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Kind of Brony

Well, I'm not much of a brony as I don't like the show, but I greatly respect the fans and their work. I often wish the fanbase of some other franchises were as talented and ambitious as the bronies.

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pretty solid.

Not bad. You towed the line between nerdy and sexy pretty well. Moondancer seemed a bit hesitant for someone so experienced, though. It was kinda offputting.

I would like to point out that it's Fleur not Fluer, at least I would think so.

Not bad. Tender and cute.

"I take it you didn't realize someone spiked the punch," you comment with a smirk.

"No, I didn't," she says in a growl, holding the cup away from herself as if it's poison. "I don't drink."

"Yeah, neither do I, but there's some soda in the cooler out back, if you're thirsty," you inform her. "Probably quieter out there, too."

I swear I've read this somewhere before.

You just had to write one of my wishes at the end. But, you can't deny that that's hot.


And that it's Fleur De Lis, not Fleur Dis Lee.

The 'Lee' bit I can understand, but I don't even know how that whole 'Dis' thing could get started. The real word doesn't have an 's' sound in it.

Ah, this brings back memories...

Trademark concerns. Frankly, I think this is one case where Hasbro can go fuck itself — not every fucking character needs their name trademarked, and mangling spelling just so that the option is always there is retarded.

8603600 nah, the wiki says it's Fleur Dis Lee

The story itself is good and the pacing is strong. Sadly, the spelling and grammar show a lack of concern on the part of the author and pulled me out of the story more than a few times. If the author hired an editor or two to take a look at this story and make a few changes, this would be excellent.

Big time awkwardness. Love it.

Pretty naked girl cooking luna be damned I need to find that dream girl!

8605201 Hmm... How should I put this? If you're reading this story for enjoyment and you find that the first word in a sentence isn't even capitalized, you might find yourself drawn out of that story, at least for a moment. No big deal, of course, but that starts to become an issue when you can't go more than a few paragraphs without another glaring mistake. Everything else about the story can be good and it still lose a lot of its quality from that alone.

The worst part about all of this is that it would take the writer about five minutes to fix everything. As you've said, the story itself is fine. It wouldn't be hard to fix.

I suck at finding my own errors, just how I read that I don't see them for some reason. If you'd like to help, I'd be glad to fix any you find like I said in the author notes. You can put them in the comments or a message, whatever you prefer.
I was just going with the wiki. I thought it was weird, but figured it was just a quirk of EQG that her human counterpart had a slightly different name.
Ahh! Spooky ghost!

8605236 Alright, awesome. I'm honestly dumb as bricks and couldn't write a story like this if I tried. I do have a good grasp of grammar and spelling though, and I'd love to send you a few corrections. I just want to be clear that the story itself is good, you just have a few hangups in the syntax department.

Well the Wiki is wrong. She's named after this thing:


...which is an old French symbol (hence why she is so often described as being 'Prench') known as the Fleur De Lis or La Fleur De Lys. Seeing as various ponies are so often named after objects (Shining Armour, Berry Punch, Carrot & Cup Cake, etc.) without the spelling of said objects being changed, I see no reason why they'd make an exception for Fleur.

Thus, and in the hopes of not insulting anyone, whoever wrote Fleur's wiki article spelled her name wrong.

It's not a major issue, but it can get annoying if you know where her name came from and how it's actually spelled.


I'm from Mobile, Alabama (we used to be a French colony) and I can tell you that is DEFINITELY a French symbol

This was great man I'm hoping for a sequel but either way this is going on my favorites

A distant part of your mind comments that this is probably how the zucchini felt,

This story feels pretty standard, with parts that are pretty good and other kinda meh, but this is just really funny so have a thumbs up :pinkiesmile

Interesting start. I'd normally be a bit down on doing it just because, but I can definitely sympathize with both parties here. I hope this ends as well as it started.

What a couple of spagoots golly gee

A few grammar errors, but it certainly doesn't detract from the story. Nicely paced, and well thought out, this story flows very well. And the story itself was very well done. It doesn't leave either character looking any more awkward than the other, and no one dominated the scene. (addition: I also appreciate that both characters benefitted from the experience, and made sure to do right by their partner, rather than just taking advantage of the other person) While it certainly isn't required, it would be nice to see these two together, as they seem to have much more in common with each other than with the "ideal" matches they imagined. Nice job.

Love the nerd sex!:moustache:

She is Fleur De Lis in merchandise but Fleur Dis Lee in both the card game and, I believe, the Gameloft game. Both are technically right.

This was good in a... lewdly innocent way. Well done.

As far as relevance to the franchise goes, yes, but accuracy wise, no. I'm talking about the French symbol which her name (and basically entire character since she's so often depicted as French) is derived from. I don't know how Fleur 'Dis Lee' got started or why it's become so widespread (like the card games), but it's spelled wrong, even despite its prevelance.

It's probably just a copyright workaround, since Hasbro probably copyrighted the Fleur De Lis character, if not the title itself, so people outside hasbro couldn't use the proper spelling when referring to Fleur. I don't know. All I know is that 'Fleur Dis Lee' is wrong and I'll continue to be annoyed every time I see it.

Why would they make fun of her eyebrows?

There pretty cute really

Gives her this seriously intimidating look

Now if it were on the same level as Lee from Naruto then you can make fun of it

Nice to see it on here also. You did a good job getting it to prose.

No sequel? Kinda sucky... But the story on the otherhand is a-fucking-mazing good job gent!

"Okay, lets, just, uh, get under the covers and... and practice cuddling."

That has to be one of the most adorkable lines I've ever seen.

A sequel would be great but only if they're together from the beginning. They're way too cute together to have an awkward depression arc where they go try to be with other people.

This needs a sequel. This site desperately needs more moon dancer stories.

Sexy, saucy, and sweet.

Most excellent.

Honestly? Kinda expecting an epilogue to this where they're happily married to each other and go about doing the toe to toe standoff with a condom. Trust me when I say this: bare back feels very different than having a condom. You get to feel her, the movements and contractions along you are... very pleasing

"Hmm, what? That if a guy asked me if I wanted to have sex, I'd say yes? What about it? Not like it'll ever happen."

She takes a sip of her soda just as you push away from the glass and ask, "Moondancer, will you have sex with me tonight?"

Rule of three dictates that the ensuing spit take should be the funniest yet, but you're too intent on her answer to find the humor in it.

Holy crap this is cute :raritystarry: :fluttershyouch:
Cooking in nothing but her sweater? Lucky guy indeed :twilightsmile:


That's so lewd though :trollestia:

I remember reading this in the land of green. I loved it then and still love it now. I like to think they've gone on to live a happy life together.

was a really cute read. :twilightsmile:
Would love a sequel where they go on with their relationship.

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