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Spike and Ember are transported to the Artisans homeworld as infants, without any memories at all, and arrive in time for Spyro's egg to hatch, leaving Nestor and the other Dragon Leaders with two purple dragons and a blue dragon, instead of just a single purple dragon. They decide to take it as a sign of great things to come and keep the trio together, letting the three dragons grow up as siblings while they teach them the value of teamwork and what it means to be a dragon, all while preparing them for whatever the future has in store for them.

(Spyro Reignited/MLP Crossover)
(Part of the Demon War story series)
Edit: Dislike free from May 21st to August 1st

Chapters (168)
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Comments ( 1245 )

Would you look at that a Spyro story while I'm playing Spyro this will be interesting, although refrain from making extremely stupid villains like in some of the games. Still I will keep a close eye on this.

SWEET :pinkiehappy:
this is gunna be awesome

thought I was posting that on the blog at first was surprised it appeared here. now though onto my actual comment.

THIS. IS. AWESOME. loved the dragon descriptions and interactions between the leaders. definitely looking forward to more of this. another great chapter as always keep up the great work

cannot wait for more.

WooHoo! My favorite dragons got a new story of their own.

Wait, wouldn't Spike and Ember be obviously more bipedal? From the in story description they already have their wings but already being upright would be obvious I think.

look back at show canon when spike was born he walked around on all fours

Uhhh is reignited the one with malefor or the recent remakes

the recent remakes of the original trilogy


Yet if you watch how Spike is sitting after he has hatched he is in a more upright position then one that moves around on all fours. The story makes it clear that they go through some sort of metamorphosis near adulthood that allows them to walk fully upright. My point is that the adults should have or should be soon realizing that although Spike and Ember are moving around on all fours they will be beating their brother to walking upright.

yeah but in later flashbacks showing him as an infant he is shown to walk around on all fours regardless though it is ultimately up to Blackdrag and what he has planned for the story. i think we can both agree though that it is good so far

Lots of promise on this one. It could rival the great Tatsuoru so stories if it realizes it's full potential

Well, have to admit, I DEFINITELY liked the "Reignited" gameplay videos I saw on YouTube. And, I have to admit, the story DOES have potential. Both Spike AND Ember (the version from MLP: FiM, NOT the Ember from the later Spyro games) are among my favorite characters on the show. And, to be honest, I am a pretty big Spike/Ember shipper as well. So seeing them raised side-by-side with Spyro definitely has possibilities for me. I am especially looking forward to when you get around to the "Year of the Dragon" remake (as I could easily see Spike getting images of Spyro, him, Ember, Hunter, Shelia, Sgt. Byrd, Bentley and Agent 9 ALL working as a team and wondering where he IS getting those images).

And, for some reason, I can ALSO see Ember doing the following line to Moneybags (either in the Ripto's Rage remake or the Year of the Dragon remake): "How about YOU let us through for free and WE don't beat and torch you within a quarter inch of your miserable life, you money-grubbing cretin?"

Okay. Sorry about that. Just got some images in my head that I couldn't help. At any rate, excellent job on the exchange, characterizations and future adventure set-up in all the right places.

omg I sooo wanna see that now, always hated that money grubbing, npc equivelant of an invisible wall to progress

Great start on this story.

You have my attention. Looking good for a start. And nice work around about the terms used in the game about the worlds and such.

Is this in the same continuity as the rest of the stories and if so, what Universe is it located in?

I'm sure they'll go up against Gnasty Nork, Ripto, and the Sorceries. You know how much Ripto hates dragons. Lets see if he can handle three of them.

I for one am loving how this is turning out.

This was very nice. Looks like the siblings are already learning how to work togeter to solve problems, even if that problem is 'how to get to food'. Spike and Embers dragonflies seem cool, looking forward to seeing what kind of personalities they develop. As always another great chapter. honestly wish I could like each chapter of a story on its own rather than just the story itself. Keep up the great work.

This is a different continuity than his Universe 13 epic.

*clears throat*Umm, actually: they are Beast Makers, not Beast Keepers, or Beast Masters.

9640739 That it is... I should have caught that. Oh well, I'll get to fixing that.

Splendid work on the details of the discussions of such things as not just the dragonflies (good names for the other two dragonflies, by the way), but also future training and certain future enemies. Yeah, really good to see the hatchlings already learning certain things on their own.

Again, the exchanges, characterizations and future chapter set-ups are all well done in all the right places.

Of course, it might be good to see the three hatchlings develop more distinctive abilities (such as Spike being the smartest of the trio and being able to use his fire breath to teleport certain items, Ember being the strongest of the trio and the best flier, and Spyro being the fastest and most versatile with his breath abilities [eventually learning to breathe ice, lightning and earth attacks]) as well as more distinctive personalities (such as Spike being the least violent and most likely to TRY to play voice of reason, Spyro being the leader and most naturally heroic and Ember being the most aggressive and trying the hardest to hide her more sensitive side).

Plus, when we get to the "Year of the Dragon" rewrite, it might be neat to see Spike and Ember trying to accompany Shelia, Sgt. Byrd, Bentley and Agent 9 on their respective side-missions while those four are borrowing Sparx.

And, it might also be funny to see Ember commenting "I like this guy." as Bentley is calling Moneybags a "brazenly avaricious, duplicitous, larcenous ursine" and giving him a severe thrashing.

Plus, yeah. It could be really neat to see to see Spike and Ember get individual focus chapters on occasion IN ADDITION to them learning to work with Spyro as a time. But, of course, those are for POSSIBLE future chapters and I will definitely respect your right to NOT use the ideas if you don't want to.

But, yes, regardless, I AM looking forward to more.

sounds interesting i for one would love to see spike being able to do that with his firebreath, could be quite useful. an interesting thought giving each of them specialized skills and personalities. you have some good idea. hopefully the author decides to use some as they seem pretty awesome

I'm wondering what personalities would you give to both Spike and Ember because to me it wouldn't make much sense for them to have the exact same personalities they had in the show, at least not 100% the same, I mean Spike living with ponies and growing up as Twilight's assistant makes sense for his pacifist nature and his want to feel needed, the same goes for Ember, growing up with mean dragons were the strong survive makes sense for her to have a tough tomboy personality. But both of them growing up with Spyro but also growing around Dragons that unlike the ones from MLP are kind wise and cultured, and not having to grow up as pretty much a servant really should make them turn out differently than they did in the show.

well considering some of this authors other stories, its highly probable that he plans to do just that as he made them into infants and when he did that with starlight and sunset he completely changed their personalities based on their interactions with ratchet.

So far so good but this is just a beginning. The Future has yet to be revealed.

an interesting chapter. Its good to see the little hatchlings learning to co-operate and work as a team already it should help them out later on when Gnorc starts his campaign. Got a good chuckle from the adults reaction to realizing that they just lost 3 infants, perhaps they will pay better attention in the future. All in all another great chapter from you. Keep up the good work

Well, well, what have we here?
Started another one, I see.
Alright, Blackdrag, game on. Activating "Follow" protocol. Initializing read through.

Got to admit, this chapter reminds me, in a good way, of the 1990s cartoon "Rugrats". LOVED seeing Spyro, Spike and Ember go exploring and learning to work as a team. And, yeah, they DID end up kind of making the adult dragons that were supposed to be watching them look a little silly.

Anyway, really good job on the characterizations, humor and future chapter set-up in all the right places.

by Celestia you are right...thinking on it they way they act here is a bit like that old cartoon. Thanks for the bit of 90's nostalgia

Very good job so far. Nice work. I'm loving this.

some nice interactions in this one, along with some good descriptions of the places and dragons shown.was nice to get to meet the other dragons for once. All in all another great chapter from you. Keep up the great work

Okay, observation and speculation on the trio so far:

Spyro seems to be the leader of the siblings, possibly the 'eldest'. He'll take initiative, and Spike and Ember seem to defer to him when it comes to making decisions for the group. That may or may not change as they grow up, but for now, I'm thinking of him as the 'big brother'.

Ember seems more concerned with her brothers than anything else. She seems more content to follow, rather than lead. Seeing as she tends to hang back for a moment before following Spike and Spyro into situations, I see her being the more cautious, careful and/or analytical of the trio, possibly leading to her becoming the guardian or protector.

Spike... yeah, I don't really have much of a read on him yet. This IS only the fourth chapter, and they're still just hatchlings, a couple days old at this point, so it's probably too early to be making predictions. He'd fit in as being the youngest, the 'little brother', but other than that, I got nothing.

Got to admit, so far, this story is looking great, I love the characterizations of the older dragons and how well you are handling the hatchling versions of Spyro, Ember and Spike. Great mix of heart-warming, funny and set-up.

Perhaps one of the future chapters could have Spike learning to teleport smaller objects with his fire breath from the Magic Crafters (with everybody, including Spyro and Ember, amazed that he learned how to do that).

And, from the Artisan Dragons, Spike could also learn how to sculpt and prove to be quite good at it (though to everybody's surprise including his own, MOST of his sculptures resemble ponies [this would be VERY deeply buried subconscious memory, but none of them would have any way of knowing THAT]) .

And, from the Peace Keepers, the three hatchlings can learn about head, claw and fire-related combat as well as tactics (with Spike proving the best at the tactical portion, but not as good as his siblings in the direct combat portions).

Okay, sorry about that. Let my imagination run away with me again (sheepish grin).

yeah definitely hoping the author manages to work in that first one and maybe the second one as it could be good for a few gags. But uhhh...Nothing about spike really screams great tactician to me...I feel that would be more something that Ember might excel at

Yeah. I can see that point.

its nice to see you are not fanatical about your views and that if something more logical comes by you are willing to consider it :pinkiehappy:

So far so good. Great chapter. I for one am Liking this.

ok this was really good. the first few paragraphs where great, showed that Nestor and the others are acting like proper parents (at least by my standards). watching them grow a little and getting to see more of the other worlds was also really nice. The training was interesting also just from saying 2 words I could see spike growing into a great lover of stories perhaps even into a writer himself, which would be great as he could then chronicle the trio's adventure at which point magical translocating firebreath would be super handy to send the pages back to the Dark Hollow for binding and potential copying by the others. Spyro defnitely seems to be coming into his own as the groups leader and Ember has definitely shown herself to be the smartest of ther group by mastering gliding first. A great and wonderful chapter, really loved this one. Keep up the great work

Figures Ember would be the more observant in how things work practical parts. Although I am willing to bet when it will come to learning magic Spike is going to be leaving many in the dust.

Well, thanks again for getting this chapter up. The exchanges, characterizations and future chapter set-ups are all well done in all the right places. I especially liked how Spike proved to be the one who enjoyed reading the most (which makes sense when you consider he probably has at least SOME very deeply buried subconscious memory of Twilight and those Power Ponies comics) and Ember proving to be the best glider (along with the You Were Trying Too Hard realizations from both Spyro AND Spike on the latter front).

This was really good. The first half had a lot of really good setup for the future and perfect foreshadowing of some of the games events to come. The second half was absolutely perfect. I remember that somewhere in canon we are told that spyro saved sparx from a bird attack and that's what bonded them but never how that situation occurred. It was really great to get that bit here in your story. This story is doing exactly what a fanfiction should, fix the mistakes we have perceived as fans in the source material along with giving at least somewhat logical bits based around a persons own interpretation of the story around where its come from and where it goes after the source material ends. You have definitely been succeeding in the first (your previous series as proof) and for the latter, at least in my opinion has been well thought out and displayed. I look forward to the next chapter of this and whatever it brings. Keep up the great work.

Again, really good job on this chapter. The exchanges, characterizations and future chapter set-ups are all well done in all the right places. I especially liked Lindar and Gavin's observations concerning the young dragons' first gliding lesson, the discussion of the adult dragons' future plans and your spin on the "bird incident" PrimStrike mentioned.

That right there was well done.

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