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Hi there. I'm just your average fanfiction writer hoping to make a name here.


A new hidden enemy threatens Sunset's new home. It craves magic and desires all who has it. She and her friends must rise to the challenge. But even with their powers, they can't do it alone.

Their friendship maybe strong but another source is needed to fuel their powers.
The Power of Love!
Flash x Mane 7

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Keep up the good work but I'm already gonna pass after seeing Mane 7 x Flash.

What a twist

Aww thanks. I was hoping people would catch the twist. ^_^

Sombra is Flash's father? Wow, Flash takes differently fron his father...

If you don't like it then don't read it. No need to be an asshole about it.


Seriously he didn't say anything harsh he just said he was going to pass it over.
You quit being the jerk.

But instead he found it more barren than an Arid Mausoleum.

I see what you did there.

Wow someone actually understood that reference? Aramau has been one of my favs in FOB Equestria.
Always love the sass

Apples...apples everywhere...and not a single hint of mangoes...

Interesting. I'm looking forward to seeing how the rest turns out.

Flash needs some self-respect. I'm sorry to say this but hanging around magical girls, who only acknowledge Sentry's existence when they need something from him, with the hope some of their sparks rub on him... is kinda sad.


Considering the evidence, is fair to assume this Sombra has been playing with shadow magic like his equestrian counterpart.

Love these Dazzlings: strong, proud, indomitable jerks...but with some hidden heart.

And kudos to Adagio for helping Flash manning up.

Man, I'm really growing to love this story.

Aww thanks. I hope you love it till the end.

For the record, I totally figured out she was going out with Flash before you said anything.

WHAT?!?!?! :pinkiegasp: Sombra is Flash's dad!

Now...what is Flash's plan? Is he just going to ask the girls and his friends to borrow their pets for the pagent thing with Rarity, which means if Flash went to Pinky first, he wants to borrow Gummy for Rarity to take his measurements, and rest will follow through the chapter. Yet this is just a theory. A STORY THEOR- no that sounds wrong...

I really got a kick out of Rarity in this chapter. Especially her response to Flash referring to his new suit as *merely* "nice." :rainbowlaugh:

Imagine the Big Bad being actually a grown up Cozy.

There was no place in all of CHS that Twilight didn’t enjoy more than this sanctuary of books and knowledge. If she had her way, she probably would’ve lived here forever. And it’s not like she’ll ever be bored. With new versions of books coming each year she could probably spend eternity cross-referencing everything. If only her frail mortal shell wasn’t in the way. She would spend every hour of every day shifting through pages. But alas, this human body required nourishment and it needed rest for at least 7 hours. 7 hours of idleness was simply time that could be used to gather even more knowledge!

Knowledge is a powerful weapon. You handle too much, and you will meet your downfall. I've seen many pursue knowledge, thinking their lives will go great learning everything about the world, and unfolding secrets. Only for them to waste away in time, as they grew older. Regretting every minute of their lives pursuing knowledge and discovery as that one chance of being alive, is wasted.


Is Flash's plan to use the power of Mad Twiscience to create robot pets for Rarity's dresses?

I can't wait to see how Flash takes his dad dating his principal.

That's what I'm thinking.


How is that next chapter going?

Christmas break my friend. Read the author's note on Chapter 12 at the bottom. A lot of holiday spirit happening at my place. That... and bracing for the disaster that is Disney Star Wars. 16 hours left until i get to see it... and throw my childhood away for good.

Disney... the end of innocence!


Why torture yourself like that? SW franchise is like a zombie milking cow at this point. Just stop drinking the product.

I must. I have to rip this whole thing completely. It must be done. Let it die. Kill it if you have to.
For when it is done I can finally enjoy the Mandalorian in peace.

Death to Disney SW!

Ok this is now seriously the last chapter of the year. Just got back from Star Wars ROSW and I needed something to scrub my eyes.


Nice chapter. Nice to see Flash get some action, even if it was only a kiss. Can't wait to see what's next.

… totally… worth it.

Ah, the line I say when I destroy lives and plunge others into darkness, as their flesh are torn apart, and blood and liquid drained from their pathetic wretched bodies. Oh the thrill of carnage...EVERLASTING.

That's uh... dark dude.


Do you plan to add the Dazzlings to the Flash's harem? I kinda like the dynamic between him and Adagio.

I plan to when he 'Mans' up a bit. The Dazzlings seem to have a morally gray outlook in life while the EQ girls have a positive outlook. I want him to be a blend of the two. Slowly but surely they'll tag along.
Speaking of tags, I should probably add them to the tags too. ^_^

“I can.” Twilight declared, grabbing the seashell. Her eyes flared solemnly as she clutched it tightly within her palms. “Because I was the one who made it.”

:facehoof: oh no! Is that the pendant thing from the Friendship Games?!

You have your own butler!? Rainbow restrained herself from shouting. Just barely. Her eye began to twitch.

Exactly! I'm getting Batman vibes here...

Ooooh~~~~~~ good idea. I might just add secret lair and such. Or is that too much?
Meh. We'll see where it goes.

Nice chapter. If this story doesn't end with a mormon marriage I'll be very disappointed.


Once in office, Sombra will change the laws to allow polygamy.
Because money is the best superpower.


“It worked before.” The redhead smiled. “We have to appeal to her humanity. Despite everything we’ve done to her, she deserves a chance to do the right thing. And besides, I believe that violence should always be a last resort. And when it comes to that, I’ll have you guys to back me up.”

Even tho I believe doing good is the 'right' thing...the world is in a constant balance. Without good evil shall reign causing mass chaos and destruction rendering us extinct. If only the good exist, this will create problems such as loss of resource, loss of homes, destruction of nature, and it would create unequal dispute upon many...so further more, I believe Sunet is correct about balancing good and violence. But due to circumstances, I think it is way safer to just attack her...

You know, having Pinkie breaking the fourth wall stopped being funny after the first time, and also breaks immersion.

This is a really fun story to read!

“Why do you get to enjoy the benefits of magic while the rest of us here toil away with our sweat? What gives you the right to take what I have earned? You don’t even fully grasp the power in which you hold.” She continued, not taking her eyes off them. “You have the ability to change the world at the palm of your hands yet you use them for such mundane things. Helping others, silly construction work, harvesting apples, talking with animals? You can be so much more. But instead you settle for mediocrity.” Her eyes suddenly flared up in anger. “If anything, the one who doesn’t understand the true nature around here is you.”

Hahahaha! Take that girls! She has a point, a point I like to point out in the actual show!

“Hey ugly!” Applejack called out to the monster taunting for its attention. “Remember me?” The beast growled back. “I reckon you do. Cuz I got a score to settle with you. Why don’t you try biting me off now? You’ll find me a tougher bone to bite than Big Mac!” She fired a flare off at the creature making it groan in pain.

Toughet bone? Oh please, I can kill you with a gun!

But her taunting only served to fuel Cinch’s anger. “Look at you. All of you! You wield such power with such grace and ease yet you use them for the most useless things! That kind of magic should be used to benefit all of mankind! You children are unworthy of it!”

And she has another case-in point. If they have that kind of power, humanity will flourish due to technological advancements...but the downsides are greed (Taking over equestria for more magic) and people who are idiots enough to make a cult or religion about it.

“You didn’t think I would come to a fight without a plan now, did you?” She gloated like a comic villain. “You think I’d let you take this trinket from my office just like that? And here I thought you were smarter than this.” With a few taps on the device the woman returned her magic to her bracelet feeling it supercharged. She could feel the energy coursing through that black gem pulsing with enough power that could level a building.

The smarter you fight, the faster you'll win. In this case, Cinch has already planned the whole thing, in which the girls are in it for revenge, they were stupid enough to fall for it HAHAHAAHAHAHA!

Cinch blinked when she didn’t recognize that voice. She rose and turned to the source just in time to see a wooden bat swinging at her. It happened so quickly that she no way of defending. The woman stumbled back, her hand covering her face for protection. But in the process the Magic Trap slipped from her fingers to which the attacker gladly smack.

...For some reason...I felt that...

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