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awesome keep up the great work cant wait for future stories from you:pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

Wow. I didn't realise it'd be done that soon. Glad to help!!

Not enough spike x nightmare rarity fics

Nice with the twist at the end. This was hot as hell.

This is pretty good. Well Done!

May I ask, how goes progress on Preserving One's Clan and A Spiked Beach Honeymoon?

Well now that my friend is back, he's on a very tight schedule, so he'll only be free for a few hours. Good new s is that chapter two for beach honeymoon is almost done.

You have appeased me, mortal.

Cool to hear. Out of your stories, Preserving One's Clan and Beach Honeymoon are my favorites.

Slow going mostly from laziness on my end and running myself thin on my own projects, but don't worry Preserving ones clan and Honeymoon are still in the works.

Awesome to hear. Hope to see the next chapters soon.

Did I already mention Spike wanted to destroy any evil ladies by raping them into submission?

Pardon me, where exactly was this mentioned?

What about The Dusk Side of Nightmare? Is the next chapter in progress, or is it in the backseat for now?

I wonder which kind of job could keep him this busy, but I can wait for the next chapter regardless.

nice man. very nice.

Kinda in the backseat at the moment, so be on the lookout for other stories to update. :twilightsmile:

There's also Dusk's School Harem and A World of Nudist Mares. Are they on the backseat as well?

Yes we have so many projects to work on we're basically running ourselves thin. So we are trying to prioritize on certain stories to help relieve the mental pressure.

Are you and Sonic the only ones writing all the stories? You might want to call in more editors to spread the load further.

I'm also there in the "room" working on them, but I've got several other stories I'm working on myself.

Yeah Yoshikagekira and a few other writers Puzzlemaster and Path of cloud are helping us when they can, its just still slow going because we literally give ourselves a dozen projects to do at the same time.

You could prioritise updating the stories that have not been updated for the longest time before other stories. It might help you work more efficiently.

I'll keep that in mind thx. :twilightsmile:

Oh man, this was hot. Rarity is such a sexy unicorn and her description/behavior in this was VERY arousing.

Wonderfully smutty! Wouldn't mind reading a follow-up a few months into Rarity's pregnancy.

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