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Remember kids, eat your veggies, go to school, and murder all your enemies.... I murder all my enemies....

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Pls no bulli!

No bulli of the Sayori

The title had my interest. The story now has my attention. Good one, author. Hope I'll see more of this.

Is "Bulli" intentionally misspelled?

Majin Syeekoh

...just call him Ted.

Don't drag me into this.

Only dorks put Ted's in their stories, and I ain't no dork.

Majin Syeekoh

Shit. I guess that makes me a huge dork because I totally would have called him Ted.:fluttershysad:

Or Jimmy. Jimmy works.

*slowly claps* Bra-friking-vo... Didn't think it was possible to make EQG decently sexy but you have done it well.

More bulli for the (future pregnant) bookworm

How does having "an insatiable taste for submission" make you a bad girl? Wouldn't it make more sense to make it domination instead?

We must go further! We must achieve...


Yes yes you are anonymous

Oh how I do enjoy a scenario like this. Can't wait to find out how deep this rabbit hole goes.

So when’s the exhibitionism chapter?

As the song goes, in every girl there’s a pig that sleeps.

How can a human being write stuff this good?

This has got to be in the top ten of all time on this site.

My God

The Monk

This is incomplete on purpose, and not just because you forgot to change it, right? Right? :fluttershysad:

Both were furious.

They'll get over it. Because wrestling isn't real.

Hope they do remember to use protection.

This was ridiculously similar to how I lost my virginity. Rad story, man. Can't wait to hear the rest!

*stomach grumbles* I need more.... FEED ME MORE OF THAT GOOD SHIT!

Depends on how bold Twilight will be now that she can experience her fetishes. She might still need some coaxing to try some of them.

Hope you got all kinds of dirty kinks for the egghead.

either way it will prove both interesting and amusing.


No, it's fine on either end of the riding crop. Fetishes are fetishes due to not being considered normal. Half the time that taboo is what makes people like them at all, and breaking taboos gives a sort of feeling often referred to as 'dirty' throughout the centuries, as well as thrilling. Deep lewdness!

For being this deep in her fetish, she is a bad girl. The 'good girl' image is the one who is pure/mostly-if-not-entirely-virginal, smart, confident, hard-working, takes care of herself, does things that advances her prestige and is a social climber. The 'bad girl' image is open with her sexuality even if hiding the act itself, selfish, full of desire, performs acts which would earn her scorn and mistrust, and entirely unwholesome, reveling in how different she is from expectations.

The difference between "that girl's going places!" and "we should keep our kids away from her". Both tend to be happy with what they do if that image is their true face, though oftentimes a good girl just a front for a bad girl. Even more rarely vice-versa. So whether she's a dominant top (or power bottom), or a hardcore submissive, she's a bad girl and clearly she loves the dichotomy.

"A lady in the streets and a freak in the sheets."

Anon seems like an absolute jerk

Only cause Twi finds it hot

Canterlot High School, home of the Galloping Broncos

Wondercolts, they’re the Wonercolts

And thus we ask the age old question. Is it still rape if you enjoy it? 😏

No, but the reason is because women aren't people and do not have sovereignty over their bodies.

:twilightblush:Pls no bulli. Actually bulli me super hard.


Just keep in mind that this is a story, and that if this is done in real life, the other person can rightfully call it rape, as it was unconsensual at the start. Doesn't matter if it became pleasurable for the other person, they were still forced at the beginning.

Dude... it was a joke

Text has a very flat tone, it's hard to tell what the implication is just through just words on a screen. There are people out there who legitimately ask that question, then believe themselves to be right when they answer no generally.

Buzz kill, I know.

Ahhahah That ending about the wrestling match was great.

Pfft, everypony knows Twi is secretly a dominatrix.

But to each its own. Nice story

Looking into my mirror, I saw that I was as red as a person can be without passing out.

Wait; isn't this a world of multi-coloured skin? I highly doubt you'd be able to develop Big Mac's skin colour without fainting or plenty of blood.
How red can Big Mac get, anyway? Maybe you should 'experiment' and find out, Twilight.

That was great. Well done.

Is this story completed? The tag is confusing me.

Yeah, one little hole in your point here. In the EQG world, Mac is a white boy, almost as white as me, and I’m 96% European.

8794116 God damn it, you had to bring up Sayori didn't you?



That's not Edgy, that's just Islam.

That title just made it a requirement for me to say that


Hippity Hoppity women should be proprety!

Muḥammad ibn ʿAbdullāh, 612 AD

So there's gonna be more? I hope so.

When will the next chapter come out

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