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Just a dude who writes mainly clop with some action and some GrimDark on the side. Also, If you don’t like futa, you may have a bad time here :P ;)


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I'm talking with an Admin on better censorship. It'll be back up shortly.

The story keeps mentioning specifically that the sirens stay tight no matter how much sex they have but... that's kinda just how vaginas work?

That little point aside, this was enjoyable ^^
I appreciate it hitting that manga-style tone, and the three girls all having their own unique personalities.

The very end part was way too indulgent and a bit forced, though, if you ask me. Though I'm sure other readers might appreciate it.

That's probably the best review I'll get :P

This was good and you should feel good about it.

Is this not the exact same censor but instead of hard black lines it's soft white clouds lol?

Comment posted by CarolMAssphault deleted Apr 20th, 2021

A manga-inspired story?Sauce Please!

Im not into reading straight up porn right now.

if you want to sell this as an actual story give it some time between the sex scenes and don't start off with one.

Once I’m done with it :P
Periodic updates are given in the group forum. You’ll just have to check on occasion as no notifications are given to comments in the forums.

First, Sunset got this guy under mind control too? Welp, he's a little bitch. Second, the sirens aren't immortal anymore.

Why did Uotapo make the Dazzling's breasts so small? I always assumed they'd be bustier then that.

Because they have no breasts in Equestria Girls and I believe it's because they are born sirens which are serpents which don't have boobs. Hence, why I made them flat in this series.

Good story so far.
Charakters are displayed/presented very well and the flow and pacing are a joy to read.

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