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Awww I thought you'd me doing an Equestria Mane-6 clop next.

It is coming, my friend. I just wanted to get this story out first.

It's hard to say right now. But rest assured, it will be up sometime this month.

So mind if I ask what's going down with Unrestricted Warfare?

Quick put pretty good, top shelf work as usual Harm's way...can't wait for the next update. :twilightsmile:

The next chapter is being worked on, my friend.

so we meet again. as always very good story

Thank you and thanks for the fave. :twilightsmile:

I wanted to make this because I noticed a surprising lack of tentacle clopfics mainly centered around Sunset.

I've been thinking the same thing for a while now. Glad there's we have one now! :twilightsmile:

Yes they are, my friend. Yes they are.

This was my first tentacle fic. I was not prepared for that.



6992638 Bruh, don't comment under such a story if your avatar is your face.

Gaahh... :pinkiesick:

I'm all for Sunset Shimmer clopfics, but tentacles... me no like.

Gotta say the attention to detail in this fic was unreal. Great work fam. :twilightsmile: :heart:

I appreciate your honesty, my friend. I wasn't expecting everyone to like it, hence the reason as to why there is a warning.

Consentacles are the best! :twilightsmile:


Ah yes, tentacles. By itself, to me, tentacles + Sunset + consent is a very potent combination and so when I saw this I was very very pleased.

At least, the idea of tentacles is great. But I have found that in practice, to my chagrin, it invariably leads to some form of all the way through. Which I find this extremely hard to grasp since I would think just anything like that would rip apart the small intestine. The throat to stomach I can handle because that's a straight shot, but the intestinal tract is so complex that I cringe whenever I see people try to make tentacles go up there.

That was the only thing that prevented this from being a fave (though I will give it a thumbs-up). Unfortunately this might be a norm for tentacle fics but nonetheless, I don't much enjoy that idea.

I've got to agree with RQK here. Even allowing that it was flexible enough to do it without tearing her internal organs, a tentacle going up through her intestine would push all partially digested food currently within back into her stomach, and that's really revolting. I mean, Igenerally like tentacle porn, but some things just shouldn't be done.

Jewel of Pleasure would translate to Gemma Voluptatis.

Bravo, this was one sexy fic, spcifially since the Sex was Consentual, which is hard to find!:pinkiehappy: Looking forward to more!:twilightsmile:

I feel horrible, I just do. Good story though lol

I love consentacles as much as the next guy, but you not knowing the difference between its and it's kept me from getting to the good part.

Fantastic piece of work.

:rainbowderp: I want one of those.

I really do appreciate this, my friend. Thank you for making the first reading of any of the stories that I created. :twilightsmile:

heehe, sunset + Tentacles. and htis kind of Tentacle no less? NICE!!!!!

one that peaked her curiosity the most

From long description -- piqued. From the French for prick or irritate.

Thank you. Consider it fixed. :twilightblush:

Eh, uncommon word, common mistake. Wouldn't be surprised if peaked winds up becoming standard in a few decades. Living language and all that.

7759718 The fun thing is that you could simple remove the "The most" from that sentence and it'd make sense.

6993464 I know this is a while ago but do you... Actually read descriptions or? xD

7763296 I did and that made me not read the fic so I wrote that comment to imply I wasn't going to read it.

And that was just the appetizer.

6995038 OTOH, it allows her to "fulfill her greatest fantasy"- it very well may do other things (such as Family Guy-style teleportive enemas) to make everything clean and devolting.

7025355 The difference, for the record, is 6864384.


your photo is on titanic and when it struck the iceberg on April the 14th nineteen hundred and twelve isn't it?

Seriously, one of the BEST I have read! I loved it so much, I read it three times!

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