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Spike and Ember are transported to the Artisans homeworld as infants, without any memories at all, and arrive in time for Spyro's egg to hatch, leaving Nestor and the other Dragon Leaders with two purple dragons and a blue dragon, instead of just a single purple dragon. They decide to take it as a sign of great things to come and keep the trio together, letting the three dragons grow up as siblings while they teach them the value of teamwork and what it means to be a dragon, all while preparing them for whatever the future has in store for them.

(Spyro Reignited/MLP Crossover)
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This story is a sequel to Dragon Ball Z: Daughters of Destruction

Sunset Shimmer thought it was over when the last of the displaced ponies returned to Equus and resumed their normal lives, even though she was the God of Destruction for their universe, the newly official Universe 13. What she wasn't expecting, however, was for the Grand Priest to call all the Gods of Destruction, their Angels, and the thirteen Kaioshin to Zeno's palace for an announcement that would change the face of the thirteen universes. There they discover that multiple universes would be required to take part in the Tournament of Power, where teams of ten from the chosen universes would be all that stood between that universe surviving or being erased from existence.

Even as the displaced ponies gather together for one last adventure, to save their universe in case they were called to battle once more, they know they must be careful, as the other universes weren't to be underestimated... and there was no telling just how powerful the fighters from the other universes would be.

(Dragon Ball Super/ MLP Crossover)
(Finale of the Universe 13 story series.)

Chapters (40)

Sombra, the dreaded King of Darkness, was defeated and his body shattered, but his dark soul survived the return of the Crystal Empire and went into hiding. Some time later it found a path between worlds, a mirror portal, and arrived in a place called Hueco Mundo, where it gained a new body to start a new life. In the process Sombra loses his memories and becomes a shell of his former self, searching for something that he knows that he lost while having no idea where to find what he was missing.

Along the way he somehow finds his way to Karakura Town, into the hands of Kisuke Urahara, and learns more about his new body than he could have learned on his own, before coming into contact with Ichigo Kurosaki and his small group of friends. From there he starts an epic journey to help them save another friend from a terrible fate, fight the people that were in their way, and face an evil that was hiding in plain sight at the same time... along with finding out what happened to his missing memories.

(Bleach/ MLP Crossover)
(Part of the Universe 13 story series, though reading the other stories is not required)
(Also, the story will not include the Fullbring or the Thousand Year War Arcs)

Chapters (75)

A month after Sunset Shimmer entered the portal that's located in the base of the Wondercolt statue, and disappeared without a trace, Adagio and her sisters decide that its time to investigate what really happened and see where the missing girl went. When they enter the portal themselves, however, they are brought to what appears to be another world without magic, until an explosion of some kind knocks them onto their backs and awakens something new inside them. Despite being wounded they help a survivor of the explosion to his feet and help him find his way back to his friends, while witnessing the power that woke up inside him.

When Cole MacGrath awakens from his ordeal he and the Dazzlings begin training with their new powers, while the Dazzlings try to control their excitement about having some sort of magical nature again, even if their new powers are different than their old ones. Once a few days pass the four of them venture out into the decaying city, determined to stop the Reapers and to find a way to save the city... while at the same time the Dazzlings learn what it means to truly be heroes.

(InFamous/ MLP Crossover)
(Part of the Universe 13 story series, though reading the other stories is not required)

Chapters (50)

After losing both his mother and his father, due to a group of villains attacking his home, a young Sly Cooper is sent to a nearby orphanage with his family's cane in hand. There he finds Murray, Bentley, Gilda, and Derpy Hooves, the four people that he would eventually come to call family one day. Together they practice their individual talents and pull off some successful heists, all while searching for clues as to the whereabouts of the Fiendish Five, the people that took out Sly's parents... as well as recover the pages of the Thievius Raccoonus.

All of them must deal with the tests and challenges that come with being in a gang of thieves, especially when some tests will push them to their breaking points.

(Sly Cooper/ MLP crossover)
(Part of the Universe 13 story series, though reading the other stories is not required)

Chapters (85)

Chrysalis has heard rumors of a crystal mirror having the power to take ponies to other worlds, where they gain powers that put them on par with the likes of Princess Celestia or even the Spirit of Disharmony himself. She wishes to use the mirror for her own ends, so she can gain the power to finally have her revenge on the ponies that have taken everything from her and maybe regain her empire in the process. The world she finds, however, is the dark interior of a ship that is being overrun by dead creatures that will stop at nothing to kill her and the repair crew that came to fix the ship.

She must quickly get used to her new body while fighting the hordes of the dead, come to terms with all of the horrible decisions she has made over the years, and maybe see the light that the ponies talk about... provided that she, and her new companions, don't get killed first.

(Dead Space/ MLP Crossover)
(Part of the Universe 13 story series, though reading the other stories is not required)

Chapters (56)

Discord has been telling Rarity about the various adventures that her friends are supposed to be going on, in 'other worlds' no less, though she politely listens to them so she doesn't hurt Discord's feelings. She never once believed that he was telling the truth, not with how outlandish some of his tales had been, but her mind changes when Sunset Shimmer and Starlight Glimmer return from their own adventure with powers beyond anything she had ever heard of before. Before long she decides to investigate the mirror herself, where she steps into an unfamiliar world that is unlike anything she has seen before... only it is a world that terrifies her.

Rarity awakens in a place called 'Things Betwixt', a limbo between worlds, where she discovers that she's in an unfamiliar body and in an unfamiliar world with a different set of rules than what she is used to. Along the way she discovers that she has been cursed in some manner, making her one of the cursed undead that roam the new world she has discovered, and that there might be some small hope of reversing her condition. She also discovers an companion who wishes the same thing and decides that, by working together, the two of them can free themselves from their curse and return to their normal lives.

She and her companion must survive the dangers of the world she has found herself in, complete the most insane quest she has ever heard of, and hopefully cure themselves of their curse... and hopefully she can find a way back home once their quest is over.

(Dark Souls 2/MLP Crossover)
(Part of the Universe 13 story series, though reading the other stories is not required)

Chapters (62)

Jak never found it odd that he and his sister Pinkie were different from everyone in their village, despite the fact that their friend Daxter pointed it out from time to time. Nor did to the trio find it odd that Jak and Pinkie were raised by Samos the Sage, along with his daughter Keira. Jak never questioned how odd their life was, even when he and Pinkie slowly developed the skills necessary to protect themselves from any dangers the world might throw at them.

Pinkie, on the other hand, knows that there are secrets hidden deep in their past... secrets that will change how she and her brother look at the world around them, while fighting to protect it from those that would seek to do it harm.

(Jak and Daxter crossover)
(Part of the Universe 13 story series, though reading the other stories is not required)

Chapters (77)

Beerus and his attendant Whis find two young girls who don't know anything about themselves, save for their names. They quickly discover that the two girls aren't from their universe and, with the help of some of their 'friends', raise them with the intention of sending them back to their own universe one day. Until that day comes the two girls are stuck with Beerus, Whis, and their friends.

Applejack and Rainbow Dash will have to help save the universe from evil tyrants, genetic monsters, and a creature that should have been forgotten... while fighting along side some of the universe's greatest heroes.

(Dragonball Z/ MLP crossover)
(Part of the Universe 13 story series, though reading the other stories is not required)

Chapters (143)

Lyra passes out on her way home one night, but when she wakes up she finds herself in a strange realm of fire, ash, and creatures that she could only refer to as demons. Before she meets what she assumes is her end, she is saved by a group of bipedal creatures that take her to their master, someone named Illidan Stormrage. There she learns what the bipedal creatures are preparing for and is offered a choice; either join them or return to her home.

The problem, she discovers, is that there is another displaced pony wandering the land of Azeroth; so she has to choose between a rock and a hard place. She only hopes that she doesn't regret her choice after making it.

(World of Warcraft; Legion crossover with MLP)
(Part of the Universe 13 story series, though reading the other stories is not required)

Chapters (120)
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