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The grasp of evolution is already behind us. To progress, we must take the reins into our own hands.

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Some would argue that nature gave us our limbs to use them, and as such voluntarily swapping them out would be something to frown upon. But the way I see it, there aren't any rules that say I can't or shouldn't. Besides if we're going off nature, nature also happened to give us humans incredible ambitions to achieve to new heights - we've never come to a place or point in our history and said "this is good enough." We always desire improvement. So what happens when our ordinary body parts don't cut it? Say I want to climb to the top of Mt. Everest or cross the Sahara Desert on foot, in one go. Human biology just isn't cut out for that, and yet we were still gifted with this insatiable need to achieve more and further. Why not change your body to allow it to actually be able to follow what your mind desires for it to do, when before it wasn't possible?
Another thing I hear a lot is that such modification would make you less human, but I think I lot of people don't actually understand what it means to be human. You'd be less animal, yes, but you don't usually hear people say that. Being human is, contrary to the context the term is commonly used in, being above and beyond being just an animal; being distinct. We've already long surpassed them in our cognitive abilities - how do you think we rose to the top? I'd even go as far as to say it'd make one more human, since unlike animals, if we really want to be able to do something, our body can now actually keep up with our mind in doing it. Never run out of breath, never suffer from fatigue, never be held back by outside pain, never be held back by any biological limitations you can think of. Being able to do that would make us even more distinct as human than before, and we have the technology now to maximize our chances of living to see this. It's time that we seize the full potential of the human mind and see just how far we can truly go~

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Well, thank you.

I just saw it now, and it’s actually better than the last ones. I mean, sure, it does have a laser in the middle (not sure what that’s for), but it’s definitely better and I like it a lot more.

You know what? Since you've shown such honest and genuine concern over me I'll go ahead and change my avatar into something a bit more user friendly.

You’re entirely welcome (says with sarcasm).

Thanks, ya big sweetie pie~

FYI, I literally hate your profile pictures.

They’re so ugly and annoying, and that’s coming from my honest opinion for every time I look at them and nothing more.

Want my advice?

Find something that doesn’t irritate one’s eyes and keep followers away from you.


In light of the debate you and I were having last night, you inspired me to look up the proof I need to back myself up on why I think the Bible is right instead of science. The reason I didn’t before was because I was more focused on telling than showing.

But, during my search, I did find something interesting involving the debate:


In the case of what’s shown here, no matter how much ‘evidence’ people are going to show to support themselves, the debate is never going to end because both sides will just try to counteract it anyway. No matter what I’d show you, you’d deny it. No matter what you’d show me, I’d deny it.

So, what I learned is that it’s not about ‘proof’ of who is right. It’s about what you believe in and what you choose to believe in. The things we talked about last night are debates that no one is going to win because both of us want to stick with what we each believe in today.

So, can we just leave it at that?

Maybe not 100% but achieving synthetic immortality (i.e. transferring a human consciousness/personality into some kind of computer and/or robot) is definitely a kind of tangent of transhumanism-focused technology.
To take a description from Google:

Transhumanism is an international intellectual movement that aims to transform the human condition by developing and making widely available sophisticated technologies to greatly enhance human intellect and physiology.

What is transhumanism? Does it have to do with researching immortality?

HPlus #3 · Aug 1st, 2017 · · 1 ·

Well that explains why I'm fucking gay then

Transhumanism is fucking gay

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