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Sombra, the dreaded King of Darkness, was defeated and his body shattered, but his dark soul survived the return of the Crystal Empire and went into hiding. Some time later it found a path between worlds, a mirror portal, and arrived in a place called Hueco Mundo, where it gained a new body to start a new life. In the process Sombra loses his memories and becomes a shell of his former self, searching for something that he knows that he lost while having no idea where to find what he was missing.

Along the way he somehow finds his way to Karakura Town, into the hands of Kisuke Urahara, and learns more about his new body than he could have learned on his own, before coming into contact with Ichigo Kurosaki and his small group of friends. From there he starts an epic journey to help them save another friend from a terrible fate, fight the people that were in their way, and face an evil that was hiding in plain sight at the same time... along with finding out what happened to his missing memories.

(Bleach/ MLP Crossover)
(Part of the Universe 13 story series, though reading the other stories is not required)
(Also, the story will not include the Fullbring or the Thousand Year War Arcs)

Chapters (75)
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Comments ( 438 )

This is good. I can't wait for more.

So that was how Sombra got here. It is a bit different then what has been previously described, as he was about to die, not Discord chucking him through because he was threatening Fluttershy. Still let's see how long it will take him to embrace friendship as I think the lesson will take a bit to take hold.

Given how he is starting from almost square 1? I give it until the end of the first arc before the lesson sets in.

nice, love the series and can't wait to see what happens. also, when in bleach do we start?

8977283 In terms of the story, Sombra arrived a month before Rukia meets Ichigo.

Nice. This is gonna be cool.

So cool. We need to see that best Filler Side Character ever. Don Kanonji!

I am thoroughly enjoying this fic, i must say. It's interesting how this is set before Ichigo even gets his soul reaper powers, and that Sombra will likely be working with Ichigo in the future. The fact that Sombra in an arrancar will just add so much more the story. I can't wait to see what happens next!

Wait you are shiping Sombra with Yoruichi, you sir have my in interest

Is that sword Sombra's Zanpakuto?

8997686 No, Sombra's Arrancar Zanpakuto, the center of his true power, was lost when he landed in Hueco Mundo and had everything stripped from him, meaning it's still inside the Hollow world at the moment. The weapon is the common Asauchi that the more common Shinigami carry, which Kisuke and Yoruichi found abandoned in the World of the Living, even though it's previous owner was one of the two Shinigami killed by the Shrieker Hollow, who we'll meet later on.


This is really good, and I love the hell out of it. Please don't give up on this story.

Ooooo!! This is getting better and better!

yoruichi/sombra possible ship? any1 else consider that a possibility?

This story is seriously underrated.

Yessss onward! To the meat of the story!


AMAZING!!! I love this story!

"Right." Rukia said, to which she walked forward the moment Ichigo was gone, as it was time for her to get back to the class that she had gotten herself into to keep up appearances, before she glanced back at Sombra, "You know, you would have been a great Shinigami if you had been sent to Soul Society, instead of Hueco Mundo... but, well, I'm happy that you are on our side."

*raises finger and opens mouth to comment*
*closes mouth and lowers finger*
*waits a few moments to process*
HOW DOES SHE KNOW HE WAS "SENT" TO HUECO MUNDO?! SOMBRA doesn't even know he was sent there!

9018535 What Rukia is referring to is that Sombra's soul wasn't 'purified' and was consumed by the Hollows, transforming him into one, and eventually leading him to break his mask and become an Arrancar... because she, like everyone else that knows about the Arrancars, believes that he was once a Human soul that wasn't collected by a Shinigami, became a Hollow that feasted on a number of souls, and transformed into his current state, even if that thought process is wrong in this regard.

Oh. that makes more sense than what I was thinking.

Newcomer here.
First, I feel like I owe you a preemptive apology. I read the description and thought, "There's no way that kind of premise will work. This story is gonna bomb."
One week later, I see it has garnered lots of positive responses. And I belatedly realize that my judging was almost verbatim how I reacted to the idea of Friendship is Magic in the first place.
Heh. Quite the humble pie to choke on, eh?

Brutally Honest Critique Incoming:
Hmm... now that I have read the beginning, there are a few things that bug me a little.
I can't help but feel that, in some areas, you're revealing too much too early. Over-exposition in a prologue can cause some people to become disinterested.
Hat'n'clogs doesn't seem like the kind of guy to show that much of his hand to someone he just met, either.
Also, I wonder if this entire story will be just focussing on Sombra, or if the thought processes of others will be revealed.
That said, I've read and watched great stories that started off cringier than this, and once the story picked up, it turned out quite enjoyable.
I'll give you the courtesy of the benefit of a doubt and continue reading.

Honestly, you really missed an opportunity here.
Sora could have removed his mask and become a natural born Arrancar, giving orihime her brother back and giving Sombra a bit more knowledge to work off of.

9024862 You know, the idea to turn Sora into an Arrancar never crossed my mind when I wrote this chapter. Though you're right, it would have given Sombra some knowledge to work off of.

It's a small thing in Bleach that never left me, since it's quite clear that in Canon if Sora had not stabbed himself he was already part way through the the natural process of an Arrancar transformation.

Plus, a little more deviation in these stories would be nice, sometimes it just feels like they're along for the ride rather than a big change. Take a leaf out of Nomuras book, throw a wrench into the gears like the kingdom hearts crew


Regardless of any missed opportunities, this story is still awesome. I also love the newest chapter.

Alright, I've seen much improvement since the "pilot" chapter you wrote.
You missed a word near the beginning of the chapter, though.
You wrote "bummed" when I think you meant "bumped".
That said, you initially had my interest, but now you have my attention.
As for the subject of story variation, always look for opportunities to use them, but don't worry if you don't see them immediately.

It's not too late to mix things up and edit it so Sora becomes an Arrancar. Just have someone or something show up unexpectedly and tell Sora to instead remove his mask, something special will happen that'll allow him to stay in control of the Hollow instead of the other way around permanently, and be with Orihime to protect her better. If everyone else gets confused by this and question who they are or whatever, you can easily make that up as you go along with. After all you are the one who got Frieza to reform, got Beerus to mellow out, and also created an OC to help them all during the Cell Saga in Gale Wind. You could do something unique and similar to explain things.

You could have it placed right before he's about to stab himself having closed his eyes. Have the process and introduction if needed play out and the guy or thing disappear to show up again later in the story for anything else important you come up with.

The paragraphs after that part can be modified to fit the new addition and have a few more things on Sombra's mind as he and everyone leave for the night so you don't have to scrap any of what you wrote at the end then since you would've changed only a few things to fit in with this new scenario. One minor thing that would fit would be instead of the Hollow being purified as we know it, it's the Hollow's feralness that's been purified, Sora is now basically the Ghost Rider, I'm gonna OWN this curse and all basically. Everything else that was written after the Hollow purification part stays the same as there's nothing that needs changing then to fit since it works with either scenario as far as leaving actions and thoughts go.

Excellent work as usual, love the new direction and how it was executed!

Ahhh, Chad/Sado. It really has been too long since I've seen the show, but I remember him very well.
A part of me can't help but think you missed a gag when that hollow was sent to hell, though.
Ah well, I'll share anyway. Maybe I'll get a smirk.
Ichigo and Sombra: GO TO HELL!
*door to Hell appears*
Ichigo: Ack! What is that?!
Rukia: *deadpan* What did you expect? You were quite clear when you told him where to go.


I freaking love this!

Trying to remember but did they ever succeed in helping Yuichi find his mother much less his father while they were in the Rukon District was it called in the series? If not this would be the perfect time someone finally makes sure he does when we get to that point. Sombra, Sora, Chad and the others that were dealing with that minor subplot, I can see them succeeding now if they have a picture to go by.

Only a question. When byakuya will come to the human world to take rukya for the trial will he recognize Sombra as an arrancar? If so would he see him as a vasto Lorde arrancar?

9038698 Yes, Byakuya will definitely recognize Sombra as an Arrancar when they cross paths... and yes, I believe he'd see him as the highest ranking type of Arrancar, the Vasto Lorde.

Then he will be in BIG trouble. I don't think he can already battle a captain even less if he is without his zanpaukto and without the ressurecion. Also Ichigo was just defeated by byakuya but if he see him as a vasto Lorde he would try to kill him immediately

9039012 Very true. Sombra, without his Zanpakuto, would probably be at the level of the weakest Adjuchas level Arrancar, and that's pushing it. Hell, Byakuya might decide to screw the rules and break his Gentei Rein, the limiter that and Renji were forced to wear when they went after Rukia, if he felt that Sombra was a threat to their mission.

If he does.... Ho boy I hope Yoruichi will help otherwise he is screwed like a lot. But I don't think he will, Kisuke didn't attack him immediately because of his low reiatsu and the absence of malevolence so byakuya could only beat him to a pull without killing him or just ignore him. I wonder what will be the reaction of Aizen though... Will he try to take Sombra to the hueco mindo too? Seeing a possible ally in him? That will be interesting to see.

9039036 Well, we have a ways to go before we get to see Aizen... and I already have something in mind for when that part of the story comes along.

Sombra redemption stories are best stories

And I can't wait to see it! Keep it up!:twilightsmile:

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