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This story is a sequel to Equestria Girls: Friendship Makes Magic

In an alternate universe, Human Twilight Sparkle tranfered to Canterlot High. during the first movie and taken Pony Twilight's place. After a crazy andventure where she made her first ever 6 friends (one in which came from Equestria and was an ex-villain), Twilight has gotten use to and is loving her new school life.

However, before the upcoming event that is the school's music festival, 3 mysterious new transfer students had appeared and is somehow manipulating the student body to be angry at each other. And to top it off, Twilight discover that her and her friends still retained their magical powers that they got during their last magical exploit.

Can Twilight protect her new school? Can she get the hang of her new powers? Will Sunset Shimmer fall back into a villain? And can Twilight find the magical voice that she has deep inside her?

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About time I see a continuation from the first story. I will now drop off a like a follow.

It's pretty good chapter the story is great and can't wait for more to come.

nice chapter, but you forgot to mention "Pinkie on the One"... (just saying)

7271705 I sort of skimmed it. I realized that I didn't give as much detail, but Pinkie transformed during the cafeteria scene.

Everyone turn towards Pinkie and see what was going on. And before their eyes, they see Pinkie ears grew longer as she was tapping away on the table.

7271804 hmm, that could be considered cheating, but, meh: I can buy that...

However, Adagio, Aria and Sonata was witnessing all of this and didn't like what they were seeing. They didn't know what was going on and they wouldn't even care in a situation like, but they couldn't stand to watch this for some reason.

:rainbowderp: they sympathize with someone with a similar path and don't realize it yet...

(couldn't find another clip with JUST this line in it...)

I hope there'll be more interactions with the Main 6 and Sunset with the Crusaders because in Equestria Girls, there really was almost no interactions. (And, I mean if you're remaking all three Equestria Girls movies in the alternate universe).

7301031 In my last story, The Crusaders did more stuff then they did in the movie. Sure, it was only for one chapter, but at least it was more then a cameo.

Ok, sorry I just meant if there's going more interactions with the Main 6 and Sunset, and the Crusaders, because I think the Main 6 and Sunset and the Crusaders should talk to each other more because in the Equestria Girls movies they didn't, that's just what I meant.

Oh boy...The plans can back fire baddly, and Susnet would be very hurt by what Twilight did, and how everyoen hadn't forgive ehr fully.
it'll breka her heart and who know what will happen.

7494506 I can understand why Sunset would be upset if she heard her friends said that they haven't forgiven her yet, but why Twilight?


ummm i don't know...maybe because she took Sunset book and wrote herself as Sunset and made up that that lie she wrote inthe book.
Unless Sunset gave Twilight that book and said. "Hey you know what be funny you writing in my book and pretending to be me. Wouldn't that be a hoot?"

Even the others gave ehr a look of disapproval.

7495515 Sunset DID gave her that. Not only was it explain in the chapter, but also that it happened during the prologue.

"Wow!" muttered Twilight, left in utter star-struck and amazement.
Seeing her so happy, Sunset asks Twilight: "Do you want it?"
"What!" she yells out in surprised.

However, Sunset then says to her: "Oh come on Twilight. Consider it a thank you present for all the time and effort that you put in for me."
Once she put it in like that, Twilight couldn't help but to accept it. Once Sunset handed her the book, she says to Sunset: "Thanks Sunset. I promise to keep it safe."
"No problem Twilight" Sunset replied.

As for the joke and Twilight pretending to be her, I'm sure Sunset wouldn't mind.


Oh i know she gave it to her, sorry wasn't clear on that. I read that part, but figured she be upset for how she used it.
It's just she wrote to who she thought was Princess Celestia and pretended to be Sunset, yes i know it's actully Princess Twilight same as in the orginal movie on how it was in Twilight's castle at the time.

But she didn't know that and Sunset doesn't know ethier, ok maybe she won't be hurt, but miffed a little yeah and she going to tease Twilight I gues about it later on.

thou i wonder how this will go, The Rainbooms aren't trying to become friends with Sunset, nor really giving her a chance.
And Rarity thinks one of them texted her anout the slumber party...key word thinks.
Oh boy!
Sunset I don't know how she going to react or what will happen in the end.

how do they know that they can do anything for people who are being mind controlled without magic? That's a very foolish idea

7514840 Who are you talking about? If you mean the Rainbooms, they have magic.

I like the dazzlings in this story, theya ren;t as bad as they made themsevles out to be.
They did help Sunset with Trixie and Sonata and Pinkie looked to be ready to have fun together.
Is that a apir up hint heh.

7515287 Romantically: NO! But simple friendship... wait and find out

There are a lot of typos in this chapter, but one thing I do find interesting is in the tournament Flash's band is in the same bracket as the Rainbooms instead of Trixie's band. I've been looking for a fanfic where those two bands face off. So I'm looking forward to that, but encourage you to edit your chapters better. Good luck!

7516337 You know, at the end of every chapter, I always ask people to point out any mistakes I made so I can fix them. You're possibly the first person (for this story) that said that I made a grammar/spelling error.

7516876 I wanted to possibly list them for you but there were so many I didn't want to embarrass you with a long list. I just hope you do a little better in the future.

Oh jeeze! What going to happen now?!

So how close are we to the climax.

7600813 This story should be finish around... chapter 10

first half:
well, the CMC are bored, but at least we won't likely be seeing Anon-a-Miss anytime soon

as a side note, curious question: if Cutie Marks don't exist in the human world, what does that make their group?
second half:
well, while I can't say for certain that they'll be burying the hatchet right away, I'm pretty sure the Rainbooms, or at least Sunset Shimmer, just got a new ally: after all, the enemy of my enemy is my friend...

7600846 I Have been calling just "The Crusader". I thought it's a pretty good name as it is.

7600889 fair enough, I suppose; also, wouldn't that be "Crusaders"?

So when this set is finished, are you gonna do Friendship Games, and Legend of Everfree?

7601626 I have the plot for Friendship Games set up ready in my head. Not sure about the Legends Of Everfree though.
The thing Legends Of Everfree is that's it about Sci-Twi embracing her new magical abilities. In this fanfic' universe, she already has and already accepts them. There's also the fact that I'm developing a Twilight X Flash Sentry relationship in these stories and I don't want Timber Spruce turning it into a love triangle.
So yes, while I could do it, I don't know what sort of re-writes that I have to do to make it all seem natural. But don't worry about Friendship Games. I know what sort of changes that I want to have it far more interesting then the movie.

7602856 Okay then, I trust your judgement on this, give it some thought in your spare time though.

I loved this chapter, Sunset and her group really shined in this.

Great job, it was enjoyable, can't wait for the next part!

Well I will be awaiting for your take on the Friendship Games. Although if I may request one thing from it, please let Cinch get in major trouble? She got off way too easy in the actual movie and quite frankly she doesn't deserve it.

That lady just drives me the wrong way and it'd be nice to see some retribution for what she's done. :twilightangry2:

Not sure if you told someone already or not, but I knew Sunset was the "new student" before I read this chapter. So is Friendship Games going to be a reverse of the original, with everyone recognizing Sunset instead?

Not much I can say other than, great job on this story in general. The exchanges, emotional content, action, humor, main story wrap-up and future story set-up are all well done in all the right places. Now, I hope you don't mind, but I do have a few possible ideas for the next story:

1. At an appropriate point, the following exchange can take place:

Twilight: I should have known. It's Moon Dancer

Somebody of your choice: Who?

Twilight: Moon Dancer. Except for Spike and my big brother, she was the closest thing I had to a friend at Crystal Prep.

Somebody of your choice: Closest thing?

Twilight: Well, we worked pretty well together and respected each other, but didn't really hang out after school, so she was more of an acquaintance than a true friend. Anyway, in terms of academics, she's good - VERY good.

Somebody of your choice: Something tells me she saw you as something more than an acquaintance.

2. In another appropriate point, Sunset can comment "Oh my Faust. It's THIS universe's version of me."

and 3. During the final battle (which, I can guess will involve a souped-up Twilight trying to talk down a super-charged and crazed Moon Dancer while Sunset in HER super-mode takes on her alternate self's super-mode), Twilight can comment "Look, Moon Dancer, I'm begging you. Don't do this. I admit I was a terrible friend. Heck, even NOW I acknowledge that I STILL have A LOT to learn concerning friendship. I made the mistake of focusing so much on my studies that I completely ignored any sort of social life - didn't know how to just hang out and relax. Otherwise, I would have probably noticed your problems much sooner and helped you through them. That's on me, as my new friend Rainbow would say. However, those mistakes did NOT mean I didn't like you. In fact, you were just about the only student at Crystal Prep I DID like. I was just lousy at showing it beyond general respect. Still am, to be honest, but I'm trying very hard to get better at it. I know an "'I'm sorry'" and a promise to try to do better in the future is too little; no matter how sincere it is; but it's still a start."

That is, of course, assuming you like the ideas enough to use them (or you don't already have similar or better ideas yourself [which, I concede, is entirely possible]). If you don't like the ideas, well, I profusely apologize for wasting your time.

Well... after digging this story out of Read it Later list and reading it fully, I am pleased to say that I enjoyed this one. Though, I am curious on how Human Sunset and Moondancer are going to affect the Friendship Games.

7659521 That dialogue there is really good and really juicy. I'll probably be tempted to use some of that. Although you might have a different idea on the great big finale. But don't worry, no spoilers

7659806 Why not the sirens who this time will be at CHS at time of the Friendship Games.

7659438 Don't worry, Cinch won't get off scotch free like she did in the movie. I have a certain punishment in mind for her.

... :flutterrage: You ruined Trixie's performance!? How dare you do that to her! ... *deep breath* Also, props for using Flash like that.

... I'm still not happy that you ruined Trixie's performance, but at least something positive came out of it.

However Flash's presence was forgotten

:rainbowlaugh: This was hilarious. Also, since you gave Trixie an overall bigger role than she had in the movie, I guess I can forgive you for ruining her performance.

PonySunset Meets HumanSunset... It was bound to happen.

Unexpected plot twist for the crusaders I like it

If it's not too much to ask, please let Flash have a bigger role in this story.

Okay. Here's hoping that the drama turns out a little more well-controlled than in canon.

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