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This story is a sequel to Dragon Ball Z: Daughters of Destruction

Sunset Shimmer thought it was over when the last of the displaced ponies returned to Equus and resumed their normal lives, even though she was the God of Destruction for their universe, the newly official Universe 13. What she wasn't expecting, however, was for the Grand Priest to call all the Gods of Destruction, their Angels, and the thirteen Kaioshin to Zeno's palace for an announcement that would change the face of the thirteen universes. There they discover that multiple universes would be required to take part in the Tournament of Power, where teams of ten from the chosen universes would be all that stood between that universe surviving or being erased from existence.

Even as the displaced ponies gather together for one last adventure, to save their universe in case they were called to battle once more, they know they must be careful, as the other universes weren't to be underestimated... and there was no telling just how powerful the fighters from the other universes would be.

(Dragon Ball Super/ MLP Crossover)
(Finale of the Universe 13 story series.)

Chapters (40)
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To quote Rafiki: It is time!

*facepalms and then mutters* Goku, you idiot.....


Gonna wait tell a few more chapters are out before I start reading (since I love binge reading your stuff) but I am so happy this start and can't wait for the ride


What do you mean? He did exactly what he intended to do and knew what both Zenos wanted.

Huh. Managed to accidentally find this. Completely forgot all about Daughters of Destruction .-.

At last, it begins; the beginning of the end...of the series. Took me a long time to read the whole series up to this point.

So freaking hyped for this!!!!!!!!

and, oddly enough, they weren't the only ones with someone unknown, as Universe 11 had a tall figure that was wearing a black shroud to cover their entire body, preventing anyone from figuring out who they were.

hmm.....I have my theories about who this figure is... And let's just say the Pride Troopers might not approve of their past deeds.

Ah the Pride Trooper’s candidate of God of Destruction. I can't wait until he sets to fight Rainbow Dash as I think she will get on his nerves. Now the question becomes where will Universe 13 fall on the rankings and will every universe compete in this tournament?

Hymn ... got this feeling universe 13 is gonna be excluded from the tournament like the original 4 ... but ask to be included to help save universe 7. The likely hood of a freshly minted universe god of destruction not getting a chance to build up their mortal level to 7? .... if its not allready ...... with all the godlike beings running around thanks to discord you'd figure their rating would be 9......would make sense.

Team wise I'm betting:
Tirek (freeza 2.0) .... it would be inconvient if the universe he wanted to take over was destroyed
Hymn ... last 2 are tough ...not sirens ... they need access to elements for alot of their attacks ... derpy gilda ... no ... maybe zangetsu and .....(oh my god ...lol)kenpachi just for the stuff he'd say would be funny.

Yeah...just gonna say right now: Based on PM's I've had with Blackdrag, Tirek is definitely NOT a member of the Tournament Team. He has other plans that would be ruined by showing up so early.

Also, you forgot PINKIE!

Your right i forgot not just pinkie ..but her dark half pinkamina too ... theirs a fusion right there too ... black pmd me also said no to tirek on team. Cant believe i forgot the power of juju.

...you mean power of Eco, not Juju.

Thought it was red blue green black juju ... white juju was when you mix them all together .... children of eco was one of two of blackdrag roses stories i couldnt get into ... i read the first few chapters it wasn't bad i just couldnt get into it. But ive read alot of his other stories.

Is there a specific timeline for the stories in this series?

It starts with Sunset's Adventure in Skyrim, then the rest of the U13 stories taking place roughly concurrent with one another after that finishes (Although Starlight of Sonata ends first, and establishes a lot of the background lore for the series, so I'd recommend starting there) until the end of Heart of a Hero, then this story.

Umm...100 taks is 48 minutes, but 5 taks is 40 hours?

9424620 I just now noticed the error myself. It's supposed to be 100 tacks is equal to 48 minutes, while 5 tics equal 40 hours. I'll fix it.

Well this just got far more complicated. Now everyone Universe must complete because one weak fighter couldn't keep his ego in check and Goku keeps his promises.

Whats funny is the four universes that didnt have to participate are joined universes ... dont get me wrong their mortal levels are still 7 individually and over. I dont know if its because they have rivals their trying to one up ... but 1 and 12 ... and 5 and 8 being joined universes has a effect. If zeno wanted to make more universes he could just merge pre existing universes into one universe. Like 13 and 7 to get them over 7. It opens a new spot to make a universe. Mortal level was affected alot based on number of advanced civilizations... sunset was right to curse out the moons. Each moon is the equivalent of one advanced civilization destroyed. They might've had enough points otherwise. Plus between freeza wiping out civilizations to get their planets and ....brolly ... he did destroy south? Universe. Universe 7 wouldve been higher.

I am a little worried as I can't really see how some of the other adventures that some of the characters went on could even hope to compete against the dragonball universe. I haven't actually read the other stories yet but just from perspective, none of the other universes they went to should be able to compete with characters from DBZ. Maybe they could compete in the early Friezza series but not in the Dragonball Super timeline, I'm a little worried that our favorite ponies won't actually be able to compete well.

Again I haven't finished reading the other stories, so I don't actually know how powerful the others are. I'm just saying that World of Warcraft, Jak and Daxter, Sly Cooper and maybe the Dark Souls universes don't seem to measure up to Dragon ball Super standards. Especially since the use of conventional weapons aren't allowed in the tournament. Master Roshi almost got called out for using the evil sealing Spirit wave...Or whatever it is called.... I can't remember.

I'm not worried about Applejack or Rainbow Dash. Also Pinkie Pie would probably do okay with even just a little bit of a boost from her actual canon self. But Rarity and the other worlds, I feel would have problems.

But eh I'm sure if I catch up to the stories, I won't be too worried afterwards. Quick question though, Are the others ever in any of the other stories? Like is Pinkie Pie mentioned in any story other than the Jak and Daxter one? Or is Rarity mention outside of her Dark Souls adventure?

I consider rarity a glass cannon .... in my opinion ... her power is atleast equivalent to ... hymn ... someone from universe 7 ... gohan .... but her physical body ... tien .... her abilities that help her dodge will be super important in my opinion... get those wrenches ready....she needs to go into the hyperbolic time chamber with sombra ... learn quick step and kido spells and more darkness attacks and defense ... plus learn how to use her inner power to make her reitsu strengthen her body to take less damage. Id consider her equal to gohan body wise then.... since she has alot of power to draw from. Just my opinion. Hymn ... as for the rest i made a top 10 list earlier rd/aj/sombra/chrsalys/rarity/lyra/trixie/was told tireks not an option so discord hes technically like toppa an extremely powerful being in the universe and is not a kai or GoDestruction... pinkie and diane?... i forgot about them when i was thinking of candidates first list.

So. Our Universe 13 Roster is: Sombra, Rainbow, Applejack, Chrysalis, the Dazzlings, Rarity, Pinkie, and Trixie.


I like the idea of teaming up with universe 7. Still I wonder if they couldn't request Zeno that they merge with 6 and/or 7 to save them? As long as the fallen warriors from the other universes don't get put back in the ring. They have a sound plan now I wonder if Twilight and Sunset will be brought into each groups little discussions or will they be excluded?

Itll definitely be a more interesting set of fights when you add in another 10 fighters some of the battles the z fighters struggled with will go way differently like toppa vs. Vegita you just know rainbows gonna wanna piece of that candidate vs. candidate.

I really want to see Sombra meet up Master Roshi, I can imagine while master Roshi uses mafuba Sombra could combine his shadow powers to create a shadow vessel and being a skill it would be allowed on the tornement. XD

One thing she had discovered about her Dark Magic abilities was that if she let her instincts take over she could dodge any of her opponent's attacks quite easily, during her previous adventure anyway, but right now that was the only power that she had, not counting the magic from Drangelic, that could help her against her training partner.

...Isn't placing complete trust your instincts in order to dodge attacks the first half of using Ultra Instinct?

"What I mean is that the three of you will be facing me, Pinkamena, and Red at the same time," Pinkie stated, to which the three of them took up their own individual battle stances, as each of them, despite being the same being, had their own style of fighting and they worked in perfect harmony with each other, though if she really wanted to test the three Sirens she could always summon the other three Eco powers to their battle.

So in reality Pinkie is a team of 6 fighters that work in perfect harmony with each other. Zen-oh save whatever soul forces her to manifest all of them at once.

It was an interesting idea, since the only users of the item had channeled the power for different ends, though while Urahara had used it to free some Shinigami and turn them into Visored, to prevent them from turning into Hollows and killing more Shinigami, Aizen had used it to try and take over the Soul King's palace, even though he was stopped before he could make the key to get there. Urahara had only used it the one time, before sealing it away and trying to forget about it, while Aizen had subjugated the Hogyoku and forced it to serve him, in a manner of speaking, but hearing that Sombra wanted to understand the orb told her that he was trying something different, and she suspected that it would bare good results for him and everyone else.

Hmm... this could lead to some interesting benefits. The Hogyoku must have some degree of intelligence, based on what we've seen, so working with it, rather than making it work for you, as Aizen did, opens a lot of doors in terms of story and power.

Sombra thought about it for a moment, as to most it would seem impossible to do two things at the same time, but the reality of the situation was that he was someone that generally did impossible things.

To quote He-Man, "Let's go do something normally perceived as impossible."

" You are not PREPARED! " Lyra shouted, using a line that her mentor, Illidan Stormrage, would have used against his enemies in the past, one that inspired fear in the lesser foes he had come across, before she charged forward with her energies dancing around her weapons.

... gods, I love that line.

"What I mean is that the three of you will be facing me, Pinkamena, and Red at the same time," Pinkie stated,

I forget, does this duplication technique cut down her power? It usually does in Dragon Ball, but Pinkie Pie breaks numerous rules already, and, like she said, her Eco powers allow her to do things unusual even for Displaced. I think I remember her doing this once back in her story, and it didn't cut down on her power, but I'd like to be sure.

, though Vados told me that Quitela thinks Universe 13 is 'weak and is therefore not even worth worrying about in the slightest', which convinced the others to go along with not inviting you to the meetings."


"Fighting side by side with Rainbow and Applejack... just like old times." Vegeta said, to which he smiled as he took in that information, as he remembered the last time they had actually seen the girls fight and knew that they were incredibly powerful, especially if they used either of their fusion forms, meaning it was good to have them on their side, "Alright, I'm officially joining the Universe 7 team as one of the warriors... there's no way I'm going to miss reuniting with our friends and saving the universes with them."

This would be a trip down memory lane for Rainbow, AJ, and the Universe 7 team.

Now I want most of Quitela’s forces taken out by Universe 13, his reaction when that happens would be priceless. This makes me think that it hasn't been passed around much about how Universe 13 has a candidate for God of Distruction and an apprentice Kiaoshin. I think when those two facts are made public I think it will be too late for much of the other universes as they will hopefully vastly outnumbered.

dont think its so special that Rainbow is an apprentice Hakaioshin, or that Universe Thirteen is hiding that fact...as Universe Eleven has their own similar hidden ace...


From what I understand Toppo was known about. Jiren on the other hand was secret. What I was referencing was that I found it odd that two very important positions have possible future candidates in a single universe and one is being filled by someone outside the normal route. Still the little rat needs to be dropped down several pegs and Universe 13 would be the perfect candidate.

from what i understand (though im certainly no DBS expert) nobody knew about Tops potential until it was unveiled, at least, nobody outside of U11

Its funny the way raritys power relies on instinct to help her defend... i pictured rarity going ultra instinct. Technically considering universe 13 just got their GoDestruction and is allready recieving 5.8? Or was it 5.9 ... well anyway .. they'd be more welcoming... they believed a snivelling rat who they know is manipulative. Champa might not like beerus but by now he knows beerus wont backstab him and if the ponies appeal to .... the cutey universe run by the female egyptian GoDestruction ... too lazy to look up the exact number...they might get a 4 vs. 5 alliance going... technically 4 vs. 4 since 11 does its own thing since no other universes justice is upto its standards. If i recall liquor and the female egyptian GoDestruction liked universe 13.

"Really?" Sombra asked, to which he recalled what he had seen of her sex months ago

to which he recalled what he had seen of her sex

Either Sombra and Rarity have been doing some "naughty" stuff of that was a misspelling.:rainbowlaugh:


I forget, does this duplication technique cut down her power? It usually does in Dragon Ball, but Pinkie Pie breaks numerous rules already, and, like she said, her Eco powers allow her to do things unusual even for Displaced. I think I remember her doing this once back in her story, and it didn't cut down on her power, but I'd like to be sure.

Pinkie actually isn't using the duplication technique from Dragon Ball. She actually gained a power from becoming an Eco Sage that allows her to manifest her inner darkness, aka Pinkamena, in a physical form created from Dark Eco. I'm assuming she learned to do that for each of the other Eco types, and that each of the other versions of herself will have their own personality.

The plot continues and the stupidity of the other universes thickens.

That stupid yellow rat. I hope he gets demoted at least, at the end of the tournament and Rainbow evaluated to his position. He needs some humble pie fast, that would make it interesting if his universe was the first one to get erased.

"Son Goku, you might want to tell Whis about this," Frieza said, though at the same time he glanced at the orb that was in his hand, as it might be able to tell them about who sent the assassins after them, just in case the would-be assassins didn't have anything to communicate with their employer, "it seems that the second group of assassins are walking into a deathtrap."

Yeah, that sounds about right.

Even the Crusaders got in on the action, as Scootaloo flew around her opponents and kicked them into each other before they even knew what hit them, Sweetie Belle set some of their clothes on fire before knocking them out, and also remembered to extinguish the fire when she was done, while Apple Bloom and Gale Wind beat their foes into the ground, showing just how strong the residents of Universe 13 were, especially the youngest Equestrians.

Gods, I know they're super powered, and Gale Wind in particular was made with, among others, Applejack and Rainbow Dash's DNA, but when children are enough to take out your assassins, you might as well just give up.

"You fool, trying to destroy a God of Destruction with Energy of Destruction," Sunset stated, where her aura flared for a moment and the orb shattered like it was nothing, shocking the leader and his minions in the process, before she flashed behind him and kicked him into Yoruichi's waiting arms, only to sigh as the rest of the assassins gave up.

... that's it, I give up. I'd call Sidra and Ro idiots, but that would be an insult to actual idiots.

"Here, keep these safe." Sombra said, to which he pulled both of his scabbards from their belts and handed them over to Sunset, who carefully handled both of his Zanpakuto while nodding her head, because to be fair to the other teams he was purposely keeping his power sealed, even though the Hogyoku was still floating where his Hollow hole was located.

It's disappointing, but fair enough. Sombra could steamroll the vast majority of the other Universes' fighters with his full power. Most likely everyone but Jiren if it's his full power + Hogyoku.

At the same time this was the perfect opportunity for Vegeta and Rainbow to assist them, as in the four of them versus the entirety of Universe 9, but for now they just had to be patient and see what their foes had in mind, so they didn't walk into a trap and get eliminated from the tournament.

Goku and Vegeta weren't best friends who train together frequently and are a nigh-unbeatable tag-team in canon. However in this canon they are. Imagine just how much more effective those two will be against Universe 9's gang-up in this story because of that. I'm so sorry for your loss, Sidra.

I'm surprised sombra isn't using shadow portals to suck the weak people up and spit them out ... out of the ring. Two thirds of the fighters were garbage in my opinion ... even if it's one at a time when the person coming back is screaming in terror ... it'd put the fear of sombra in them. Get it fear of god ... sombra ... whatever. Hymnnnn ..... or instead of a copy shadow he makes a shadow tentacle monster attacking enemy females .... thatd have them jumping off the stage on their own ... muhahaha.

At the same time Sombra and the others also separated from each other, where Rainbow and Applejack went in the same direction, the Dazzlings stayed together, and the others made sure that they were close to their allies while also keeping an eye on their enemies.

This may or may not be true, but my headcanon is that, while the Dazzlings might be the weakest of the U13 team here individually, it's their ability to fight together as sisters that makes them dangerous.

Also, it's good to see that that the U7 and U13 teams are already working together so well, as evident by Rarity and Android 18.

Here's a major reason Sombra isn't just using his full power from the get go to narrow the field down to just U7, U13, Jiren, and possibly Toppo: Because the main spectator is a somewhat childish God-king of all creation who would have no regrets or qualms about erasing an entire Universe for making the tournament not-entertaining. And it's both his present and future self from an alternate timeline that are spectating.

We both know the author wont use a insta win power otherwise everyones would just be telekinesised right of the stage by sombra he's still a unicornish hollow god.... it's seriously a overlooked power in alot of stories..... even raritys weak tk can be used to trip up a opponent or hit them in the back of the head with a rock or pull hair .... bald people aplenty never mind lol...to distract them and give a opening. But theirs only one individual probably going into the shadow plane for all time. Frost. When frost is in the stands and attacks freeza .... oh baby ...I hope instead of zeno erasing him the author lets sombra puts fear into everyone as an example by having him sucked into the shadow plane ... maybe make the portal transparent just long enough for everyone to see him swarmed by shadow beasts and sucked away from the portal into darkness. Muhahahaha

Sombra can't activate those shadow powers without first using his Resureccion. Which requires him to be holding his Arrancar Zanpakuto. Which is a weapon, and thus banned from being used. The only powers Sombra has currently are his base powers and whatever boosts the Hogyoko gives him.

And telekinesis isn't as broken as you think. Pretty sure it not only gets exponentially more draining with each thing it's lifting, but also gets more difficult if the individual is struggling.

Depends on the tk version used ... some stories magic breaks physics .... in other stories magic doesnt do squat to individuals who dont have magic. Twilight as a unicorn could lift a few ton bear. It took two alicorns to stop sombra the first time as an umbrum/unicorn ... so his power now is GoDestruction initiate tier ...As for breaking out of why does everyone think you gotta pin arms and legs to grab someone .... sore subject had this discussion before .... alicorn vs. wolverine ....his strength and endurance would break a tk hold eventually when the alicorn tires from the pin....or that tk fields are physical and can be grabbed cut etc it's energy.... you grab them around the chest so they don't use their arms to flex break ....pinning arms and legs is asking for you to use more energy to pin them .. then lift them up so they have no inertia from grabbing or kicking something.... if their energy is weaker then yours bamn throw them out if they powerup energy wise and are stronger they break out. They could use beams as propulsion inertia or to attack but after their grabbed you don't need line of sight. Like when twilight put the bear back in its cave in the middle of nowhere in the forest. Theirs maybe 7 fighters not on teams 7 and 11 who could beat sombra in a test of energy. But you are right he would probably be out of energy quickly without his swords. But as for needing his swords to do the spell... I think he was in base form for the two girls and one of the espada granz? the science one he sent them into the shadow plane and let them out. So I think nnoitra and aizen were the only times he ... suited up as it were .... because nnoitra hurt chad and he was angry.

He was only able to send the scientist Arrancar to the Shadowlands because he was in his Resurreccion.

Will you give Rainbow and Applejack the power of Ultra Instinct?

Well that went about as expected. I wonder if Ro might get demoted or completely replaced by another because he apparently sucks at his job plus he is just that incompetent.


I doubt it. Applejack and Rainbow Dash have already gained a unique power up and that should suffice as nobody else in the tournament has gotten as far with it as them.

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