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little big pony

Remember kids, eat your veggies, go to school, and murder all your enemies.... I murder all my enemies....

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foal itself be brought to her immediately so that she might so that she might coddle and play with the adorable thing

"so that she might" is written twice and I think towards the beginning the word "daemons" is used instead of "demons", while that may be intentional, later Celestia says "demon", so it's just a bit inconsistent

Overall, a very quick and fun read. I like the premise a lot. Great work!

Illi #2 · Aug 12th, 2019 · · 1 ·


how to mix comedy and sex lol well done m'8 10/10

Congratz, you got featured. 8/12/2019

The cad couldn't even bring himself to compliment her on her fuzzy sockies and pony tail. There's no mercy in him!

It was this mindset that spurred her through the hallways of her castle

You fiend! Spurring ponies like that! How dare you, sir. But she is a hero among ponies, and most likely pretended to like it.

Rosegfx #8 · Aug 13th, 2019 · · 1 ·

Came for the porn, stayed for adorable Warrior Celestia.

“You thought you were sly, coming into Canterlot, praying on my little ponies,”

"Praying" should be "preying" here. Also, this whole thing is really fucking adorable and hot.

I love this. The conceit is enjoyable, the dialog is amusing, the descriptions are solid, and Celestia is just plain fun. My only critique is I wish we'd gotten more of their actual sex, the little bit we had felt like a tease.

Talk about lying to yourself!

Comment posted by Fracturedheart deleted Aug 13th, 2019

See you on the road Bronzer!! See you on the road.....

... Needs a sequel where she relents and has her sister by her side as she attempts to bring her foe to his knees.

Two words: love it....

One could say that this is the only way she can keep him for herself.

Until her sister or others "intervene"

oddmin #19 · Aug 13th, 2019 · · 1 ·

please sequel

I think what you meant to say is that she is doing anything necessary to protect her little ponies and Equestria at large from this abominable beast. In fact enlisting the aid of her sister and Twilight(and maybe her friends) might be the only thing that stands between this base animal and Equestria. Truly, only this and nothing more.

This Celestia is just so damn cute and sexy! Great job!

OMG 100%adorable

This reads like how I imagine those adult romance novels with the Fabio-looking dude on the cover do. I approve.

tensed again the

"against" ...I think.

Far more enjoyable than I was expecting; def got a chuckle. Well done sir.

Came here since it was featured and a pretty great author who wrote this and I can't say that I am disappointed. These days I don't particularly care for smut and mostly look for proper relationships that actually feel real but this is something light and fun. Easy to read, solid diction, fun scene, maybe a bit too quick but it did make everything more fun at the end. Celestia was really well done and put a smile on my face. So, in the end, this fic accomplished what it was streaming to be, A+.

Lmao you ain't right.

Heh-heh, all riiiiight!

Hopefully we can get a sequel with the princess of the night protecting her ponies from this devious fiend

This was a Nice read.

I honestly expected a Diablo crossover but this...
is just as great :D
really good read. well written and fluffy

She was armed and armored, long, fuzzy socks on her hooves and her mane tied back into a ponytail.

I admit this is not the kind of armor I expected...
But it might work.

“Your eyes are glued to their rumps. I can see the hunger in those leering eyes, hyoo-man. You want nothing more than to drag a poor maid or one of my guard to some secluded part of the castle and have your way with them!”

Hyoo-man: "What do you mean with or? I mean, I'm sure I han handle both of them."

Using the back of her hoof to wipe the spit from her mouth, she tried to speak. If she were to see her end here she wanted to say something biting, meaningful.

Good enough.

Good story!
By the way, you just received upvote number 450.

As someone who has read a few of those books, I can say without a doubt, that they are no where NEAR as good as this, mostly because they tend to take themselves waaaaaytoo seriously. :pinkiehappy:

Is this one of their bedroom fantasies? Fees like it

This was very amusing and enjoyable! :rainbowlaugh:

Now, since Princess Celestia has utterly failed to subdue this monstrous abomination, it is clearly time to call in other challengers.

Perhaps the heir apparent to Equestria's throne? If she defeats this Eldritch being, surely nopony will doubt her rule!!! :raritywink:

tl;dr I want Twilight.

:rainbowlaugh: You have made my day! Why can't I stop laughing? :yay:

Celestia knew better. All it had taken was a few conversations with it and she had known straight away. This creature, this “hyoo-man” as it called itself, was unlike any foe that she had ever faced. More dangerous that an Ursa Major, more destructive than an ancient dragon, more devious than Sombra himself. No magic that she knew could defeat it. The Elements of Harmony would have no effect on it. Sword, spear, or hammer would be useless against it. It almost couldn’t be considered a living thing. No, it was more a force of nature, something that couldn’t be stopped, only weathered until it moved on.

Yeahhh buttering up anon.



And I'll be seeing you at the Pony Slaughterhouse for Anti-Cloppers & Haters. 😁🔪

I honor and respect Celestia's unbroken bravery.

For the good of her little ponies.

Indeed. :trixieshiftright:

Small typo:

It’s skin was thin and hairless, it’s speed

2x its

First of Her Name

Isn't that technically an insult?

- edit -

Hmm, maybe not. Looked it up some more, and it makes some sense to say it that way... I guess it depends on the meaning behind "name" - if it means the literal name, it's fine... but if it's taken to refer to one's house, or family essentially... then it's kind of like saying "your ancestors, up to and including your parents, are plebeians biatch".

Yeah! Such bravery, much hero. :D

How she finds the strength to go on in face of such overwhelming odds, I have no idea. This creature was made by Tartarus itself to break lesser beings - and yet she perseveres! Bravo!

I enjoyed it thoroughly. And for the record, the amount of clop is just perfect: not too little - so it keeps you going - but also not too much, lest it detract from the entire point of the story. I love it.

That was a fun one, good work :moustache:


I want a full story with all the romancey fluff possible

I love YOUR stories, because they are short well-done...AND COMPLETE !!! There are thousands of INCOMEPLETE stories that have wasted our attention, and have not been updated in YEARS !!! I, for one, would like to see those stories ELIMINATED !!! That would clear out a TON of space for more excellent stories that need to be told. I HATE feeling this way, but I wish there were some stricter guidelines for how long a story can stay on this site without getting taken down for taking too long to update. THIS SITE NEEDS TO BE CLEANED OUT, of such ancient trash, no matter how good the story WAS !!!


I came expecting some smut and clop, not for my life I expected to find such sweetness and romance in a story with those tags.

it was just getting good :raritydespair:

bruh real chris chan hours in here I see.

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