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A good motivation to get back to the gym.

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That was a hot read.

excellent chapter is true if you know how to make a good story and also knows I have another suggestion for other stories.

The short story description has like four typos.

Man, talk about SPICY! Would love to see a sequel featuring Adagio and Aria. I can see him sending Britney the Bitch a pic of all of them after a foursome together just to rub salt on her wounds 😜.

I have to ask are you gonna make a sequel to this cause I kind of want to see what happens next

This was beyond epically spicy story I hope there's a sequel with her and her sisters.

Best porn I’ve ever read,I love the way you portrayed sonata and (damm she hot af in this story) the cover image is beautifully drawn kudos to whoever drew it

*looks at character tags and Incomplete*
Wait, we're getting more chapters?!

Why did you turn it to incomplete instead of completed

I changed it to where he'll sleep with the other sirens in this.

So, about that synopsis, you kinda jumped from third person to second person there for some reason, just saying for you to fix it.

“Huh, wonder what she wants me to see?” he said to himself as he got his gym bag and a change of clothes ready. He then leaves the house to go to the local gym that was near his friend’s workplace. On his way there though, he saw a familiar face. “Yo Eternal,” he called out getting his attention. He was a young man with long, red hair reaching a bit past his shoulder blades, snow white skin and sapphire eyes. He had a muscular build and had birthmarks under his eyes that looked like scars. He had on a black tank top that showed off some of his bulky skin with matching black sweats with red trims. He turned around to find his friend Dark Renegade behind him. “How’ve you been man?” "Dark? Hey, how are you?" Eternal asked. "I haven't seen you since that breakup with your ex. Sorry to hear she wasn't to your standards." “It’s cool, I ended up getting an even cuter girlfriend named Sonata Dusk,” he said as he pulled out his phone and showed some of the photos he got with her during sex. "Wow. You two really went at it." “Even sent a couple to my ex to get back at her,” he added with a chuckle. “Serves her right if you ask me.” "Well good. You're better off without her. If you get the chance, tell Sonata that Eternal Flames says ‘hi.’ She's a good lady," Eternal said. “No problem,” he said with a smile. “How’s your relationship with Sunset by the way?” "It's going well, despite my law classes at college. I just got a text from Sunset, saying she has a bit of a surprise for me when I get back home." “So you don’t know what it is then?” "If she told me, it wouldn't be a surprise," he chuckled. "But I don't mind. Besides, she knows how to give the best surprises. We've had it good ever since we were friends back when we were just children." “True man, it’s good to see you though,” Dark added. “I gotta get going myself, Sonata said that someone in her family wanted to see me.” “Who?” “She didn’t tell me, but she said that she’s a tough cookie,” Dark added with a confused glance. “But I guess I’ll have to see for myself when I hit the gym. See you dude.” "Alright. Take care,” Dark Renegade told him as he took off leaving his friend behind. He later arrived at the gym to find Sonata standing outside the gym, only she wasn’t really happy. There were a couple of guys standing outside with her, and they were being assholes bothering her. She was in her usual gym wear that she was in before when he met her, but it seemed that the two males wouldn’t leave her alone, and they looked to be drunk as well. He grimaced when he saw them and knew who they were. It was Timber Spruce and Iron Will. Timber had on his usual red shirt with brown shorts, wearing his cheesy beanie. Iron Will had on a white tank top and blue shorts. His white tank top showed off a little too much of his bulky skin, including his pecs.

I really think you should try to separated it Instead of leaving it is one gigantic paragraph

It fixed it. It wasn't supposed to be like that. I don't know why it does this sometimes whenever I post a chapter out. Sometimes it just glitches for some reason.

sweet hot chapter keep it up awesome chapter:pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

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