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Lyra passes out on her way home one night, but when she wakes up she finds herself in a strange realm of fire, ash, and creatures that she could only refer to as demons. Before she meets what she assumes is her end, she is saved by a group of bipedal creatures that take her to their master, someone named Illidan Stormrage. There she learns what the bipedal creatures are preparing for and is offered a choice; either join them or return to her home.

The problem, she discovers, is that there is another displaced pony wandering the land of Azeroth; so she has to choose between a rock and a hard place. She only hopes that she doesn't regret her choice after making it.

(World of Warcraft; Legion crossover with MLP)
(Part of the Universe 13 story series, though reading the other stories is not required)

Chapters (120)
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Comments ( 263 )

I have the feeling that this is going to be a demon hunter story. So does that mean that Lyra will join them, or is she a mage type character because of her horn?

I'm not familiar with the game world that is World of Warcraft, but I find this interesting to say the least.

I feel sorry for Lyra. She was snatched from her home (by the magic mirror I'm willing to bet) and dropped into a world she knows nothing about.

7625655 I've played a bit of the game, but I don't know a whole lot about it.

I hope everything goes okay:twilightoops:

7649134 Something tells me that Lyra is going to have to learn the hard truth of the world she has found herself in.

Though, upon thinking about what I read, I have to wonder who the second displaced pony is... though we won't know that until Lyra finds out.

Oh Lyra, what have you gotten yourself into now?
Helps hope that the Lord of the Outlands can send her home, though I doubt that it will happen.

"Training beings now!" Varedis said, appearing before Lyra and slamming the handle of one of his wooden swords into her face, effectively knocking her to the floor and making her see stars, "You weren't ready..."

And this just reminds me of the TFS version of when Vegeta and Trunks trained together in the, um, chamber at the top of the lookout. So does that mean that Varedis is the Vegeta of this story?

This is going to be a long training period for Lyra... so here's to hoping that someone opens a portal and sends her back home.

7664825 You mean the Hyperbolic Time Chamber?

7664952 Yes, that was its name.
And I don't think the author would send Lyra back home yet, otherwise the story would be over too soon.

A Pit Lord?
Um... I guess I need to figure out what that is to make a proper response.

Lyra needs to grow a backbone already. She's not going to survive long if she constantly cowers behind Kor'vas and Kayn, or whoever she is with whenever she encounters a demon.

She's not going home, not when the story has barely started.
A shame more people aren't reading this, because it has potential to be much greater.

Again, whose the second pony?
Seriously, I'm betting a lot of people are wondering who it is.

7755091 Definitely not Twilight.
Too many Twilight stories on this site if you ask me.
Maybe Rainbow? Or one of the Sirens?

Its official; Lyra has a death wish.

Dang it Lyra, now is not the time to do stupid stunts.

i am late but..two things...
1. Terraxas sounds like jaraxxus and thus made me think of

2. lyra.... do you really need to do stupid stuff like that? you are not a champion of azeroth... so you don't have bs revival skills and have your spirit run to your body after you die... be more careful next time

I wonder how BonBon will react to Lyra's new appearance.

Badass Lyra is badass. Nice chapter and I can't wait for the day (hopefully happening in the future at some point) when Equestria meets Ilidari Heartstrings. :pinkiecrazy:

And pleeease don't let the other Pony be BonBon already. That would be so cliché and predictable that her "best friend" is the other Pony and the first of her (former) species who would meet the new Lyra.

8272345 I don't think it will be BonBon. I have some ideas, but I am keeping them to myself.

To Blackdrag: I assume once the other pony is found in Azeroth, you are going to update the character tags? I like that you are keeping the air of mystery around who it could be.

8272352 Aye. Once the character is introduced into the story the tags will be updated.

8272361 Are all/most of the ponies these stories are centered on going to end up anthro or humanoid? Because I am noticing a trend.

8272370 Depending on the worlds I'm sending the others to, some of them will be humanoid while the others retain an anthro state. I have nothing against the ponies themselves, but the changed form makes things much easier for them... in my opinion anyway.

Is Lyra considered anthro now? Since she gained hooves and a tail?

8272389 I would consider her as such.

Technically, she would be a Level Four anthro, mostly human with non human body parts included like her pony ears, hooves and tail. The most famous or well known example of this type of anthro is the Nekko catgirl that shows up in various animes

Takeing the Fell into herself...I am no expert in the lore of WoW, but it is my understanding that the Fell brings with it the lie of tremendous power at the cost of the soul

Getting close to the reveal of who the other pony is! I'm excited! I get the feeling that there is still a long way to go before they return to Equus.

I hope Lyra won't get caught by Maiev and trapped from the end of BC to Legion. That she somehow escapes, because missing 4 expansions and who knows how much time before returning to Equestria would be kind of stupid. It would be so cool if she manages to escape. Or be saved. I have somehow the feeling Illidan has (maybe?) a thing for her. He gives her very much attention, is always talking with her AND gives her as the only Illidari an own Felsaber? Curious...

Is it bad that I read Illidan’s lines in his voice from WoW?

"Training beings now!" Varedis said, appearing before Lyra and slamming the handle of one of his wooden swords into her face, effectively knocking her to the floor and making her see stars, "You weren't ready..."

Avridged reference? :rainbowderp: Abridged reference, :rainbowdetermined2:

No, no it is not. I've only heard a few lines, mostly from Hearthstone, but his voice is intimidating. It perfectly fits him, considering he is the leader of the main Demon slaying force in the Outlands.

As for the other pony: I don't think it is Bon-Bon, she's not quite great and powerful enough to handle Azeroth. :raritywink:

Warcraft? SOLD! This story looks promising!

I recently tried a pre-cata private server, because I forgot how bad pre-cata WOW was. I'm currently trying to decide if I should try a post-cata server, a custom server, or give up on WOW completely.

So Lyra is basically the player character for the Demon Hunter storyline of the Legion expansion? Because I have seen a small part of it, and this seems very similar.

8286097 You hit the nail on the head there. Lyra's the player character and Mardum is the starting zone for the demon hunters in the game.

So is the other pony the non-Demon Hunter player character? Because I'm pretty sure they have a separate storyline. And the fact that the army attacking the Black Temple is comprised of both Alliance and Horde lends itself to the non-Demon Hunter storyline being the same for the two factions. I guess the threat of an apocalyptic invasion by demons from another realm of existence is what it takes to get them to put aside their differences.
I am curious, are the Illidari considered a separate faction?

8286173 For the most part the Illidari were considered an enemy faction, as many in the Burning Crusade considered them to be allies with the Legion based on the fact that they have demonic allies. In Legion they're switched to a friendly faction, one that many still half trust considering the fel energy the Illidari tamper with and could be corrupted with. Though in Legion all of the classes are referred to as 'Orders' and have their own area where they only see other members of their class... the new expansion makes some things a little difficult to explain.

Ok, but all the non-demon hunter player characters have a similar storyline in legion, right?

8286193 The story line of Legion doesn't change much between classes, so a mage, for example, will have the same story line as a demon hunter... up until they go through the quests for their Order Hall, but that's another beast altogether.

So you plan to let Lyra be captured when she returns to the Black Temple? And I wanted to see how Lyra goes on an epic quest through Azeroth, avoiding authorities, going one vs one against Arthus... :ajsmug: All jokes aside, do you plan to let Lyra be captured and released again when the Legion expansion begins or is there some sort of twist? I ask, because I don't know how you plan to handle the timelines of Azeroth and Equestria. Are they the same? Is Azeroth faster? I'm curious.

8286589 I plan on following the story for the demon hunters, but there is a twist that I won't mention until its time to release that chapter. The time issue, for my crossover stories anyway, is that they got sent back in time and can only return to Equus after a certain point in the story.

*After return to Equestria*

BonBon: L-Lyra?! What in the name of Celestia happened to you?!"

Rainbow Dash: She looks so... awesome!

Princess (?) Twilight: What happened to you?! Where were you?! Why are you looking like that?!

Lyra (in demonic voice): You are not prepared!

*all Ponies run away screaming*

Lyra (more normal voice for her being a demon hunter): You are no fun!

(On a side-note. I would feel quite disappointed when this most famous of all quotes from BC won't be said in Equestria. :pinkiecrazy:)

8286887 You know, oddly enough, I'm planning on using that upon her return. Its too good of a quote to ignore, and there's always someone she could use it on.

It seems like Lyra is being groomed for a certain position among the Illidari. Her own mount, already giving orders to allies, being allowed to kill the boss demons and open portals to summon allies.

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