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I tried so far… and got so hard… but in the end, it didn't even matter at all. (Direct Support)

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This... I had heard of this. This is going to be fun.

This is Amazing!

why is there another story with the exact same title as this one? https://www.fimfiction.net/story/280015/caught-between-lust-and-love

It was a sweet, wonderful story. I went to the NSFW version, but still, I read that comic and it was adorable. Plus, we need a lot more consensual Changeling stories as the site doesn't have a lot of them. I did notice that the story starts out similar to another Caught Between Lust and Love story on this site, but I guess a "cum before you" type deal isn't all that different. I wish to see a sequel where they deal with life together... but I doubt it as this is based on a comic and they don't get a lot of sequels.

I am glad you wrote this as the comic was wonderful and it needed an adaptation. Good job, but it was eerily similar to another similarly titled story and that might be a concern for some. This was the straight version while that was a gay version, but still, it has a very similar premise. I don't know the story behind that though.

Consensual... right. I'm not sure how consensual this really is...


but it was eerily similar to another similarly titled story

Well, the explanation is thus:
1: The original writer writes the original story.
2: The artist makes an art series based on that story, but genderswapped.
3: The artist commissions me to write a story based on the art series.

Thanks! ^.^

i am giving this 5 out of 5 stars i like how you incorporated the comic in with the story that is what got me for it work on it a little more and i would like to see this continued if possible absolutley beautiful :heart:

Heh, if you want it continued with art as well, you'll have to ask the artist for it.


I have a loose definition of what is consensual.... It turned happy in the end... and I count that. I have weird standards, alright :pinkiecrazy:


I got inspiration of this picture series from one clop fiction name "Caught between lust and love" that was wrote by CreepyPony.

I don't intend to copy his idea or anything. But after I read it. I just thought...What if those Changeling in that fiction are females? (That fiction is M/M/M clop fiction) And what if in this story have not just lust. But love(Romance) too?

I always respect to original and the writer know about this too...

Could you make this into a series

Gotta ask Loveless for that.


It does seem to be styled to be such. It even has things set up to cause drama later (her being only able to do a filly form).

I'm not sure, but I think Loveless might already have plans to continue it.

Hi! Braeburned here. I was made aware of this story and it's strong inspiration (and in some cases, direct lifting/plagiarizing) of CreepyPony's story by the same name, which was a part of an art pack I created.

While I understand that you apparently "respect" the original author, it's clear that you don't, otherwise you would give at least SOME credit to the original story this is based on! As it stands, not much about this picture series/story is "original", and as such, should absolutely credit the original creator of the story. You are inconvenienced in absolutely no way by simply putting a link to CreepyPony's page/story, so not doing so is simply disrespectful.


CreepyPony's story by the same name, which was a part of an art pack I created

Wait... CreepyPony based his story on an art pack you made?
Just how deep does this rabbit hole go?
At this point, I'm kind of hoping you based that art pack on yet another story.

I wasn't even aware of the other story until I was almost ready to post this...
But, if it makes you feel better, I'll throw in a link.


I said that CreepyPony's story was a part of an art pack I created, Saddle Up 2. Saddle Up 2 was a collection of images and fanfictions from a variety of artists and authors. CreepyPony's story was included in this collection. CreepyPony's story wasn't "based" on anything (nor was the art pack itself); it was an original story, and was simply included in a collection of other original stories and pictures.

Wait... this featured?

I guess people really enjoy their changeling porn.


Now do a sequel where Mister Guard ploughs his maid in a sexy maid outfit back at home a month or so later.

6717946 It's porn. We're perverted bronies.

That's about it, really.

6717946 dude don't question it.

Also what is the deal with
6717059 this creepypony stuff?

I mean is it really that bad?

featured... damn

6718151 bonus points for changelings

6718148 Yes! I would read it!

Well, despite being clop, this has potential for full story...so off to the fav list.

Omg this story was awesome . You have to make more parts to it :)

dude got to bang a mother and daughter and he will never know! how will he collect bro points now?

6716285 Non clop sequel? Or clop sequel? I want someting with plot! BOTH KINDS!

omfg!!!!! i need more this was soo fuki......good i love it:pinkiehappy:

.. i like the small pictures

Awwwwahahahawww yiiiis! Read the other version, and this one. Both awesomeness!
hahaha! Awesome job dude, awesome job! Gotta love dem changelings!

I'll be one of those people...
Sequel? :pinkiehappy:

Also, who did those pictures? they are lovely~

When asking for a sequel to a commission, one should probably ask the person who commissioned it. :raritywink:


Kinda bad, maybe. I dunno.
I don't think it's hurting anybody, though. The original author will probably get more readers because of this.

I know, right?
It's just so hard staying out of the featured box.

Would you write it?

I suppose it does...

His bro points may be collected at any gym*.
He just needs to ask the bored guy at the counter to stamp his bro card.
*Not applicable at any 'Curves' establishment.

That's what makes this one fun!


Also, who did those pictures? they are lovely~

Loveless -- there's a link the story description.


When asking for a sequel to a commission, one should probably ask the person who commissioned it.

That... that is very true xD


Loveless -- there's a link the story description.

BOOM, thank you, I am sorry for not seeing that earlier!
Have a watch!

6719206 I think they acted too aggressive about this to someone who might not have known about this sarcastically calling your fic "original".

Yea... Sure ok. I can say a gazillion things about how this is total bs but ok.

Not really. :duck:

Well, don't get worked up about it.
I certainly don't care a whit.
Every story on this whole website, after all, is based off a certain TV show without permission.

6719519 kek. True dat. Plus I think your story is better.

While this did help my story get a bit more popular, you never knew that for certain and seem to only be using it as an excuse to justify your actions. If you really thought that than you would have credited me from the start and not have waited until you were called out on it.

I'm just writing what I was commissioned to write.

6719519 Bollocks. I WANTED MORE OF THIS SHIP!

6719618 I understand that, but there are many similarities between your story and mine, it even has the exact same title as mine. I just feel like you've made a carbon copy of my fanfic, only using female changelings instead of male ones. It would be like if I took one of your fanfics and changed the genders of the characters but kept the overall story, calling it my own without crediting you.

I'm going to snuggle you one day.

Mate chill, the Author has already stated that he didn't know about your story before he uploaded it and has agreed to put a link to your story in; this is far more than he would've done if he had been meaning to disrespect you. Whilst I respect that it's your story that this one stems from you didn't seriouly need to come in throwing accusations as your opening move, as it only serves to make you look worse, especially if your oponent is far more calm and measured and doubly so if he's just fulfilling the criteria of a commission.

However, I will say that the eerily similar titles are awfully unlucky at best and downright plagiaristic at worst. I'm going to make the assumption that Loveless suggested the name and simply advise you add something to the title to distinguish this from the original.

Loved this story, man. Cute changelings are the best.

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