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kinnda wished Spike go berserker and show her who is truly king


Fem-dom is best dom!

damn that was awesome :moustache:

hey guys Jeb here, if you don't know me I'm Eric's roommate, you probably know him as Frozen/The Critic/ThatGuy, but currently he's busy working on a project for his writing thing so I'm dong this. It's amusing how writers bend the world to their view. I'm giving it a 8/10:raritywink:

I loved the other story so let's see how this one shall be! Also don't forget the references lol. :pinkiehappy:


That's for the actual full series sequel. This is a mini one~

I enjoyed this chapter, more or less,
so thanks for the story, and I cant wait!!!!

3689233 Isn't the pic of Nightmarity and Spike?:rainbowhuh: Nightmare Moon looks alot different than that...:applejackunsure:


I like how the artist drew it and it seems more Nightmare Moon like than Rarity. But if it is a dark version of Rarity, I have a good replacement~

3689938 MLP comics 5-8 Nightmare Rarity saga... read dem, iz goot ya!


You know, I just remembered WHY I chose this picture; it was part of the plot for Nightmare Moon to make Spike even more mentally unstable and an easier prey... but I forgot to write that.


It was pretty good, but hopefully next time Luna does this, Spike gets the upper hoof and show Luna who's truly king.


Already having an idea with that in the sequel~ ;)

3690707 Excellent. Can't wait to see this new story soon.

PS, who are the other characters in the other sequel going to be?


Aside from the 'obvious' ones, I haven't finished deciding yet.

No mane 6?! Oh my.....:fluttershysad:

Though.....that just makes me all the more intrigued as to who all will actually get involved and what direction this sequel will ultimately end up going in. :unsuresweetie:

I'm looking forward to it. This mid-quel was most excellent. :rainbowwild:

let me see, luna, spike, celestia, a palace guard and hm. maybe a hilda?

3690788 Question: Has Celestia already helped Spike on "personal terms" or has he yet not
taken her yet upon that offer ?::trollestia:


It's all in the sequel~ :ajsmug:

The only thing I find weird with this is that this is SpikeXLuna, but the cover is Nightmare Rarity, not Nightmare Moon or Luna.

Oh well


If you read closely, there's a part where she 'adds' Rarity in her appearance to mess with him even more.

3730137 Truth be told, I just skimmed it. Wasn't really in the mood to read clop, especially something as big as this


Yeah we all tend to do that when we first read stuff in general lol.

Comment posted by WebHead69 deleted Jan 5th, 2014

I skimmed also please don't be mad :applecry:

very interesting of a story
will there be sequel in the making?

I don't know what I was expecting, but I just didn't like how this turned out. This was almost like Spike getting mind broken and Luna just doesn't give 2 shits except his attention, "likeness as a ruler, and her own needs. I'm giving this a dislike and I'm not sure if I want to see the sequel to this.

7141154 only reason I want a sequel to this is to see Luna get her flank handed to her by her sister

8000656 That's already happened, yet Celestia isn't doing much better than her. Still wondering if I should continue reading that.

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