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:twilightblush: looks like things are gonna get steamy on that crazy island.

"Righty oh!" Pinkie shouted before he went to go find some. Both her and Sonata started picking the fruit before they noticed these fruits have on shapes to them. "Hey look, this one looks like they have boobies on them!" She showed Sonata a fruit that is bright pink .

"And this one looks like a bubble butt." Sonata told her as she showed Pinkie a dark blue fruit before she grew curious. "I wonder what they taste like."

What he saw when he got to the two of them shocked him to the bone. Both Pinkie Pie and Sonata were naked but their breasts and asses were suddenly growing a bit bigger as they were rubbing their cunts against each other. They both are so horny that they didn't notice their breasts or asses are expanding a little. They both noticed Flash there as they looked at him with bedroom eyes and a lustful gaze. "Flash...fuck us..." They both said in a lustful tone.

Fruit that makes people horny... reminds me of a webcomic but... I don't remember the name.

Hopefully people start sharing fruits and don't just limit themselves to eating the obvious ones.
(Or at least that Flash doesn't connect the dots before he samples the platter).

It's not similar to yours, the fruit is what reminds me of that comic. The fruit which are berries makes couples horny and gives them energy to have sex without the risk of pregnancy. To be honest; it was a furry comic, no anthro. Animals that walk and talk like in the characters in Talespin, where they wear clothes or... not in the webcomic's cast lives, a full nudist community. So don't feel like you plagiarize another work because the cast isn't isolated to the world. You are using humans while the creator of that webcomic used animals.

KO looks like things are going to become intense for the former crew passengers as they are stranded on a strange island and now it looks like Flash, Pinkie, and Sonata are the first to discover one of the strange things that does to people.

Well, I like the idea as I like using this idea, almost down to the exact same means, for…adult ideas.

And so before even reading it, it gets a like from me. I’ll read it later when I have time, but do expect me to be reading this if I enjoy it enough.

is there going to be some other transformation besides bimboification right?

This is someone else's story idea who I'm riding with.

I foresee this having at least three possible endings:

  1. The Disappointing Ending; Flash & the girls either manage to figure out how to ration the berries to minimise chances of the succumbing to their lewd urges/resist the effects of the berries just enough at the end to both get themselves rescued, & make a full recovery.
  2. The ‘Potential-For-A-Properly-Ended-Sequel’ Ending; The group gets rescued, but manage to smuggle out enough seeds of, & crude notes on, the berries to grow them at home.
  3. The Proper Ending; The group succumbs to the effects of the berries to the point they literally can’t think of anything besides eating the berries, Flash’s cum, the milk & pussy juices of the girls & various smoothies & dishes made using the berries as core ingredients, & fucking each other’s brains out.

Or here's another idea; over time, plus the fruits; Flash, the Main 7, and the Dazzlings all bond and become close. sort of like the Case Closed Trilogy

sweet chapter mate keep it up cant wait for the next chapter:pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:


More foreplay before they get to the main event. Like boobjobs/Multiple Titjobs, Ass jobs, or 69 for example.


great chapter mate keep it up cant wait for the next chapter:pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

I have a feeling they'd never wanna leave the island. Not after all the pleasure they've experienced.

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