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Didn't see that coming. When will you continue Nightmare's Embrace?

Seems like an interesting enough premise. Though I do find it weird that the Fire ruby is actually an Element of Harmony and it does come off without little to no warning at all. Again, the concept seems good enough and I'll see where this goes.

Interesting story....................
I like it alot, and I like for it to have more chapters please!!!!!!!

Seductive Shadows.....

Maybe if I add more periods, it will make my fic seem more dramatic!

serve youre new Queen......

Oh wow. You used the wrong "your", and you even managed to mess that up.

With the rest of the main six captured. Spike try's to

You need to work on your punctuation.

While I'm not one for Sparity I'll admit that it is an interesting concept. For now I'll see where this goes.

You are so good at writing clop, but god damn it, you need an editor.

of course... deus ex machina to the rescue... still a good story though

Damn good fic. I wonder what Nightmare RD would be like?

I agree with others that you need an editor, but you also need to cut out the Deus Ex Machina.

This is the second fic of yours that I've read that a stroke of luck saves the hero. If you want good to triumph, I'm fine with that, but I feel cheated with these endings.

There should be an aftermath story that tells how Spike and Rarity deals with this and what happens between them, could you do that...please? :raritydespair:

Comment posted by mbpony 512 deleted Dec 6th, 2013

Hold on, wasn't this at first marked incomplete? Why is it suddenly complete with no resolution as to what happened at the end of the Element of Love? This needs another chapter with both Spike and Rarity deals with what just happened. Also, one other thing I suggest is to please get an editor to help clean up some of the errors.

Yep. I knew from who the cover was.


3584713 rarity can't stand to look at spike after he raped her. Distraught by this spike leaves, causing the others to be sad. Guessing rarity had something to do with it twilight goes to confront her. After hearing rarity's story, twilight goes out to find spike and get his side of the story. While traveling through a forest she is attacked and knocked out. She wakes up some time later on a pile of gems, one such gem, a heart-shaped fire ruby. As she looks around, a creature lands on her and grows fiercely. She doesn't even quiver as she calls out


3582963 3583163 3583877 3584397 3585092
Sorry guy's, I originally made this as a one-shot and forgot to mark it as complete when I posted it...

3585441 Well that's disappointing. :ajsleepy:

It needs editing. It's not bad by any means, but they're are some errors that are just extremely jarring. I actually quite enjoyed it, but I would of enjoyed it more if not for those issues.

Continue it anyway.

Be interesting, to see how they handle their relationship after that whole thing.

Though, I'd personally retcon that whole "Element of Love" thing. It reeks of very old cheese.

*wipes the drool from her lower lip* it was pretty good :D But i noticed a 2nd 'The'.

smiling with sadistic joy as the the young dragon fell under her spell.

And its under the picture...just to help.
:ajsmug: damyum this fanfiction was sexy.

Okay, the ending seemed a bit cheesy to me, but if there's an element of love, and it's not Cadance, then it's probably Spike :)

3585441 This kinda feels like it needs to be continued. Like to find out how it works out between Rarity and Spike.

I WANT MOAR!!!!!!!!!!!!1:flutterrage:

Epilogue................this needs and epilogue

Spike try's to sneak into the castle


Comment posted by REALLY_DEAD deleted Dec 7th, 2013

this reminds me of something......

Much better! :applejackconfused:

3585441 Also when will Nightmare's Embrace be continued I am thoroughly enjoying it.

Dammit, penis stop distracting me from writing.
:trixieshiftright: Well, time to read

I'm still working on it, I had to go back and edit certain parts so it will take a little longer.

3594255 Oh. So what will Rainbow's Nightmare form be called?

Ebony Strife
Since she is normally a rainbow of colors, I think a full black color scheme would fit her well

3595903 What about Shattered Prism?

Oooo I like that name, because if white light goes into a prism, a rainbow is made

If it is broken, no white light can enter and no rainbow is made.

Like that ending, and it even fits. So the fire ruby is the seventh element, huh?

While it was still enjoyable, there ARE MANY GRAMMATICAL ERRORS. Whether it be punctuation or quotations, it just needs a little tweek. That's all, just some minor changes and you should be good to go. :pinkiehappy:

Comment posted by GespenstKAF deleted Dec 28th, 2019

please sir. I want some more

Smart and creative that was a great story:twilightsmile:

"Spike...the Element of love...who would've thought?" Twilight smiled before closing the door...

If by love, you mean fucking, then yeah.

I just love this couple:raritystarry:

An interesting story :)
Liked it a lot, but grammar XP

Comment posted by Emerald Quartz deleted Dec 28th, 2019

welp, I didn't expect that. :twilightoops:

Damn spikes dick game is so good it expels evil!

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