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Winter break · 10:46pm Dec 20th, 2018

As of tomorrow until January 3rd, I will have 2 weeks to write stories. You guys make suggestions on what you want. Also, if you have questions you can ask them to me on Xbox live. My gamer tag is LORD OF DEATH49

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Anyone play battlefield on Xbox one? I’m gonna recruit for my milsim soon

Sorry last option. Promise

Option F: a Kirin fic with with humans involved. I won’t give away too much about it

Sorry I forgot options d and e

Option D: earth, 7/16/2027
Russia, the United States, and South Korea are at war with China after they begin to invade Southern Asia. North Korea especially is angry about this and joins Russia and America in an attempt to halt china’s advance south and west. A massive flight group of 10 antonav an225 cargo jets, 5 AC130J gunships and their fighter escort of more than 125 Lockheed Martin F22 raptors and A10 warthog’s that fly ahead of the group and clear Sam sites on the ground; are on their way to Seoul South Korea to resupply the front lines evacuate civilians from the war zone but they never make it.
Confused as to why they disappeared off of the radar, the North and South Koreans are forced to make do with what they have and deploy small yield tactical nuclear weapons to deter the chinese. Meanwhile in equestria, war has just been declared on the ponies by the changlings, Minotaurs, and zebras. The griffins join equestria on the war effort. What will happen when the missing flight group from earth ends up in equestria, loaded with weapons, ammo, and vehicles? Will the equestrians reach the humans first or their enemies?

Option E: Europe, WW2, 1945

Germany was on the verge of defeat until they completed and deployed the legendary P1000 ratte and the P1500 monster. Both landships deployed outside of Berlin, hold back the Russians and Americans from entering. It has been one year now since the ratte was completed and now more than 6000 have rolled of the production line. A group of 2 P1000’s and a P1500 were deployed to sellow heights but during battle, an allied artilary barrage destroys the German war machines. Or so they thought. when the smoke cleared, the landships were no where to be seen. Lt.col Frederick Steiner, commander of the 41st landship division wakes up on top of the P1500 he was riding on in a dark forest with the other 2 landships and a panzer column for defense against infantry. Not knowing how they got here, he decides to get out of the forest with his company before something found them. How will the peace loving ponies react when they see metal machines of war rolling out of the everfree forest? Can the German wheremacht and waffen ss soldiers establish peace between these creatures? Or will they have to fight for survival in a world unknown to them.

Quick question for everyone who looks at my page. I want to write another fic and I have some ideas but I can’t figure out which one to do so I need your opinion on which one.

Option A: another emergency scenario where a storm from the everfree is moving towards canterlot and is to big to be destroyed by weather Pegasi alone and human assistance is needed. But until that arrives, canterlot is in trouble from powerful cloud to ground lighting, acid rain, significant flooding, strong winds, and even a small tornado or two.

Option B: a crossover fic between mlp fim and the game on steam known as my summer car where the mane 6 and the princess are sent to rural Finland by a spell gone wrong and the main character in the game (who the ponies are found by could be changed) who still has no name discovers, takes care of, and shows the finish life style to the ponies until they find a home IF they can find a way.

Option C: the battleship known as the USS Montana is sent to equestria after a recomishining along with the ships uss Missouri, uss Texas, and just after being first deployed, the USA Gerald R Ford class super carrier. 4 ships ( more could be added later) are sent into unknown waters and are found by the navies of equestria and griffonia and a firefight breaks out between the 2 navies due to an already ongoing war. The crews of the American ships are forced to make a decision. Let them sort it out or get involved in the battle and choose between taking sides with equestria or griffonia.

You guys decide. I’ll tally results by 1/19/19 and get writing afterwards

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