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dirty little secret

I tried so far… and got so hard… but in the end, it didn't even matter at all. (Direct Support)

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Now that is adorable!

Quick word of advice: Not everyone likes certain fetishes, so if you have something that's not the standard "vanilla", put a warning: "Contains: futa" to avoid unwanted down-voting

Um... probably should be tagged dark if you're going to involve dubcon, just to be safe.

I kept hearing the Team Fortress Engineer on every "nope."
Also, it's a good thing this is all just wish fulfillment fantasy, otherwise a bet like this would probably mark the end of a real reationship.

Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine... I'll put this on my to-read list too, just 'cause it's you DLS. :twilightsmile:

Will read later once done.

Intriguing, definitely intriguing:moustache:

why does this say it was uploaded on the 16 of march its April 11 and i dint see this yesterday

8089125 Well, it worked, and it's up there. Grats

Good start, very nice set up. Some incredibly fun, sexy fucking per usual with some good character bits. The whole touch of self conscious Spike has.... to bad this verse didn't give him a double dick like some do, but at least he gets to stick it in Rarity. Maybe Sweetie can join in and put that Futa spell to work after all. :pinkiehappy:

But per usual, great bit of clop with a good set up and well done characters that just make even a single, simple, vanilla bit of sex hot. Can't wait to see what's cumming next.

Why do I get the nagging feeling that this whole thing is going to end disasterously?

There is no futa unless DLS does an alternate ending where Sweetie wins (I really hope that happens). As is, it already warns of dubcon in the following chapter. Speaking of...
Dubcon does not always have to start with rape. In this case, Rarity owes Sweetie a big enough favor to be (somewhat) willing to agree to this. Therefore it is unnecessary to add a dark tag. Same would be true if Spike took the bet and lost.

Not as adorable as Precious Little Woona, though...

Eh, it's only mentioned. It's not actually in the fic.
If people are too sensitive to handle even a mention of futa, well ... I guess they'll just have nervous breakdowns or something.

The story doesn't dwell on it, so I wouldn't call it a 'dark' story.

Eh, I don't think they ever had a 'real' relationship. Sweetie Belle was always a Rarity-surrogate for Spike.

Sorry to inconvenience you!

Next chapter is tomorrow, so it won't be long.

^.^ I wonder what you'll think of the next chapter...

It was uploaded on that date (and that's when my patreon supporters got access to 'proofread' it). And I (finally) published it today. The difference in dates usually isn't that drastic, but I needed a time when I could have two days in a row free to publish it.

Well, no spoilers, but I will say the upcoming chapter is about twice as long as this one.

Nah, my stories usually don't have disastrous endings. :twilightsmile:

8089812 Still seems like a recipe for trouble.


Not as adorable as Precious Little Woona, though...

Few things are.

Eh, I don't think they ever had a 'real' relationship. Sweetie Belle was always a Rarity-surrogate for Spike.

Seems legit. Pretty much got the feeling they weren't SERIOUS serious, more a step or two past "Friends with benefits'.

Nah, my stories usually don't have disastrous endings. :twilightsmile:

Yeah... we've already been through how well sudden dark twists work out for these stories......

First he needs to negotiate with Opal before going into the Diamond Cave.

And then this story became an RPG game.

And, strangely, I'm okay with that.

"Hell, I like you. You can come over to my house and fuck my sister!"
- Gunnery Sergeant Hartman

Plot twist: his sister looks like this.
(Don't click that. I warned you.)


According to LCPL Maximillian Uriarte, challenge accepted. Read the text under the comic.

That seemed to have genuinely hurt her, though, so he quickly searched for a way to change the subject.

Well then, maybe she should have had some self-control. :unsuresweetie:

Heh. Neither of them are big on self-control, are they?
(Then again, clopfics where everyone is good at self-control would be pretty boring, wouldn't they?)

Somehow I still see this story ending exactly how Choose Wisely did.


Not always! i was just more commenting on her having the nerve to feel hurt over him bringing up how incredibly nice and lenient he was when she's the one who did the bad thing that she didn't have to do, knowing better. :duck:

On to the next chapter! I may not be a Sparity fan in the slightest but at least he's aged up.

Hey, this was a pretty good start.

I hope we can get both endings, with one where Spike loses. I think that'd be really funny TBH.

After I forgave you for what you did with Button Mash?

What did she do to him?!

I'm curious how she plans to convince Rarity doing this.
Maybe by personal participation in the task?

One small thing:

If I win, I get to use that mare-dick spell on you,

I thought she was using it on herself and only the "result" on him.

All of that was really good! I must admit though you got me curious with that bomb you oh-so-casually dropped and now I really want to know about the affair between Sweetie and Button Mash, how Spike found out (I think it was implied that she had lied before just not to his face), and how they handled that nasty fallout because obviously Spike hasn't gotten over it and it's still a very sore subject for the both of them. Honestly? I think that could even be a good story by itself if handled well.

OOOOO YOUR GOOD:pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy:
You have to make a sequel now :trollestia::pinkiecrazy:

But which part was the best? ^.^

With Rarity actually being a changeling that Sweetie Belle bribed into fulfilling her side of the bet?
I could see that happening. ^.^
And it would make for a fun sequel if Spike found out and then demanded to sleep with the real Rarity.

Funny? More like fetish-y!


Maybe by personal participation in the task?

As much a fan as I am of 3-way fun, her participation won't be hands-on, unfortunately.

I like to think that the 'kiss and make up' phase after that little spat was when Spike got his very first blowjob. ^.^

I was mainly thinking of Spike's internal dialogue, but why not both?

Could you please do it?

I feel like Spike should be taking a lot of insult here at the start...

Least at the end he should of been feeling a fair bit more confident when asked for a repeat performance. It was pretty good. Originally, I had expected Sweetie to use that spell of hers to join in on Rarity until I read in the comments when you said there'd be no futa... but I for one certainly wouldn't mind the final chapter/sequel at the end there.

Now that is the best chapter ever!

Hope you update!

How could something like this make it to the feature box? Has the quality of decent clop fallen so far that all we see is stuff like this?

That ending line :rainbowlaugh:

I think Sweetie Belle cares about Spike a little more than as a casual thing.

I'm not really a fan of the way Spike was acting at the beginning of "Claiming the Prize." I get that this is something he has been looking forward to since either he first saw Rarity or was old enough to have sexual fantasies, so he's very excited. But... some of it comes off as kind of obnoxious to the point of out of character.

8091443 literally the whole thing, good sex with a proper amount of comedy and drama, a very good blend of everything. You should make a sequel with all three of them for 'the date' and right as they finish, twilight walks in cuz plot device and comedy. Something along the lines of she's checking in with rarity and sweetie bell to see where the overdue book is. :trollestia::moustache:

:duck:: “My goodness... You need to take better care of him, Darling. I have never – never – spilled a single drop before, even with the most prolific of stallions ... and yet, you've gotten poor Spikey-wikey here so pent up that I nearly stained my gown!”

:moustache:: "You heard her, Sweetie!"


Maybe by personal participation in the task?

As much a fan as I am of 3-way fun, her participation won't be hands-on, unfortunately.

Maybe, but it was still close enough.
(For now,)

Need... Futa Belle...

So I'm assuming that there will be a sequel?

“Hmm... Okay! It's a date!”

And maybe a sequel?

Sweetie Belle grinned disturbingly wide, as if she already knew the answer to the question she was about to ask. “How do you feel about double penetration, Sis?”


This NEEDS to be a sequel! So damn hot.

And poor Sweetie, you can deny it all you want, but you enjoyed the show.

Another great, sexy, fun bit of clop. Just... so damn good. Really running out of things to say to praise your stories that isn't just repeating the same things over and over. Just.. again the emotion you give them, the way there is actual passion. Emotional connection, not just the raw sex.

Also. :rainbowlaugh: at the fake boobs. Not something you see often and, nice detail. Though you'd figure they'd have some magic boob enchantments that wouldn't be so out of place.

Fake boobs. It reminded me of that one picture where Spike spent the night at Rarity's only to wake up and see what Rarity looks like without her makeup on. Also, I wouldn't mind seeing a prequel about what Rarity did with those stallions.

8091449 i have say the part where sweetie asked if she could fuck spike with her futa dick

Uhh, are the two of them actually together? Because if they were either Spike shouldn't really be so eager to go around having sex with other mares or Sweetie wouldn't volunteer another for it.

I thought everyone knew Fluttershy was the one with the most natural beauty.


Does she? Every one bases FS's appearance on Green isn't Your Color, an episode where, in case you forget, she's been all dolled up by Rarity before she's "discovered".

Rarity mentions her grace and all, but she could otherwise be plain looking for all we know (and she might wear tail extensions).

It's a little out of the question, but honestly, whenever I see something like "Twilight said 'Probably not', but it doesn't hurt to check anyway", my mind says, "Hybrids are possible. Maybe improbable, but not impossible. After all even with science out there, if there is magic out there, science doesn't make a damn."

TL/DR: There's gonna be the time where one of Spike and Sweetie's trysts will lead to a bun in the oven for Sweetie Belle.

Rarity is totally preggs, with twins, and they are eggs.

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