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Sunset Shimmer has finally decided to remain in the human world after the events of the Friendship Games, and has also resolved to study magic in her adopted home and defend it from any threats of dark magic alongside her friends. Then a mysterious incident leads Sunset and her friends to run straight into a dangerous world of supernatural beings that have existed in the human world for eons; twisted souls known as Hollows and the beings known as Soul Reapers that battle them. Where will this twist of fate lead the girls, and what secrets might be uncovered about their pasts in the process?

A crossover series between Equestria Girls and the Bleach anime/manga by Tite Kubo.

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Okay, liked and Favorited and FIRST!

Edit: Replaced video.

Ooh... nifty!

Bleach is a series I've considered crossing with MLP myself on a few occasions, though I'd never thought to do so with EQG. Might have to see where you go with this.

Love that song! Though if there's any Bleach opening I associate with the story I'm writing here it's this one:

Equestria Girls just feels like the right fit for a Bleach crossover, especially after Friendship Games. I don't know, just the addition of human Twilight to the mix and the way Sunset Shimmer was resolved to defend the town against magical threats, it all seemed prime for this kind of story, Bleach related or not.

Heh, I'd say its a fair bet. Been thinking at length about the abilities certain characters will gain during this story, and hopefully they'll all make sense and be interesting as the story progresses.

7129620 I would've gone with Rolling Star.

Change is a good song.

I'll admit Rolling Star is pretty good. Guess one might say Rolling Star might fit the early episodes of the story I'm planning while Change would fit later on. Mostly with Change its the opening showcasing the various warring factions of that part of the arc, which is a bit of theme that I'm going to bringing in to this story, with a lot of the various factions in Bleach making an appearance, albeit in an altered form to fit the Equestria Girl's universe.

Hmm, Clover the clever? Something tells me that one Sunset is going to be really surprised in meeting the human equivalent of the founder of Equestria. It make you wonder how Clove will feel like when the girls go pony power.

7129683 I'm going to guess that AJ will be the Quincy of the group, Fluttershy would be Orihime, RD similar to Chad, Pinkie would be Yachiru, Rarity would be Rukia and finally SciTwi would be the Urahara minus the trolling tendencies.

Equestria Girls just feels like the right fit for a Bleach crossover, especially after Friendship Games.

I suppose so, and I'll certainly give it to you that Sunset's transformation at the end pretty much looks like it'd fit right in with some of the power-ups seen in Bleach.

7129105 7129620 7129645
Bleach just had so many great intros and outros, I'm not sure I could name a personal favorite among them. In terms of music overall, however, there's simply nothing that competes with Ichigo's battle theme... I mean it's right there in the title, how could I possibly choose anything else. :pinkiehappy:

Seriously, this song never failed to get me pumped for a fight.

I love that song, but its always made me think "Ichigo Kurosaki is a strong independent woman who don't need no man!"

Needless to say I think it'll fit a lot better when it plays for Sunset Shimmer. :raritywink:

7129753 Uh, Ichigo is male remember? I know his name can mean 'Strawberry' but it can also mean 'One who protects'.

I know, heh, its just the song has lines like "Queen of the scene," and it makes me chuckle a bit every time I hear it when playing for Ichigo. Its a badass song, don't get me wrong, it just makes me laugh a bit. :rainbowlaugh:

7129785 I would've picked this as Sunset's theme.

Nice. Reminds me I need to watch the new season of RWBY.


but its always made me think "Ichigo Kurosaki is a strong independent woman who don't need no man!"

Heheh... true.

Then again, this is the 21st-century we're living in now, so who says Ichigo can't be a queen livin' in a dream if that's the way he happens to swing. I mean, if BigMac can be an alicorn princess, then anything is possible. :derpytongue2:

Needless to say I think it'll fit a lot better when it plays for Sunset Shimmer.

And now I think I might just have to spend the rest of the night re-watching the ending to Friendship Games and seeing if I can sync up Sunset's transformation with Number One.

7129815 Or maybe her "shikai" ( that's what it's called right?) Would be gauntlets just like yang, it would be unique and would match how sunset is portrayed to be direct and it will be a great weapon to redirect her anger issues.

Bleach crossover? Interesting, I'll read it later... If there is, or will be, a Zaraki-like character, I will be your number one fan!

I'll admit I came on thought it was a dark souls fic but totally ok with this keep it up bro

Sunset shimmer with a zanpaktou?! That's fucking amazing! I wonder how sunsets magic will affect her soul reaper powers I assume she just acquired.

Damn, I didn't know what to expect out of this but you've definitely got my attention. My knowledge of Bleach comes exclusively from the brief snippets I would watch while waiting for FMA 03 to come on back in the day, so I'm looking forward to seeing how this shakes out.

Whoa, that's what the name was? I thought she was a crossover from Bleach.

Did I just saw a line from the movie kingsmen??

7132800 Well, at one place the Shinigami call herself Clover. It seems she inherited Rukia role, at least it would be funny considering that her Zanpakuto is an ice type.

Discord as Mr Hat and clogs? I approve! :pinkiehappy: That's one meeting that would go badly with Sunset. My guess is that the captain of the 12th division is Starswirl. I guess Clover name didn't stand out too much, but Starswirl would definitely get one.

Now, the question is : How long before ponies get involved :trollestia:

Kingsmen? Huh, wasn't intending that, but I suppose it could've cropped up unintentionally. Which line, out of curiosity?

Well, Sunset is technically a pony, even if she's wearing a human suit, but I see what you mean. Don't know for sure when Equestria is going to be involved, but there's certainly a chance of it. Imagine if a Hollow slips through the portal that pony Twilight would be rather surprised.

7134265 Well, Twilight wouldn't be as surprised as the Hollow. At that point, it would just be yet another monster. And Discord might be a bit bored. :pinkiecrazy:

7134265 the line Twilight explaining where her family's old money came from, every time I read that line I can't shake the British voice in my head.

I could dig Twilight with a British accent. I always kind of wondered what Twilight's family's social status really is in the show. What with Shining Armor being Royal Guard, the parents seeming well off in Canterlot, I just kind of figured they came from money, and that happens to fit my needs for this story as well if Sci-Twi's family is one of wealth.

I was expecting Daring do but Screwloose could work.

All right, it's very good. Congratulations! You just got a new loyal reader for this story!


Well It takes someone with a few screws loose to have that attitude toward killing eldritch horrors like Hollows! :pinkiecrazy:

Uhm, Twilight's family with what I think it' s a Quincy cross and Discord as the counterpart of Urahara? Well well, it looks nice...

Well, with Screwball as assistant of Discord, it make sense that also Screwloose is one. And now, even the Sirens are involved in the soul affair?

this is one of the best stories on this site!this is such am pleasure to read ,you pegged the girlsperfectly.congrats and well done !!

So, is tia in the place of Head Captain Yamamoto?
I figure Sombra is King of the Hollows

Which characters are in what positions relative to the Bleach universe will gradually get revealed. There's a large cast in MLP to draw on and an equally large number of positions in Bleach to fill in. The 13 Court Guard Divisions alone could soak up a lot of the cast, nevermind the 10 Espada, the Vaizards, and in time even the Sternritters from the later chapters of the manga.

I guess they are going to become like Xcution, having special Items for their powers to activate :pinkiehappy: or I could be wrong. Meh... its just a guess.:unsuresweetie:

THIS IS AWESOME!!!! I love it! I'd love to see what'll develop! Especially the powers the others might develop! They will right?

Thank you kindly. :twilightsmile:

All I'll say is that it's not a bad guess, given the set up.

Thanks. Yeah, I'd say its a fair bet they will, after all this is a crossover with a shounen manga. :raritywink:

Intriguing! Discord is the stand-in of Urahara in the EQG-Verse? Fascinating. Also...that symbol in Twilight's mansion...was that the Quincy Symbol?! If so, could she be descended from a line of Quincies? Hmm... I hope she's not hiding anything.

One other thing, if you ever need any, would you like some OC's made for you if you can't come up with any? Just curious.

I'm not against using OCs if it ever turns out I need them, though for now I've got plenty to draw on from the fairly vast MLP cast to fill in roles as they come up. Glad to hear your finding the story interesting so far.

fantastic story ! this is one of the very best!this is one heck of a ride, each chapter is well worth the wait!! kudos to you!

Holy crap; a Bleach crossover that's actually good? :pinkiegasp:

Be still, my beating heart, :rainbowkiss:

I’ll give him the Taco Tuesday Special

I'll be honest... for a split second I thought Pinkie was going to pull Sonata out of her back pocket and throw her, :twilightoops:

“Close like a hot dog through a donut, eh?”

Since it's Shining, wouldn't that be a corn dog? :trollestia:

Very much looking forward to seeing this story develop. Only read Ch1 so far, but what's here is awfully promising. I'm super-looking forward to seeing how you develop the other members of the Humane6 (7 since it includes Sci-Twi? Whatever, you know what I mean, :moustache:). I always felt like Kubo left Chad and Inoue very, very underused in the actual manga, and I get the feeling you won't be making the same mistake, :raritywink:

You also get a +1 for personal taste by picking one of the better Bleach opening songs for this story; although to be honest there are so many great openings and endings for this show it's impossible to pick just one as a favorite, :raritydespair:

Five bucks says the 12th Division Captain is Starswirl, :derpytongue2:

Great, now all we need are matching spandex suits and to decide who gets the Dragonzord.

Sunset is pure 6th Ranger material and you know it, :ajsmug:

Also, SIIIIIIRENS~! :pinkiehappy:

Delicious Import Sundries, Candies, and Other Random Delights.

I see whut you did there, :rainbowkiss:


Oh my god, she's Kon! :rainbowlaugh:

I look forward to working you.

Sure ya do, sugarcube, :ajsmug:

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