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KO awesome chapter, looks like Bro and Spike are gonna be the wild ride of their life in the new school surviving the lust of all the girls there hopefully not too extreme. I hope. :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::rainbowdetermined2:

In the words of a famous blue swordsmen,

Spike might actually be doing the same thing. You never knew how to flirt with other girls, so in order to stop them, you just did the first thing that popped in your mind, which was looking at the girls and winked back at them with an added click of your tongue. By some miracle, it worked. Some of the girls fell out of their seat and landed on the backs, blushing like crazy.


This is going to be a fun read

DAMMIT Man! i still need to catch up on your previous stories and you throw this in my face, cant get a break with you.

Will this story have any sex scenes, implied or otherwise, where the woman does most or all of the work?

oh there'll be sex in this story.


Spike has been 14 years old for about a few months now and you were turning 15 on Christmas.

Considering how he's made Spike, (and granted, us) under age in this story, it's likely the scenes are implied. Those are the terms.

I almost died laughing several times in this story. Too good man!! Too good.

seems like a good opening

Spike's birthday was in July.

You didn't mind it, but on the day when you and Spike arrived at the school, you noticed that most of the students who were out and about were all girls. They'd either give you these random looks ranging from wanting to squeal from the cuteness or these sultry looks, like they want to get straight into yours and Spike's pants that kinda made you both feel good and a little uncomfortable, or they'd talk about you in a positive way.

In front of you two stood a beautiful woman with pink-ish white skin and magenta eyes. Her hair was multi-colored in blue, green and pink, reaching down past her butt. She wore a light brown button-up long sleeve shirt that could barely cover up her enormous H-Cup breasts and wore blue skinny jeans. Spike immediately got behind you, intimidated by how she stood a solid 6 feet tall.

There was another, but I forgot where it was.

Great start i cant wait to see what type of situations the boys get into


I have to agree with Phantom Dragon. The policy nowadays says that if anything explicit happens to a character in the story and it's not implied, the characters have to be at least the age of consent (meaning that they have to be at least 18--anthro counts as well). If future chapters with sex involved your self-insert or Spike, they have to be at least 18, otherwise you have to imply it. Stories that were around before that policy were created are grandfathered, which is why there are some that still show children and others under 18 doing it and writing it.

...policy is because the servers are in Europe, I'm presuming, that's why of the policy.

When I read your stories involving an unnamed protagonist character, I tend to hear a voice for a character in my head. Since it's the Protagonist and Spike, I been trying to think of a voice for them.

Already got down was Elijah Wood's voice for Spike. But I'm stuck between Josh Keaton and Roger Craig Smith for the Protagonist.

Perhaps it'd be best if they were 17+ that's what I'll change in the next chapter

I need to ask if this is a clopfic or not, because this time I searching for something that isn't 80% focused on sex,but more romance and other stuff.

it's a clopfic, but it'll probably be a while before it starts. But if it's romance you're after, I've written a few of those already so you can check them out, too

yes thank you. I don't mind clop, but I hate anything that could look like mindless clop when there is a certain amount of story to it.

Since I think you are going to make a few chapters about it, I would probably not enjoy the exact same thing you might like.

Like I said I will look at your other stories.

Not bad, not bad. Personally I think they should be older, as I have a hard time taking any new characters seriously when they’re younger than myself. So maybe like 16 or 17.

yeah, they're going to be 17+ in the next chapter.

Love the premise. It kind of reminds me of the anime Rosario+Vampire in a way.

I'm working on it, as well as my other stories

So uhh how long is it going to take

I'm trying my best to get it done quickly, I don't know when it'll up, but I'm planning on getting it done soon

Here's a warning dude. If you write the clop in detail and the characters that go through it aren't 18 or over, this story will get pulled. Any clop with humans or anthros has to have both parties being at least 18. I think 17 counts too, so making them 17 won't help you much. Only exception is regular ponies. I don't want this story to be taken down because of a mistake you made that's easy to fix.

okay then, all characters'll be 18 and over

Just wanted to make sure something you worked so hard in doesn't go to waste

Comment posted by fluttercord shipper 23 deleted Dec 9th, 2017

The fact that you showed concern makes me proud and don't worry, I'm not letting this story go to waste

Dame well good luck with those two

Man if that was me I'll accept my faith that's a school fully of girls and we are only 2 boy there's no escape

NOOOOO!!!! I wanted Celestia to take the virginity!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

Hmm...... I think.... that gives me an idea

They're literally fucked.:facehoof:

KO awesome chapter, just when their first day were going great things went out of hand from some simple chemicals and almost the whole school are going sex-crazy for the boys. Looks like the Dazzlings are going to claim their first time. :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::rainbowdetermined2:

Not if Celestia has anything to say about it!!!!

Oh what I have in mind for the 3rd chapter might actually be to your liking

Thank Celestia and Luna for that!!!

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