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This story is a sequel to InFamous: The Unusual Conduits

Following the events of the Tournament of Power the Dazzlings learn that things aren't fine on the world they had been sent to, despite everything they and Cole did for the people, and swear to return so they can figure out what happened after the battle with the Beast. What they discover is that things haven't gone as they thought it would, that Conduits are either being rounded up by a government organization or straight up killed because of what they were. Upon learning of a legally authorized Conduit rounding up her own kind, and assaulting people who get in her way, the sisters set out on a mission to reveal the truth and set things right, all while helping a young Conduit find his place in life.

(MLP/InFamous: Second Son Crossover)
(Part of the Universe 13 story series, is recommended to have read the prequel before this one)

Chapters (18)

Rain Shine, upon discovering that Autumn Blaze has gone missing, goes out in search of the missing Kirin, only to go missing herself. She then finds herself in an unfamiliar world, in an unfamiliar body, in a city that is visited by adventurers and merchants while being hounded by the forces of darkness. She joins a group of three heroes in their quest to track down the thieves who attacked each of them upon entering Baldur's Gate, recover their stolen possessions, and right the wrongs of the city along the way... all while uncovering a dark plot that's bigger than they could have imagined.

(Baldur's Gate, Dark Alliance/MLP Crossover)
(Part of the Demon War story series, but reading the others isn't required)
(Kirin tag because Rain Shine doesn't have one)

Chapters (37)

Tirek, after being defeated by Twilight Sparkle and her friends, finds himself in a world that is different from the one he is used to, trapped in a body that is unfamiliar to him, and discovers that there are all sorts of powerful beings seeking to carve their own desires out of the world around them. As one of the 'Tarnished' he must rise to the occasion and overcome the challenges that stand in his way, to become the 'Elden Lord', or perish and allow his name to be forgotten.

(Elden Ring/MLP Crossover)
(Standalone story, not tied to an existing series)

Chapters (32)

Frieza, during his conquest of another world, finds a young girl who seems to know nothing about herself or the universe they live in, save for her name. After some thought he decides to adopt her and raise her as part of his family, both to stick it to his brother and to have a far more loyal soldier for the future. While doing that he must be wary of the surviving Saiyans that are part of his forces, all while searching for a way to secure his legacy and make him the master of the entire universe.

Twilight Sparkle will have to deal with her father's enemies, potential traitors, and anything else the universe decides to throw at them as she tries to learn more about herself and where she came from.

(Dragon Ball Z and Super/MLP Crossover)
(Part of the Demon War series, but reading the others isn't required).

Chapters (79)

Sunset Shimmer's plan was simple: steal the Element of Magic, return to the Mirror World, and use it to gain the power to dominate everyone around her so she could return to Equus and conquer it... except it failed and blew up in her face. Thanks to those who opposed her she ends up in an odd world called Azeroth, in an area that is under attack by someone called the Lich King, and is forcefully risen as one of his Death Knights, undead beings of great and terrible power. She must survive the great and terrible actions that he forces her and the others of her kind to inflict upon the world, either to break herself free or turn the tables... or die in the process.

(Wow/MLP Crossover. Starts in the Wrath of the Lich King expansion)
(Standalone story, not tied to a series)

Chapters (40)

Pinkie Pie, seeking a new adventure after sometime of peace in Ponyville, ends up bumping into Octavia and the two, against all odds, are sent to a blocky and strange world that doesn't work in the way they're used to, as the sun and moon move on their own and monsters want to hurt them. The pair end up bumping into a pair of odd creatures, who call themselves Steve and Alex and are more than willing to teach them about this world, not to mention everything they need to know to survive. Together the four of them must face the dangers of this world, master crafting techniques, explore other dimensions, and face whatever challenges are thrown at them, all while seeking a way for Pinkie and Octavia to head home.

(MLP/Minecraft Crossover. Not part of the Demon War story series)

Mod List:
Tinker's Construct + Construct's Armory
Lost Cities + Scape and Run Parasites
Chickens + Hatchery + More Chickens
Vault Hunters
Improvable Skills 3

Chapters (52)

Pinkamena was minding her own business inside Pinkie Pie's mind, only speaking whenever her other side wanted to chat or if something interesting happened, before she was ripped out of the life she was used to living and was dropped in an entirely new world, with a body of her own no less. Due to some injuries sustained in her fall she has a fateful encounter with someone who she later learns goes by the name 'Muzan', an event that changes her life once again and sends her on a quest to save this world in her own way, all while seeking to find the figure that had changed her life and learn more about him.

(Kimetsu no Yaiba (Demon Slayer)/MLP Crossover)
(Part of the Demon War story series, but reading the others isn't required)

Chapters (45)

Grogar, the Father of Monsters, manages to escape from his prison, but instead of returning to Equestria, or any part of Equus for that matter, he finds himself in a strange new world, aboard a large boat that is in the middle of a voyage to a new land, and with a new body. However, he finds that something is preventing him from leaving this world and returning to the one he came from, forcing him to band together with a lone Handler that has no A-Lister Hunter to team up with and a lone Palico that has no partner, in order to survive in this new world and learn about it. From there he will have to learn about the dangers of the New World, adapt to the monsters that call it home, and find out why the massive beast known as Zorah Magdaros headed to the large island in the first place, along with any secrets that might be waiting for him and his new allies.

(Monster Hunter World/MLP Crossover)
(Part of the Demon War story series, though reading the other stories is not required)

Chapters (33)

Starswirl and Autumn Blaze, both seeking adventure and understanding, find themselves transported to Veldin, a planet located in a remote corner of the Solana Galaxy, as infants, with no memories at all, and happen to arrive at the same time that Ratchet crash lands into the planet. Together the three siblings grow and experience all sorts of things during their time on their home world, but eventually it grows boring and they set their sight on the stars, imagining what sort of adventures would await them once they left Veldin behind and started to explore their galaxy... unaware that fate was going to bring all of them into contact with someone who would set their lives in motion and allow them to truly discover their places in their vast universe.

(Ratchet and Clank/MLP Crossover)
(Part of the Demon War series, but doesn't require reading the others)

Ratchet and Clank: Complete
Going Commando: Complete
Up Your Arsenal: Complete
Deadlocked: Complete
Size Matters: Complete
Tools of Destruction: Complete
A Crack in Time: Complete
All 4 One: Complete
Into the Nexus: Complete
Rift Apart: Complete

Chapters (133)

Amaryllis, an infiltrator for Chrysalis' hive, searches Canterlot for her missing queen, but during her nightly visit to the city she is forced to flee and heads into the Everfree Forest, where she finds an unusual cave, one that ends up changing her fate and knocks her out in process. When she wakes up she finds herself in an unknown world, in a snowy land that rests at the northern end of the continent, in a body that isn't what she's used to having. From there she must relearn the skills of an infiltrator, discover how the people of this new world interact with each other, and either figure out how to get back to her home world, or get used to living in her new environment and killing people to make some gold.

(Skyrim/MLP Crossover)
(Part of the Demon War story series, but reading the others isn't required)
(Warning: involves Daedric Prince induced cow transformations and unusual theories to explain lore)

Chapters (89)