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After losing both his mother and his father, due to a group of villains attacking his home, a young Sly Cooper is sent to a nearby orphanage with his family's cane in hand. There he finds Murray, Bentley, Gilda, and Derpy Hooves, the four people that he would eventually come to call family one day. Together they practice their individual talents and pull off some successful heists, all while searching for clues as to the whereabouts of the Fiendish Five, the people that took out Sly's parents... as well as recover the pages of the Thievius Raccoonus.

All of them must deal with the tests and challenges that come with being in a gang of thieves, especially when some tests will push them to their breaking points.

(Sly Cooper/ MLP crossover)
(Part of the Universe 13 story series, though reading the other stories is not required)

Chapters (85)
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Comments ( 261 )

Got a question before you start: will you be keeping the ending of Thieves in Time the same?

8848512 For the most part, yes... but I figured out a way around what happens at the end.

Wow I wonder how bad Gilda is at sticking out? She apparently didn't change form when she went through the portal and now she will stick out like a sore thumb.

8848569 She's anthro as well. It says hands and feet when I described her appearance.

In all honesty, an Anthro griffon is probably the Anthro that requires the least change between quadruped and biped. All you do is give the Griffon a bipedal stance and body type.

and female attributes, of course...seeing as its Gilda...

im such a Bad Dragon, ill see myself out....smokebomb!


OMG I thought I was the only one who cared about sly cooper anymore *instant like*:raritystarry:

Derpy shouldnt care about the electrical tube access, shes been struck by lightning before...

She has “siblings” who aren’t so lucky

I still have the first three ps2 games

they r boring...and i reject them...

Ah, but given that she has been de-aged and had her memory wiped, how exactly is she going to know that she is mostly immune to electrocution? I doubt that she was hit by lightning in current memory.

I wonder what sort of powers Derpy and Gilda will get by the end of this story... I imagine Derpy will get something related to lightning, same as Rainbow, or something matching her bubbles Cutie Mark (although it would be hilarious if her powers were based on muffins). Gilda, I'm guessing she gets more focus on physical strength, and possibly augmenting her claws and beak with Ki/Magic/whatever.

Also, sorry if this had been asked before, but which games do you plan on going through with this?

8868156 All four Sly Cooper games, as in the Thievius Raccoonus, Band of Thieves, Honor Among Thieves, and Thieves in Time.

Can we please see some of what goes through Carmelita’s side of things I’d love to hear what she goes through while hunting Cooper.

8869043 I'll see what I can do in that regard... and I might have a good opportunity coming up, when we get to Muggshot's area.

Of course they had to take out two flank wielding guards to reach the top of the stairs, but it made sense for Muggshot to want someone guarding this area, especially since there were two gangster dogs standing guard near some of the places they needed to go


Sly and Gilda chuckled as they separated from each other as well, though before they got too far Gilda turned around and knocked out the gangster dog that was blocking Sky's path, that way he wouldn't have to deal with it, before heading to her objective and headed to the area that it was connected to.


From there she approached the plank wielding guard from behind and knocked him out, allowing her to grab the pair of bottles that he was guarding, before heading towards a stack of tired and located another clue that was all alone.


She would get Sly soon enough, she knew that much, must she had the feeling that he and his sisters wouldn't be in Mesa City when she and her fellow cops came to bust them later... though Sly did smile and wave at her as he claimed the key, before he left the area.


While Gilda and Derpy flew through the air, narrow avoiding the bullets that Muggshot was firing at them, Sly moved around the area and rotated the mirrors into place... where the focused light caused his pair of guns to overheat, to which he angrily marched over to the elevator behind him and went to the floor above him.


Gilda and Derpy carried Sly down to the first floor of the penthouse and found Muggshot's safe behind the throne that he had been sitting on, where the group smiled as they found the pages detailing Tennessee Kid Cooper's Rail Walk and Rail Slide techniques... though with the location of Mz. Ruby in mind the trio trio departed from Mesa City, where their smiles remained as they noticed Carmelita and her forces heading into the city, meaning that soon the city would be freed from what Muggshot did to it and it's people.

Only one trio needed.

And now, onto one of the creepiest areas in the series.

8886897 True, Mz. Ruby did have one of the creepiest areas in all four games... but, personally, I found her fight sequence to be one of the easiest as well.

It was fun if not terrifying to five year old me.

I'm guessing Derpy and Gilda's "awakenings" will start either here, or in the Clockwerk fight.

Here, or as soon as they notice that they are walking on, rather than through, a patch of low hanging fog.

Powers hinted, but not awakened

One foe beaten, another hidden

wonder what will happen with the panda king?

It does make me wonder if Derpy and Glenda can even do the magic in those books?

Going for a Red Oni/Blue Oni deal with the sisters? Gilda gets Wind and Passion, while Derpy gets Lightning and Calm? I like it, and it fits their personalities in the show.

She’s in a world where clockwerk is at least Proof of consept of cybernetics. I think she’ll be ok

I saw this and instantly said, “ Oh hell yes.”:yay:

Why do I have the feeling Secretary Sen is Discord?

So... who wants to bet Gilda loses her left eye, so the sisters match?

"Allow me to introduce Diz S. Cordious,"

A chaotic name for a chaotic individual. Is he actually going to be adventuring alongside the Coopers?

Y'know, if Discord did have to choose only one animal with a single mutation to use as a cover identity, he would choose a male hyena with wings. Maybe even a female hyena if he was feeling particularly chaotic that day.

at least until he gets bored and decides to swap genders for giggles...say in the middle of taking a bath with Sly and the other boys...

You know, I half expect that this isn't Discord, just to mess with expectations. That said, I noticed that you didn't describe Diz's wings. Are they feathery and bird like? Scailly and dragon like? Furry and bat like? And don't get me started on the lack of coloration. These are details we need!

well looks like a lot of the sly 2 game is going to be changed from this. neyla is not going to be having as easy a time to frame carmelita with this and the butterflies for sly 3 might make sure sly won't fake amnesia in the end. though when sly 4 comes around i fully expect sly and carmelita's children to join the adventure if it works out by that point. and i really hope penelope doesn't end up crazy and just join the gang in the time travel adventure. i really think her and bentley go together well... and i'm getting the feeling carmelita is going to be traveling with the gang once the second game starts. though i will admit neyla doesn't deserve to be mind whammied by clockwerk.

8950577 Yeah, there are some key things in the second game that'll change from this point forward... and your comment has made me consider other aspects of the story that I hadn't considered before.

that's what i'm here for to get people thinking . :pinkiesmile:

8951077 I like it when readers offer ideas like that on my stories, as they either add to what I already had planned or they offer new ideas that I personally like and decide to add into what's already going on... and, like I said earlier, you got me thinking in a good way.

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