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:pinkiehappy: All right!! Another story featuring my other waifu, my first being Adagio, for obvious reasons. :raritywink:

Allways good to see your work HW...now back to working on my own

Happy Gilmore reference for the win!

The carnival part was a nice touch, good job with this one. :pinkiesmile:

So with Rarity and Sunset done, who's next on the list?

"You will not hit that target, you ja-mmmph!" The last word gets cut off by Sunset coming up behind and placing her hand firmly over Sonata's mouth.

Whoa! The club went further than the ball!

This was a great read, nice work! :twilightsmile:

Also, if this story is done, why is it labeled "Incomplete"?

Cue Sonata running Anon down in a VW Bug while shouting "JACKASS!!!"

Because I forgot to change it from "Incomplete" to "Complete" before going to sleep. :twilightblush:

Next on the list is Fluttershy. :yay:

6291804 Must... resist... I can't do it. :yay: "Yay".

Dude! This. Was. Awesome! :pinkiehappy:

And hilarious. :rainbowlaugh:

Instant like, and fave, bro! :raritywink:

Wait a moment, isn't this the same guy who made out with Rarity a while back?

6293049 Then, why does he go by the same name?

It's the name I've been using for all of my second-person perspective stories.

6293053 Oh.
Sorry, I've only read just the two.

It's alright, my friend.

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6291804 Ah right, I can just picture it now.

Fluttery goes into seductive mode and anon says, it's always the quiet ones. :rainbowwild:

6294742 To be honest, I've always been irritated by 'Sex Crazed Fluttershy'. It's like people think that every shy girl is wild in the bedroom. The fact is, most shy girls are just as shy when it comes to sex. Besides, I find her shyness to be sexy as hell.

maximum over-smut! grand work:moustache:

Nice job. Well done.:twilightsmile:

It would be awesome to see a cherilee clopfic

6293053 that was awesome :even though im a girl and id prefer girl x girl stories most of the time but this was cute and sunset is my favorite character now after watching Rainbow Rocks:pinkiehappy:

I'm glad you liked it. Also, I have been thinking about making some stories that you say you'd prefer so keep your eyes on the horizon. :twilightsmile:

Cheerilee will be getting her story, but it won't be in this series. It'll be a sequel to Trixie's Payment. :twilightsheepish:

Excellent!!! Magnificent!!! It's perfect! :heart:

"You will not hit that target, you ja-mmmph!"


great story. if sunset had done that to me, lets just say there would be a mob/army of pissed off irish people after her ass. they don't call us the fighting irish for nothing. hey if a bunch of farmers and somewhat trained fighters can take on and defeat the the entire british military in America I think I can get a militia together and take on sunset

Wow... so THAT'S what Sunset did to him first. Sheesh, that's bad... reminds me of that old movie which I can't remember the name about 3 friends and a bully and that the bull made one of the 3 friends, a chubby one, where he took his clothes from the locker room, scared him in them to run out without a towel and pulled the Fire Alarm to have everyone leave the classroom and then see the poor kid naked as he cried. If I could remember the name of that movie (another one of the friends tried to be brave and mess with the bully only for the bully to catch him on his bike and make him eat dog... um... leavings... and the third friend was nearly drowned by him and had it and cornered the bully into an empty shed and pointed a gun at him).

Anyway I'm getting off track here.

Nice read... again I dislike the extensive use of the swears, but eh... though seeing as this is a SEQUEL is this the SAME character from the first one or a "What If" of the same universe where our MC here got together with Sunset instead? Honestly want to have this part clear.

Looking forward to the next sequel of this series!

So you'll do a Cheerilee story next? Honestly when I first saw her I thought she was Berry Punch's human counterpart considering the hairstyle and that Cheerilee lacks freckles on her pony counterpart and that her skin and hair color are reversed and seem more align with Berry Punch instead. Honestly they could've done better with Cheerilee's human form.

Though I have yet to see a Human (EQG) Cheerilee story with a Male OC yet on Fimfiction or there is but I haven't found it. I look forward to this.

Actually, Fluttershy is coming next, not Cheerilee. Cheerilee will get her story, but it'll be a sequel to Trixie's Payment. Also, while you are correct when saying that the names are the same, the stories themselves are unrelated. So this isn't one guy banging the entire main 7. Seven stories, maybe more if I decide to add more. Anon is the name I've been using for all of my second perspective stories, largely due to me not being creative enough to make different names up.

Also, I appreciate the fave. :twilightsmile:

I'm aware the Cheerilee story is part of the same series that the Trixie and Sirens one are in.
Also because the mention of a Cheerilee story get me head brewing a story on her as there's not a single story I've noticed here on Fimfiction that has EQG Cheerilee as a central character with a random person.

So this story series here... same person but different "What If" stories like in the first story he and Rarity got together but in this same he and Sunset got together instead. Same universe but different timelines? Or is this like that OTHER Anon series story which there's a bunch of guys with the same names (or were they nameless? Regardless) that was in 2nd person view with each character but the next story mentions the last girl with the guy she finally got and we move on the next guy who one of the main characters date. Gets a little confusing a bit.

Too be honest... getting REAL tired seeing the name "Anon" as the default generic name for Protagonist in the MLP stories. At least "John" is a real name even if it's part of the "John Smith" meme, but at least it's better than Anon.

Heartfelt and touching. Most awesome.

Anon must be one lucky and special guy if he gets a sex invite on the first date:pinkiehappy:. I just hope he didn't get Sunset accidently pregnant since they didn't use protection:twilightoops:.

Now it's time for me to read the third story with Fluttershy:yay:.

The "you know I'm not exactly human, right?" part completely threw me off.

Admittedly, I like the idea that - assuming estrus in Equestria - mares that are in heat when they cross will be permanently super easy to excite while human. That's a unigue twist I enjoy.


Oh yes.

When it said "two of her friends" I feared it is a foursome fic.

Glad it is not.

"Could you walk any slower?" The person behind you asked angrily. Turning your head slightly, you could see that the person behind you was a very attractive girl with fire colored hair that was wearing a very nice studded leather jacket.

I wasn't mistaken when I thought the premise involved 'Anon' being shipped with Sunset, was I?
*Checks premise and tags*
Nooope, just as I thought. Well, this relationship is off to a bad start...

"Anon." Applejack begins. "Sunset has been wanting to apologize to ya for what she did all those months ago."


Alright Anon." Cheerilee responds, giving a little wave as she packs up her things. "Be careful going home now. And also..." She adds, making you stop before exiting the room to look at her. "If there is anything you'd like to talk about, you know I'm always here for you."

I like to imagine Cheerilee winking at Anon, as he walks away as quickly as he can. That moment leading to a Teacher/Student Clopfic to get Anon a better grade, or other cheesy plot. :rainbowwild:

"As you wish." You respond, gradually increasing the speed even further until the bed begins to shake as a result.

Ugh... Why'd I have to read this while watching The Princess Bride? :facehoof:

Plot twist: Anon's Mother/Father walks in without knocking. "Anon, you going to- Anon! What's going on here?" "$#i+! Mom/Dad it's not what it looks like!" :pinkiegasp:

Funny that you mention an Anon/Cheerilee clopfic because I am working on one lol

Stories like this seem to have a very high opinion of me. They seem to think I have nothing but time on my hands, fuck high school girls (legal depending on country) and apparently exist in several universes simultaneously... Thanks second person stories for showing my true calling, fucking high schoolers XD

Why is there no HD video of this? Why, cruel world?

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