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A month after Sunset Shimmer entered the portal that's located in the base of the Wondercolt statue, and disappeared without a trace, Adagio and her sisters decide that its time to investigate what really happened and see where the missing girl went. When they enter the portal themselves, however, they are brought to what appears to be another world without magic, until an explosion of some kind knocks them onto their backs and awakens something new inside them. Despite being wounded they help a survivor of the explosion to his feet and help him find his way back to his friends, while witnessing the power that woke up inside him.

When Cole MacGrath awakens from his ordeal he and the Dazzlings begin training with their new powers, while the Dazzlings try to control their excitement about having some sort of magical nature again, even if their new powers are different than their old ones. Once a few days pass the four of them venture out into the decaying city, determined to stop the Reapers and to find a way to save the city... while at the same time the Dazzlings learn what it means to truly be heroes.

(InFamous/ MLP Crossover)
(Part of the Universe 13 story series, though reading the other stories is not required)

Chapters (50)
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nice work and try to complete the old ones before writing new ones OK?.:twilightsmile:

I wonder if Sonata going to be the Good Karma voice of reason?

It’s pretty obvious that Sunset’s days at CHS are over, but will the mirror ever go back to it’s original use or will the girls be left wondering what’s happened to Sunset. Plus she has her life there to tidy up, she can’t just walk away from it.

Not bad. Not bad at all. Hope to see more.

Well that is interesting let’s see where we go down this rabbit hole.

I wonder how Zeke is going to react when he finds out DBZ is real as is MLP?

"Zeke, don't be absurd," Cole replied, to which he raised his palm to his face for a few seconds, as he couldn't believe that his friend thought the powers that the sisters had used were from a television show, when they seemed to be more energy based than anything else, "Dragon Ball Z is a television show, there's no way their powers are even remotely related to it. Maybe they're drawing upon some sort of energy in the area around them and used it to create these auras and those blasts that struck the dumpster."


8900694 Blackdrag has these stories on a schedule, he updates two of the four current ones every three days from the last update to those stories.

If you read the story Sunset's Adventure in Skyrim, your questions will be answered. Suffice to say, Sunset won't be going back to the EQG world, unless she flies through space to do so.

This story is but one of many in Blackdrag's "Universe 13 saga".

This is great, keep the chapters comin'!

Well let's see how the girls go, hero or villain?

Being a hero is new to her.

Adagio learned Flash Step!

So we got air, fire, and ice. With Cole having lighting we have a good spread, but who will get earth?

I'm pretty sure Adagio has Earth, and those crystal spheres are just that: crystals. But that still leaves us without anyone in Universe 13 with a Water affinity.

Alternatively, Adagio has power over Water, not just Ice, which would give U13 a fighter with Water affinity, and since Applejack already holds power over Earth, that leaves each classical element covered. Even if you count the Fifth Element Aether, Rarity's Soul magic can cover that pretty well, or Trixie's Arcane.


This was the joke I was going for, but yours works as well.

While they drank their drinks Zeke told them that they couldn't turn the Ray Sphere over to the feds, indicating that either the FBI or someone else would make use of the 'ultimate' weapon that was now within their reach, to create soldiers that the military and cops couldn't even stand against. Zeke then suggested that, when they finally claimed the Ray Sphere, they 'crack it open' and give everyone superpowers, as it would prevent them from being screwed over in the future, to which Cole couldn't resist and said that they were 'already screwed'. Once Zeke was done with his attempt to win them over, for now anyway, he asked them what he missed, to which Cole stepped aside and let the sisters take the stage, causing Zeke to raise an eyebrow as Cole sat on the couch as well. That was followed by Sonata demonstrating her control over wind, Aria flexing her fingers as flames danced around her wrists and between her fingers, and Adagio showed off the fact that she could manipulate the water around her to create crystals... though as she soon discovered her power was over the element of water and that the crystals were actually ice, which explained why it was so brittle earlier.

Whole Adagio and Sonata prepared themselves for trouble, which they knew was coming, Cole and Aria touched down on the platform below them as they entered the sewers, though a smile appeared on their faces as they spotted a circuit in front of them.

While, not whole.

Aria nodded and watched as Cole jumped onto the grind line, though this time he didn't actually move on his own, as his electricity gathered around his feet and propelled him forward at a greater speed than when he walked over the grin lines earlier.


"The unusual conduits have been identified." Kessler commented, hearing the ticks of keys as he returned to his base of operations in the Historic District, where he could watch Cole and the strange girls that followed him around, "The first one, the one with the vivid orange hair with yellow streaks, is called Adagio Dazzle and she appears to have the power to manipulate the water in the area around her. The second girl, the one with the purple hair with aquamarine colored streaks, is her sister, Aria Blaze, and her power is over the element of fire. The final girl, with the arctic blue hair that has persian blue stripes, is Sonata Dusk, sister of both Aria and Adagio, and her power is over the wind around her."

Roll credits

I hope somebody knocks some sense into Trish’s head. I know how the game goes, but hopefully the girls will find away to get through her apparently thick skull the truth.

Pretty sure Sonata and Adagio can get some precision attacks of their own. Concentrated wind along a thin line for the former (Jetstream), and needle-thin ice crystals for the latter (Needle Strike). Shockwave attacks, Sonata can release a burst of wind (Tempest), while Aria does the same with fire (Flame Burst). Grenade-style attacks, Adagio can throw a ball of ice that shatters, sending shards of ice flying (Crystal Blast), while Aria sends a concentrated marble of flame that explodes (Fire Bomb).

Also, given that they ARE sisters, I feel like the Sirens should get some combo attacks. Adagio and Aria combine their powers to make some scalding steam that affects a wide area (Antipode), Adagio and Sonata cause a blizzard (Blizzard [duh!]), and Aria and Sonata make a fiery tornado (Flamenado). They could also have an attack from all three of them, Adagio and Aria making biting cold and searing heat for Sonata to direct with the wind (Either Sisterly Bond, or Hot and Cold)

you mean a firestorm? dude that's actually a thing. what you call a firenado is a firestorm.

Huh, didn't know that had a technical name.

yeah a tornado of fire is called a firestorm and can happen in real life. you can look it up online, it's what happens when a tornado happens in extremely dry conditions and the friction of the air creates a spark of flame as a result. it's a natural disaster in itself. found that out when i was in my last year of middle school. a forest can usually have these happen. natural fuel for the flame. i read a article that a house got ruined by one years back.


actually, a firestorm is a kind of brush fire, so large and intense that it actually creates its own storm force winds from every point of the compass. u can find a wiki page for them here

This is pretty good. I love it. I am a huge fan of the Infamous Games. I could play them all day.

Well that is a change. I suddenly think every brony on this Earth will be trying to get to Equestria now. On a side note are we even sure that they are in Universe 13 right now or somewhere else as this is vey interesting that they have this many Earths in Universe 13.

i think we can safely change this from universe 13 to multiverse 13. with how many universes becoming connected by that mirror well i think it fits.

No... There are actually multiple Earths in Universe 13. InFamous, Equestria Girls, the one mentioned in Starlight of Solana, Sly Cooper, Dead Space, Bleach. Yes it makes no sense, but are you going to complain? Dead Space Earth is the only one with FTL space travel, though. The Multiverse in these stories is the 13 Universes.

Is there group for the Universe 13 stories?

9003098 Almost all of the Universe 13 stories were added to a group called Tatsurou's PWNY-Verse, listed inside the Inspiration Manifested folder, though I'm afraid that I, myself, have not created a group or bookshelf for the stories.

Someone should make a group. I would with your permission, but I'm busy atm at work, so I can't.

9003272 If you would like to create a group dedicated to the Universe 13 stories, then you have my permission to do so.

Cinemasins... Is that you XD?

Congratulations, Dust Men, you just bought yourself a few more hours of operation time, at best, at the cost of increasing the pain you're all about to go through.

Adagio is over thinking this. She has lines that she will not cross. The local morality system in play apparently starts at that line and takes a swan dive straight into the open maw of Hell. Second Son is a little more nuanced, as Mind Control was an actual Red Alignment action, but for now Enlightened Self Interest is enough to qualify as a Hero.

Can't wait until they develop sonic/aduio/music based powers again. There use of said power in the movie was basically the evil version of "Heart is an Awesome Power". It makes me wonder what the Blue Alignment variant will be like.

8943137 8943144
Well, their power during the movie was basically Heart (Red Alignment). It will be interesting to see what happens if they can combine their powers via song again.

well moya should have remembered never to piss off four super powered humans. because crossing them might be the last thing anyone would ever do.

But then who would take the beating for our amusement? XD

True enough. Now let's see how much the sisters can screw up his plans though. This *put sunglasses on/ will be a memorable adventure hehe.

Hate to break it to you, Kessler... well, no, not really, I'm loving this. You're not the one running this game anymore. You don't get to decide the rules. The Sirens played this type of game before, and they play for keeps.

Yes finally Trish is Alive! I'd make the words larger if I knew how.

Fourth Wall? What Fourth Wall? :pinkiehappy:

First click the T with the arrow going both up and down, then choose the size you want, then finally write what you want in between the thing that shows up, also it'll set the writing line were it needs to be by default.

holy... YES!!!!!!!!! the dazzlings are now truly back and better than ever! watch out kessler! your curtain call is coming closer and when it falls you are going to have regrets for underestimating the sirens! WHOO!

YEEEESSSSSS! the dazzlings have earned their songs back and they certainly deserve them. i'd go to one of their concerts now for sure. wonder what the price of admission would be?:raritystarry::yay:

Listen to the Siren's Song...
Bringing doom to those that would do wrong...

Listen as the Siren's Sing...
Wrath and justice they will bring...

Come and heed the Siren's Call...
Soon enough, Kessler... will... fall...

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