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I typically try not to be rude or condescending, but if I do come off sounding that way then I’m sorry.


Up Next · 6:51pm February 23rd

What if season 5 had ended reached its ending in a slightly different way?

"I can't," said the stranger in an eerily similar voice, leaning onto her companion for support, "I'm too exhausted."

Her companion spoke next.

"Hey, don't worry, we can rest for a bit. As long as we have to spell, we can take all the time we need. Literally."

“You don’t mean....” Twilight nodded.

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Snivel Cough Sneeze Sneeze · 5:39am February 12th

You know, I planned on being productive this week. Unfortunately, as luck would have it, I got sick.

Now of course, this is nothing new. I’ve been sick to some degree for the better part of the last month, so I’m pretty used to it by now. It was mostly just some minor coughing and the occasional runny nose, but yesterday it all went pear shaped.

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An Apology and an Update · 12:27am February 9th

Let’s start off with the apology. I’m sorry, but I have decided that I will not be continuing Memories.

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