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I typically try not to be rude or condescending, but if I do come off sounding that way then I’m sorry.

Junk I’ve Written

What There is to Know About me

Name: [Classified]
Age: Super Mario 64 was my childhood
Sex: Male
Birthday: December 27
Nationality: *Star-Spangled Banner plays in the background while two bald eagles fight over a Big Mac with nukes*
Time as a Brony: Joined season one. Left mid season two. Returned early December, 2013
MLP Favorites
Character: Sunset Shimmer & the CMCs
Mane Six: Pinkie Pie
Villain: Discord
Episode: Crusaders of the Lost Mark
Season: 1/2
Movie: Rainbow Rocks
Song: Light of Your Cutie Mark (EqG: Right There in Front of Me)
Ships: SunLight (preferably Sci-Twi), Sparlight, TwiDash
Least Favorites
Character: Sludge
Mane Six: Applejack (I don’t dislike her, I just like the others more)
Villain: Vignette Valencia
Episode: Yakity-Sax
Season: 8 (with the exception of episode 23)
Movie: The My Little Pony Movie (same situation as with AJ)
Song: Don’t have one
Ships: Several, but to each their own on this one.

If you have any other questions, feel free to comment below or pm me and ask.

Blog Posts

  • 34 weeks
    What I've been up to recently

    So, a couple months back I reconnected to a fandom I had lost touch with for a while: Miraculous Ladybug. I got really caught up in everything I missed and I've been largely ignoring FiMFiction for the last few months (I have 20 unread chapters in my library for Pete's sake). I even wrote a new fic for the Miraculous fandom and I just cross-posted my stories here onto Archive of Our Own. If any of you happen to be interested you can find my Ao3 profile

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  • 70 weeks
    Up Next

    What if season 5 had ended reached its ending in a slightly different way?

    "I can't," said the stranger in an eerily similar voice, leaning onto her companion for support, "I'm too exhausted."

    Her companion spoke next.

    "Hey, don't worry, we can rest for a bit. As long as we have to spell, we can take all the time we need. Literally."

    “You don’t mean....” Twilight nodded.

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  • 72 weeks
    Snivel Cough Sneeze Sneeze

    You know, I planned on being productive this week. Unfortunately, as luck would have it, I got sick.

    Now of course, this is nothing new. I’ve been sick to some degree for the better part of the last month, so I’m pretty used to it by now. It was mostly just some minor coughing and the occasional runny nose, but yesterday it all went pear shaped.

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  • 72 weeks
    An Apology and an Update

    Let’s start off with the apology. I’m sorry, but I have decided that I will not be continuing Memories.

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