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I write stories mostly revolving around romance concering the protagonist and a princess or princesses. I am a Royalty Writer and consider little to no other kinds of writing, save for few exceptions.

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A small preview... · 7:19pm Nov 16th, 2018

Here is a small preview of a story I'm working on:

Looking around, Celestia found herself on the brink of disaster, or at least the butt of a bad joke. Wherever that portal put her, it certainly wasn’t the Crystal Empire.

She was on the edge of a very, very tall building, on the brink of falling down.

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Report Joss10 · 155 views · Story: You Kept Me Alive · #human #celestia
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Well before chapter 4 is released I would gladly proofread it for you

Work I’m assuming or something else like that

Yes. Although I don't update very often because of my schedule, yes indeed I will be resuming that.

So chapter 4 of you kept me alive could be a possibility now?

A royalty writer is an author who focuses on writing stories bases on the the Princesses, such as Cadence, Celestia, Luna, and even Chrysalis once in a while (forgive me, I made that term "Royalty Writer" up about 4, almost 5 years ago)

  • Viewing 9 - 13 of 13
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