• Published 11th Apr 2017
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Sweetie Belle's Wager - dirty little secret

And if you win, you can fuck my sister! -- Wait, what?

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OOOOO YOUR GOOD:pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy:
You have to make a sequel now :trollestia::pinkiecrazy:

I was mainly thinking of Spike's internal dialogue, but why not both?

Could you please do it?

I feel like Spike should be taking a lot of insult here at the start...

Least at the end he should of been feeling a fair bit more confident when asked for a repeat performance. It was pretty good. Originally, I had expected Sweetie to use that spell of hers to join in on Rarity until I read in the comments when you said there'd be no futa... but I for one certainly wouldn't mind the final chapter/sequel at the end there.

He23t #5 · Apr 12th, 2017 · · 1 ·

Now that is the best chapter ever!

Hope you update!

How could something like this make it to the feature box? Has the quality of decent clop fallen so far that all we see is stuff like this?

That ending line :rainbowlaugh:

I think Sweetie Belle cares about Spike a little more than as a casual thing.

I'm not really a fan of the way Spike was acting at the beginning of "Claiming the Prize." I get that this is something he has been looking forward to since either he first saw Rarity or was old enough to have sexual fantasies, so he's very excited. But... some of it comes off as kind of obnoxious to the point of out of character.

8091443 literally the whole thing, good sex with a proper amount of comedy and drama, a very good blend of everything. You should make a sequel with all three of them for 'the date' and right as they finish, twilight walks in cuz plot device and comedy. Something along the lines of she's checking in with rarity and sweetie bell to see where the overdue book is. :trollestia::moustache:

:duck:: “My goodness... You need to take better care of him, Darling. I have never – never – spilled a single drop before, even with the most prolific of stallions ... and yet, you've gotten poor Spikey-wikey here so pent up that I nearly stained my gown!”

:moustache:: "You heard her, Sweetie!"


Maybe by personal participation in the task?

As much a fan as I am of 3-way fun, her participation won't be hands-on, unfortunately.

Maybe, but it was still close enough.
(For now,)

Need... Futa Belle...

So I'm assuming that there will be a sequel?

“Hmm... Okay! It's a date!”

And maybe a sequel?

Sweetie Belle grinned disturbingly wide, as if she already knew the answer to the question she was about to ask. “How do you feel about double penetration, Sis?”


This NEEDS to be a sequel! So damn hot.

And poor Sweetie, you can deny it all you want, but you enjoyed the show.

Another great, sexy, fun bit of clop. Just... so damn good. Really running out of things to say to praise your stories that isn't just repeating the same things over and over. Just.. again the emotion you give them, the way there is actual passion. Emotional connection, not just the raw sex.

Also. :rainbowlaugh: at the fake boobs. Not something you see often and, nice detail. Though you'd figure they'd have some magic boob enchantments that wouldn't be so out of place.

Fake boobs. It reminded me of that one picture where Spike spent the night at Rarity's only to wake up and see what Rarity looks like without her makeup on. Also, I wouldn't mind seeing a prequel about what Rarity did with those stallions.

Could we get some more of this, please?

8091449 i have say the part where sweetie asked if she could fuck spike with her futa dick

I thought everyone knew Fluttershy was the one with the most natural beauty.


Does she? Every one bases FS's appearance on Green isn't Your Color, an episode where, in case you forget, she's been all dolled up by Rarity before she's "discovered".

Rarity mentions her grace and all, but she could otherwise be plain looking for all we know (and she might wear tail extensions).

It's a little out of the question, but honestly, whenever I see something like "Twilight said 'Probably not', but it doesn't hurt to check anyway", my mind says, "Hybrids are possible. Maybe improbable, but not impossible. After all even with science out there, if there is magic out there, science doesn't make a damn."

TL/DR: There's gonna be the time where one of Spike and Sweetie's trysts will lead to a bun in the oven for Sweetie Belle.

Rarity is totally preggs, with twins, and they are eggs.

8093502 Aren't eggshells soft when laid and then harden when exposed to air?


I think he's just sat on something that's shot straight up his cloaca. Even sweetie belle is horrified and can't look him eyes.

:moustache: Sweetie how's that spell of yours going?
:unsuresweetie: I don't want to talk about it.
:moustache: Why not?
:duck: Need a pencil Spikey Boo?
:moustache: Forget I even asked...

8094777 In hindsight, I realized that I needed to stop typing once I made the TL/DR, but that's a habit of mine...When I make my comments, sometimes I'm making them with the assumption the audience won't get it, so I've got to make it point-blank what I'm talking about.

But, thanks for the heads-up. I'm gonna edit it.

Absolutely wonderful story! I was a little worried about the characterization of Spike when it came down to pressuring Rarity to do the deed. But having her get into so well, that worked very well. Bravo on a very well written story.

This is what I get for being busy while a fic is at the top of the feature box...
In other words, big block of comments incoming!

Heh. It could be amusing to do it from Spike's (uncomfortable) point of view while still playing it up for fetish-bait.
It would be fun to contrast Spike's unwillingness and uncomfortableness with the (fetishy) reader's desire and pleasure...

I wouldn't hold my breath for the sequel if I was you, though...

Not likely to update this one any time soon...

So... You think this is poor-quality clop?
No -- I don't want to argue about it with you.
What I want to know is why is it low-quality? What's so bad about it?
Detractors are so rare these days ... I really hope you'll tell me what's wrong with this one so I can improve.

I should know better by now than to put sequel-bait at the end of a story...

Hm... Yes, I suppose that could have been done better.
Spike's a tricky character for me. He seems to fluctuate wildly between episodes.
In my defense, it wouldn't be the first time he's gotten carried away with things and become a bit of a petty tyrant.

And then Twilight wants in, yes? ^.^

And I'd like to think the two of them have some incest taboos to work through.

What? Don't I already have enough futa stories? :raritydespair:

Maybe someday.

Heh, I just totally see Rarity as the type who would get 'enhancements'.

What she did with those stallions?
Why, she was square dancing! And without a hint of ladylike shame at her uncouth behavior!

And with a Fluttershy gif, to boot.
Ah, the author is willing, but the schedule is crowded.

Well, in the first episode, it wasn't Fluttershy who Spike fell in instant love lust for!

Heh, there's going to be a lot of babies if the ponies in my clopfics ever have to actually deal with the consequences of their actions.

Not really.
But a nice smooth, round egg is easier to pass than a lumpy, squirming infant.

My cover art options were rather limited for this story...
Anthro Spike + Sweetie Belle + Rarity with at least a hint of sexiness ... it's not easy to find.

You were right, you were right.
But I know better than to tempt fate with my hubris -- I never presume the feature box; I just let it happen if it wants to happen.

Twist: Rarity isn't the one who's going to be double-penetrated ... Sweetie Belle will share her futa-spell with Rarity, and they'll double-team Spike! ^.^

A pencil?
I don't get it.

Thanks! ^.^ I try.

*nudge* *nudge*

It's fine yo, you only do it if you wanna.

8095071 Fair point, cause dragons don't have a saying. But it didn't help with that, Button Mash, cheat thing, him being too small too get, Sweetie, off with penetration only, using that info against him for a bet just so she can make, Spike, take her mare-dick, and now going to show all that to, Rarity, as well that has me feeling like, Spike's, getting his balls and dick kicked in somewhat hard.

Again, that may just be me. I'll finish reading it later. But, Sweetie, personality and actions feel like a really low blow.:ajsleepy:

Still feel the same at the end of this story.
If not more put off by all involved.
Won't down vote, but, not up voting either.:pinkiesmile:

8095095 too thin too small
:twilightsheepish: The spell worked ! It doesn't adjust for your wishes of bigger better longer
:unsuresweetie: Cheep lame spell:facehoof:

Making your characters suffer is crucial to good fiction. :twilightsmile: I like to put a little realism into clop, so that it's not always 100% fantasy fulfillment.

It's kind of fun how they're an open book that can be interpreted many different ways...

But given what Sweetie Belle wanted to use it for, shouldn't Spike be grateful for a smaller one?

8095855 Unless Spike isn't the one that gets it...

“How do you feel about double penetration, Sis?”

8095855 :moustache: great for me :unsuresweetie: No so great for me, my ego took a beating :raritywink: practice Sweetie Belle practice!:facehoof:

Who said Spike wouldn't be on the receiving end of that? :raritywink:

8095083 possibly lol, maybe turn it into a comedy harem one by one, possibilities are endless lol:trollestia::moustache:

That last line killed me.

*At the Fimfiction cafeteria*

"Yes, I'd like an order of Sparity with a side of wincest. And can I get a sequel to go?"


May you rest in peace.

That'll be $11.95 :twilightsmile:
Because this is the capitalist FimFic cafeteria!

For now, that's pretty much up for my patreon supporters to decide.

All I can say about this at the end of reading both pages... Nice one DLS, you never disappoint. Also one question, Is there going to be a sequel? :twilightblush:

definitely. those patreons want to see it

Right ... there will be if the Patreon supporters demand it.
For right now, that's all I have time to do.

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