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Oh, my. This has short chapters... Reads a few more chapters. Welp I think everyone is going to be super tight when they read this. Looks at picture. I think, I can imagine how tight my tits are.

"Oh, Spike."

Let’s go make her dream come true, maybe we should start with her sister.

Hmm... I'm never a fan of when stories break up Cadence and Shining Armor... but stories where Shining Armor is changed into Gleaming Shield, and they go as a couple into the same harem? That I like, and Spike's universe changing magic surely can handle a little gender tf, right?

I admit I've rarely been a fan of genderswaps but I think I'll make an exception this time.

Thankie, Gleaming's a real cutie too; I don't think Spike will mind having her around either

Let’s make Rarity’s dream come true. Can I go with you to the girls night?

Hey, fancy seeing you here as well. Lol

Seems like now she wants Rarity’s fantasy come true, let’s see how it goes.

I’m liking this! Have a upvote!

Seeing as they are connected to quite a lot of ponies he could take the mane six and princesses first and have them act as recruiters to get more mares.

Alright, alright, this is going well.

I like the idea of Shining turning into a mare but if we are going to cuck another pony like Mr. Cake or Nigh Light we can brainwash them accept they like being cucked.

Perhaps later down the line, we'll see

If you are going to do gender bending why not just go full throttle and gender bend other males like Big Mac or thorax? Just saying stopping at one seems limiting.

Mostly because it's not a fetish that appeals to me. So I'd prefer to make only one exception

Fair enough. Truth be told I don’t usually like it. Though I do make exceptions too.

Different question. Doesn’t the site have a rule against nsfw images? I know they get on peoples cases for showing them on covers. I liked this chapter! I hope their is going to be impregnation in this story. Thanks for the update!

I forgot about that. Seems an odd rule considering nsfw fanfics are a thing. Think I need to take it down

Seems like the safe thing to do.

Also how about rainbow dash to be inducted in the harem next? She could be used to introduce other mares like her to spike like the wonderbolts!

I just wonder what the other roots would do if the root of honestly can warp reality with saying yes to every yes/no question.

So I’ve been discussing this over at chyoa. These are ideas I’ve had so far.
Generosity: People would be willing to give him what or who out the kindness of their own hearts
Laughter: Sort of like normality, people just laugh off whatever someone does. If they grope that’s just Spike being Spike.
Kindness: Ponies have a tendency to be nice to Spike to absurd levels
Loyalty: Passive loyalty from those around him
Magic: Instantly become the master of all magics and spells

I say Spike here out of connivence but I’m probably going to make it a one power per pony deal so that Spike himself doesn’t just get his slaves fall onto his lap just by standing nearby

Kinda seems reasonable if Spike starts vying for power as Rarity fantasizes about he might try to find the other roots though.

True but I’m considering writing it so one pony per root applies. As a rule of the magic itself.

You accidentally linked to the "What happens next" Poll twice. It sends me there instead of to the Shining Armor poll.

Sorry about that I will fix it

A task he quite often.....used.... to gather gems for his beloved Rarity, often alongside her but sometimes when she was busy or if he wanted to surprise her he went alone. Today was one of those days.

Word omitted


“What the?” He muttered to himself, moving in closer to explore. It reminded him of the tree of harmony, or even the castle of friendship. But this was far away from both Ponyville and the castle of the two sisters. Curious he began to explore.

Names of a specific person, place, or thing & should be capitalized.


“Root of honesty?” He asked stunned. Eyes darting between the hologram and the root. It did look like a root, albeit one of pure crystal. “Is this connected to the tree of harmony?”

Again, should be capitalized.


“Sure is partner." Hologram Applejack replied. "There's one for each of the elements. All the magic that fuels each element flows through these her (here) roots. Honesty for this one.”



“Fraid not buddy. Only thing it can't affect is itself or the root since its :flutterrage: (needs apostrophe) the source of power. But hey no one says you need to be selfish about this. Maybe make some of your friends dreams come true?”


Spike had suspected for some time his crush on her was unrequited but he still be held out hope.

"Spike where did you find these? They're perfect! More than perfect, they defy believe (belief).Is this a... a I can't believe this."


Which was now why he was rushing back to the Everfree and back to the root of honesty as fast as his feet could carry him. Begging against hope that there's some kind of fix for this, some kind of solution, anything at all.


"Cadence what are you doing here?" Spike gasped, his mind panicking at the unforeseen complication. He might be have been a little on edge right now just then.

"Me and Twilight have been planning a girls:flutterrage: (apostrophe) night out for a while Spike. With that Sunset girl." She explained then her eyes became playfully mischievous."

"Twilight and I" is grammatically correct.
"Between you & me" has become acceptable but "between us" is more correct.

As to chapter length.....When you bring the chapters over can you merge several short chapters into one longer one?


“I have to admit Cadence I need help. I’ve well- I’ve really screwed up there was this roof (root) and magic and Rsrity and-“ Spike babbled but calmed down when Cadence placed her hands on his shoulder.


'Then again didn't Rarity say that she wanted Cadence to be a part of that harem in her fantasy of hers.'


Spike shock (shook) his head. "It wasn't actually, it apparently led to what was called the 'root of harmony'.:flutterrage:capitalize There was a magic flowing through there that affected me."


Thanks for the tips, I've employed them where I've felt they're necessary.

But Spike was struggling over what was happening, but three factors were helping push him towards accepting......

and third was .. ..the.......increasing of his arousal.

Missing word

Before he knew it, or was really paying attention, they had arrived in the hotel in ponyville.


“Do you know what it’s called when you can bring a made (male) to orgasm with just their tits Spike?” Cadence asked, heaving her bountiful chest around his cock.

This makes it sound like she is talking about Spike's tits. Later paragraphs make it clear she means him bringing her to orgasm, so this should be rewritten.

“Are you saying your:flutterrage: (apostrophe) breast orgasmic Cadence?” Spike asked, his voice one of disbelief.


Just a question. Is this Sunset Shimmer one that went to the human world and met counterparts to the human world there?

Yes she did. But right now she's staying in Equestria. Equestria girls is canon in this, though I'm likely not inducting repeat characters into the harem (except perhaps Sci-Twi) since they're too similar.

Well I think sci twi would make a good addition! Maybe the sirens as well!

Yeah I'm basically saying there won't be two Rarities but characters unique to EG are fair game

Claims rarity had GG size tits show a picture of Rarity with clearly Ds and better side for her that's manageable lol

Well twilight should be a sexy librarian obviously.


I say Spike make twilight into the busty voluptuous but very awkward and clumsy nerd trope that like to fantaizes about situations that involves her sleeping with her young adopted hot dragon brother Spike and she have huge bouncy breast that bounces around whenever she moves or walks. And one of her quirk is that she doesn't wear any underwear or bras.

I like to ask a few questions: Will MLP villains like Queen Chrysalias, Lord Tirek, Nightmare Moon, King Sombra, etc will an appearance in this story? And will Spike will use his abilities to turn them into loyal servants/slave? Can Spike abilities can work on powerful beings like Discord? Because I wouldn't mind seeing Spike use his ability to turn Discord in a sexy female busty bimbo maid (optional with huge cock and balls) that doesn't wear any clothes side of her maid headwear and socks (because this is Discord/Eris so she still gonna act a little odd). And will Spike will use his abilities to change Twilight's School/Academy of Friendship into some kind of School/Academy of Friendship & Sex where public nudity and sex is normal or something? And will the Students Six will make an appearance in this story and will Spike use his abilities to change them and their cultures into something a bit more lewd (something like instead of shaking hands they would casually rub or grind their privates together as their way of saying hello)? Will other nations/kingdoms of other species like Minotaurs, Centaurs, Yaks, Dragons, Diamond Dogs, Deers, Abyssinians (the cat people from the MLP: FIM movie and comics), Gargoyles like Tirek's and Scorpan's mother (from the comics), the anthro egyptian Anubian Jackals (from the comics) etc will make an appearance and will Spike use his ability to change/warps how the kingdoms/nations function? And will characters that only appears in the comics like Queen Haydon (Tirek's and Scorpan's mother), Mina the female Dragon comic book fangirl, etc will make an appearance and will they becomes Spike's slave/servants?

I asked the author about more gender bending after shining armor and he said no. So I doubt he would do more.

Fluttershy could like to rol play being “forced”, it would be so convincing that Spike would almost remember non of this is really consensual. Applejack would be into breeding, she wants to have spike babies and would encourage him to make more with the members of his harem.

I like the idea with applejack! I really want to see spike impregnate all of the members of his harem!

To answer your questions, Like Mr cold guest Shining armor will be the only genderswaped character in this story so no Tirek, Sombra or Discord albeit Queen Chyrsalis and other female antagonists are fair game. Yes the school six could also be fair game, as well though only the female ones since no genderswaps. And we could easily see entire cultures be manipulated, and comics can be included on a case by case basis especially if they become popular enough.


Okay. And thanks for answering. I can't wait to see Spike do something like unintentionally change kingdoms/nations or even how the world works/function with that power without really thinking and you know Spike could alter history itself changing the present with that power. And I imagine that gender-bend Shining Armor looking like from this pic here Derpibooru 2082513.

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