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clopfic addict lol. besides that, a complete videogame and anime geek and a school nerd.


Friday the 13th!? · 6:51pm Jan 13th, 2017

Hey, everypony! Hows you're day been? Any bad luck? The reason I'm asking is cause....Today is Friday the 13th!!!! *Insert spooky lightning flash*:pinkiecrazy:
I love this day cause I (surprisingly enough) have the best of luck! Does that make me evil?.....*shrug* I can deal with that. :pinkiecrazy: I already know that I'm crazy, so adding evil in the mix won't be too hard. *Giggles*

Did I scare you? :pinkiehappy:

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Your picture scares me, for the reasons that im getting some strange feelings I've never had before!

2368029 i actually didn't eat that much over the holidays, but a good coma sounds fun lol

2368026 hey, no problem violet, I was in a food coma!

2365131 that's fine, Optimus:pinkiehappy:!
Happy holidays!
(Sorry this is late, I was busy lol and took a break from fimfiction for a while lol:twilightsheepish:)

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