nice read, hahaha. I wouldn't mind reading more of these two, nice job man.
Nice job.


7706565 I didn't bother, sorry. I just got up to the bit where she tells him to grab her tits and was like "okay. Yeah. See ya."

I doubt they could be called 'friends with benefits' when they are already planning a date.

Dating doesn't contrast with the 'benefits-idea' since it practically imply's romance.

But...I digress. Good story. Can't wait for the next.

7705939 Maybe Celestia isn't even 30 years old in this.

Very nice, my friend. A very damn good story.:trollestia:

I do gotta admit that Principal Celestia is definitely PILF material:rainbowwild:. Judging by how stern and cranky Luna was here: she definitely sounds she needs the "D" to:raritywink:; but there's no rush for anything like that:twilightsmile:.

I definitely am looking forward to the Adagio story just like everyone else. Good luck as always:pinkiehappy:.

7705939 I'm with you on this.

The idea that a teacher would do this to a student, even in fiction, is frankly... disturbing. I know it may seem strange to draw a line here, but I'm glad I'm not the only one.

good to see you again friend as always suburb work :derpytongue2:

This song instantly came into mind once I finished reading that.

7708367 ah ZZ top. Classic.

7706784 It's ok dude... we've all got really dark fetishes in us.

Love it, Bro. It's about time she got some love.

It's still on the top of the feature page!?:pinkiegasp: Damn! This story is popular.:pinkiehappy: Glad I favorited this story.

Interesting premise, but no real flirting, and almost no foreplay? I'm afraid that doesn't work for me at least.

But after today, I probably have a better chance of winning the lottery than being with her,

for the lottery, did you mean something like this (happened early 2016)? :

7705936, 7705981, 7705998, 7706076, 7706104, 7706192, 7706238, 7706240, 7706400, 7706614, 7706673, 7706769, 7706784, 7706799, 7706991, 7707166, 7707293, 7707361, 7707384, 7707777, 7707904, 7708086, 7708691, 7708741

Thank you all so much!! :twilightblush: I'm glad that you guys enjoyed reading this story.

7705939, 7707882
I understand and respect your opinions. I wasn't expecting for everyone to like this story. I do hope that you guys will enjoy the next entry when it comes out.

7709179 I do enjoy your stories either way. Not so much for the clop but you usually add such substance to the story, and you did for this one! Up until she started putting the moves on him.

I was expecting any second for him to be having another fantasy and all of the sudden the gets jarred back to reality then for her to make some wry comment as he left, that makes you question "was that a fantasy?"

Instead it was...well straight forward. Most enjoyed it. That's good. I will patiently wait for the next.

Damien Darkside said:
Actually sounds pretty great. Since you are pointing out the ass bit, are you planning on doing anal? Because that would be a good time to do anal.

Harms Way said:
Yes. I am planning on doing anal for her story. Only I'm not just gonna have them do anal and leave it there like I did for Rainbow Dash. I'm thinking about having him going in both her ass and pussy.

Damien Darkside said:
That would definitely be a thing. Also go for possibly a toy in her desk. If she is sexually frustrated enough to get on a student (literally) then there is gonna be something to DP her with.

Seeing as how the comment chain on my mailbox started from this, I am really happy with how this turned out. You did an amazing job and I am really happy you annihilated the feature box.

Your stories are always awesome, and Celestia was perfect for this series :raritywink:

:pinkiesick:...Now I'm eternally grateful both of my principals were men.

I really love your EQG erotica stories, especially this one. I really hope you'll do a Luna story soon.

7709179 How many of these stories are you planning on making? Just curious.

Oh imagine my surprise to see more of this series. You've made my day. Celestia's such a sexy cougar. And I can't wait to see Adagio.

I wish I was sent to the office now. XD

Keep up the damn good work dude!

"Maybe it's your mind telling you to just go for it and talk to Principal Celestia about how you feel."

Just go for it, she said.

You'll thank me later, she said.


Would love to see this relationship continue.

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