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Remember kids, eat your veggies, go to school, and murder all your enemies.... I murder all my enemies....

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It's finally out!! :yay:

It was fun to work with you all and I hope we can do something like that in the future!!


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inb4 feature box

Photo clapped her hooves together. “Strudel! Guerlain!”

so this is a pony athensfoods.com/wp-content/uploads/2004/10/Apple-Strudel_643x600.jpg

“Sapphire, mon chère.”

Instead of "mon", you'd like to put "ma" here, since Saphire is a mare (hence the female "déterminant").

Fantaisie cul restau

Very... risqué name for a restaurant. I like it. ;) However, while abreviating restaurant, one would prefer the spelling "resto".

mon Brisé de coeur.

Not sure what you're tryimg to say here, but if it's heartbreaker, you'd want to go with "brise-coeur" or "charmeur".

Little confused as to why he's saying "yinz" and such, but I guess that's just a Pittsburgh thing?
Either way, looking forward to more.

your story intrigues me :trixieshiftright: please carry on

Ayy, it's finally going up.

This is gonna be so good. My body is ready.

That ketchup scene was great 10/10

8183882 In this kind of restaurant, you don't use condiments. You also don't modify the chef's food.

Especially if that chef in named after Gordon Ramsay.

Fleur is laughing at how honest and refreshingly normal Sam is around all these bullshit fake ponies.

I meant the yinz and whatnot

I don't know about you guys but when Fleur speaks I just imagine her with Widowmaker's voice rather than the one she uses in the show

:pinkiehappy: I know what this is!. I have been SO looking forward to reading this here! By the way, LPB, If I haven't introduced myself yet you may know me as the bad haiku guy. I look forward to the next update!

Ketchup and fish. Winning combo all the way.:twilightsmile:

Why one needs 20 different bloody forks for eating I'll never understand, y'all don't need that many.

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Sign me the fuck up; instant like and fave!

Small error:

I’d never[ do that!

what the fuck

what the fuck.

you've actually made her, not only bearable, but actually likable. me wonders if you're gonna go with a slow uptake to the smex or just fleur getting what she wants.


Well, this is really good and I'm excited to read more.

8184204 Just doing a quick search shows that 'yinz' is a dialect specific to Pennsylvanians. Sam, a fellow from Pittsburgh, is essentially saying the equivalent of the southern 'y'all' when he says this word, as it means something along the lines of 'you ones'. In a sentence, it's used like "It's nice to meet yinz." The author really fleshes out his character in that small regard.

Instant fav.
I really like the cover art for some reason.

Looking forward to the next chapter!

Your opening was beautiful written you shown skillful use of description and tone.

I love human x pony romances and find Sam quite likable he is just going though the flow, not at the least bit shocked by talking ponies. Though I do wish he didn't kiss Fleur so quickly but wait a little, tease her make her want it. the kiss could have been done better, it felt rushed to me.

A favorite

jz1 #30 · May 24th, 2017 · · · Deux ·

When I got to the Ketchup scene, I just sort of stopped reading for a second. This guy is the perfect stereotypical Pittsburgher, emergency Heinz and all!

It is nice to see a HiE story that avoids the worst overdone cliches.

Well, Fleur was being a little mischievous. Seeing what he'd do. Sam's just thinking he's​ learning how ponies great each other in Canterlot as she stated.

Ugh. Seeing this makes me feel terrible for not continuing my Fleur x human story.

8185205 It's not to late!

>> ArmedBrony I'm with noah2x4, please continue Wilted Flower.

Wow, I get a really strong Metro vibe from that title XD

Ram-see... 10/10 approved

Fair warning, I had two people look look over all of the French in this story, but I myself can't speak a lick of the language. So, if you see any mistakes calm your tits and just pm me please.<-- did any not see that lol didnt even get to read the 1st word of the story :derpytongue2:

Man, I hope chapter three is titled "Twat." :raritywink: :rainbowlaugh:


Never pair fish with Ketchup... Ever... Not even if it could save the universe...

What's with this thing about a Pennsylvanian accent? I live out in Lancaster and I swear people don't really talk with a weird accent. Well maybe the Amish, but that's about it. I don't know what you are talking about. And I have lived here all my life as well.

8187244 screw you! tomato sauce on fish is amazing!

This chapter leaves me mixed, while I enjoyed the beginning, it was flowing fine until we got to the restaurant then that's when it began to drop. Sam broke the flow the story, he was nervous but he continued to draw attention to himself, while I understand the whole fancy table manners being a pain in the ass. But did he really have to pull out ketchup he is in a land were humans are still regarded with suspicion yet he thinks its fine to do that coming off as sloppy, a small diner yes, the fanciest restaurant in Cantalot no. He should know better

I hope Sam gets better he was the weak points of this chapter

8187456 There are a lot of Lancasters in the US alone, but if you're referring to a dialect or accent not seeming too odd due to your familiarity with it, it becomes very distinguishable when you speak to those who don't originate from your area.

I'm no expert in the matter of linguistics, but I'll use the all-encompassing "southern accent" (meaning areas known for using 'y'all' and such), which can be broken down into dialects ranging from Black Vernacular English to Texan to Louisiana Cajun, as an example. You'll hear a lazy drawing out of the vowels with certain Texas drawls and in Black Vernacular there is a lot of emphasis on the word "be" and striking of g's from the end of words ("We be clubbin'", "They been an' closed the school down.")

Now, if you go to, let's say, backwater Louisiana speaking like a northerner from suburban Michigan asking for directions, not only will you get a lot of stares, but you'll understand so little of what is being said that whomever you're speaking to may as well be speaking another language.

Anyway, that's my take on things. I move around a lot, so I've heard a variety of dialects and settled down in a number of different areas with myriad cultures and thought I'd share something.

I also wonder about the choice of food. Specifically the fish. Are they eating it because they actually like it? As in most fics in pony stories they always stray from meat or flesh of any kind in favor of the norm which is plant matter. Or are they eating it because of the ritzy high class 'look' deal. As in I mean "I want to look different and stand out so I eat something I don't really like just because it makes other gossip about me." Kind of deal.

“Good afternoon everypony. My name is Blank Check and I’ll be your waiter this afternoon,”

Waitress. Right? Right!?

The young man had a bottle of some kind of red substance in his hands


I am really enjoying this story, but there is one if my pet peeves in this chapter, they actually use girl in the show...alot, so that scene just kind of bugged me. It's not just you though many authors here seem to ignore girls for mare and filly.

This is soaked in adorable and deep-fried in cute; I love it!

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