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Chrysalis has heard rumors of a crystal mirror having the power to take ponies to other worlds, where they gain powers that put them on par with the likes of Princess Celestia or even the Spirit of Disharmony himself. She wishes to use the mirror for her own ends, so she can gain the power to finally have her revenge on the ponies that have taken everything from her and maybe regain her empire in the process. The world she finds, however, is the dark interior of a ship that is being overrun by dead creatures that will stop at nothing to kill her and the repair crew that came to fix the ship.

She must quickly get used to her new body while fighting the hordes of the dead, come to terms with all of the horrible decisions she has made over the years, and maybe see the light that the ponies talk about... provided that she, and her new companions, don't get killed first.

(Dead Space/ MLP Crossover)
(Part of the Universe 13 story series, though reading the other stories is not required)

Chapters (56)
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Welp. Guess you have to update the blog to include this story.

Well... with the usual clunkyness of the writing and some points of the premise/description I do not really have great expectations for the story. Though considering the crossover some entertainment value is still to be expected. And the update rate of yours is nothing to scoff at.

Speaking of Dead Space, am I the only one who failed to see that game as horror? I mean unlike the second game it felt more like the space marine simulator, where you went in your armor relentlessly cutting vile xenos (and other abominations), silent and unflinching, while 'the other guys' were busy either dying or doing something supposedly useful off-screen. The last moment of the game kinda broke the mood, and those 'hallucinations' also felt out of place, but otherwise it was great! Just not in the way intended, I guess.

Well let's see how Chrysalis learns her lesson, the easy way or the very painful way. My money is on the very painful way.


Speaking of Dead Space, am I the only one who failed to see that game as horror? I mean unlike the second game it felt more like the space marine simulator, where you went in your armor relentlessly cutting vile xenos (and other abominations), silent and unflinching, while 'the other guys' were busy either dying or doing something supposedly useful off-screen. The last moment of the game kinda broke the mood, and those 'hallucinations' also felt out of place, but otherwise it was great! Just not in the way intended, I guess.

No, you're not. I give the first game a pass for being an OK first try, but Dead Space 2 and 3 felt like Doom 3 with a third person camera.

As for the story itself, its leaning wayyyyyyyyyy too hard on the Dead Space lore. Dead Space's writing was fucking awful and most of it was thrown out between each game for a reason.

YAY! A new Dead Space story!!

"Not to mention that it is one of the largest and oldest of the planet cracker ships that the CEC made," Isaac stated, to which Chrysalis watched as the other four humans nodded their heads in agreement, though this was the first time she heard of such a ship, before Isaac turned towards her, "Basically a planet cracker ship uses gravity tethers to lift a chunk of a planet into the air, where it is deposited inside the ship and the contents are studied. Once the studies are done the real mining begins, where the precious metals are pulled from whatever planet the ship happens to be stationed at... its a very lucrative business."

That... sounds highly unethical. What if it was used on a planet that was confirmed to have sentient/sapient life? Wouldn't they die? Wouldn't the planet be destroyed in the process? WHY IS THE PRACTICE OF PLANET CRACKING NOT ILLEGAL?!

A bit of a mix feelings here.

There's a lot of SoD breaking, as it's not, say Star Trek or Star Wars verse, where another sapient race appearing is no big deal whatsoever. So, implications of Chrysalis mere existence can easily be much more important than their current mission from many PoV's. So, their response to Chrysalis (even if we skip the 'being totally chill' part) makes very little sense, if any at all. Honestly, if they would have 'met' Chrysalis just some hours (or even less) before their "landing" on Ishimura, their reaction to Chrysalis could be more believable. (especially considering that they would get much larger priorities right there).

As a side point, while Chrysalis having some issues with her new body is fine, she should have better experience with alternate bodies than Twilight, and the latter had very few issues turning human in the first EG movie.

While I understand that it's not the main focus of the story by any means, I fully believe that making some change to this chapter can make the story much more believable and improve the story as a whole.

8697443 According to the Planet Crack page of the Dead Space wiki, the act of cracking a planet in such a manner is very destructive and results in significant disruptions to both the planet's gravity and geology... and can possibly render the planet in question uninhabitable. And, if the gravity tethers were to fail, said planet would, well, explode.

In their defense, humanity has yet to find other life in the Dead Space Universe, at least officially. They also generally only crack specific types of planets. Also Planet Cracking is a fast way to acquire large quantities of raw material for Mega Constructions. Also DS is a bit like Alien in the fact that the Corporations tend to run things. A MegaCorp would never allow the Government to outlaw one of their more lucrative sources of income, at least not with out a "fight.":twilightsmile:

Think you got a chance at actually finishing this? I have seen many crossover attempts but i have yet to find one that isn't abandoned

8697595 Oh, I intend on finishing it. I am well aware of all the other attempts being abandoned, so I intend to change that fact as well.


I think the readers and I will hold you to that.

Best of luck there, I am curious to see how you fare.

Well then....

They are in for a nasty surprise:trixieshiftright:

Of course once she had her own RIG Kendra had to do two things; the first was to update their monitors so Chrysalis' name and vitals appeared on it, where Kendra explained that it was so they could make sure that she, and everyone else on their team, were in perfect health.

Ah yes, the Player HUD. The irreplaceable tool of any sci-fi shooter.

yet, at the same time, there was a sense of dread that she couldn't shake and she silently hoped that nothing terrible happened while they were here.

Heh heh hahahaahahahahhahahahahahaha.

I do believe I'm going to play dead space when I get home

And here we go. I wonder how Chryssie will react to her first encounter with the "inhabitants" of the USG Ishimura.

The reason it's not illegal is because most of the planets in the Dead Space Universe are either dead or uninhabitable for that reason they have no problems mining a dead planet. Furthermore they used up all of the natural resources on earth putting them in a crisis. It wasn't until they build the USG Ishimura and started planet cracking that both earth and Humanity was saved. Since then they just continue Planet cracking.

If Blackdrag-rose isn't able to finish this story, then he won't be able to write the Tournament of Power finale story, which would disappoint everyone reading his Dragonball story, and possibly calls for his head on a pike.

Personally, I have full faith that Blackdrag-rose will make this work. I view Blackdrag as being only a couple steps below Tatsurou in terms of ability to integrate ponies/non-ponies into crossovers, at least in this Universe 13 continuity. Which is a high bar to be held to, given how Celestia-damned skilled Tats is.

Ok its apparent to me t this point your doing a series of sorts....

Bu why havnt they just locked the stupid mirror away?


You are correct, its stated in the film itself ( a sort of prelude to the first game) that every planet they've encountered since is dead/lifeless.

There has been no mention of terraforming technologies, otherwise they wouldve done such

8705187 Aye, this is a part of my 'Universe 13' story series, and the other stories are listed in my single blog (in case you were interested in seeing what the others were).

And just like that, two are dead....


Three if you count the crewmember you cant save. Right on schedule I might add.

I wonder just how much of a wrench in the works Chrysalis is going to be? She is such an anomaly that sooner rather then later the forces driving the plot will be testing her.


Think she can handle the voices?

Or can they handle her mastery of such things?

8722928 I was wondering why you made that comment and kept looking at the title to see what was wrong... and I only now discovered that I accidentally put a second 'u' in the Ishimura's name. Thanks for finding that one for me.

I think you use however, though, and ‘to which’ a little too often, it breaks up the flow of the action. Especially ‘to which’.

Well I wonder just what is going to make Chrysalis go crazy soon. Just from looking up this game I get the feeling that she is about to get hit with a doozy.

IF this game teaches ANYONE who works on a off-planet colony base, it should be that ALL vents need to be as difficult to open as possible, and that there should be some sort of door override that doesnt require power

8729977 :rainbowlaugh:
But in all seriousness, you're definitely right in that regard.


Doom 3.... yup vents were a easy hiding spot for the pricks...

FNAF........ do I even need to explain that one?

Dead Space 1, 2, 3.......yup still hiding in the vent system......seriously, how hard is it to install some sort of motion tracking and containment system?

I love Dead Space. And DS2. 3 was... Meh.

8750252 The first and second were great games, but, in all honesty, I could never beat the third game... kept getting stuck in the same spot over and over again, with no hope of ever moving on.


Or just make them small enough that things can't use them as an ambush point. All they're doing is transporting air from one point to another, they don't need to be the size of a small corridor.

ahh, approaching the damaged coil that I CAN NEVER GET THE FUCK PASSED. have fun you two~

Which part did you get stuck at? I played through it with little problems and can maybe help you.

8769841 It was the part where you willingly go into the massive Necromorph corpse to get some information from it.

I would feel sorry for Chrysalis, but I keep being reminded of how much she is, at least current in the show, an unredeamable character. Hopefully she grows a bit during her misadventures here and learns about friendship.

Well I am glad to see that Chrysalis is on guard for the possible mind screwing that will be going on. Now what will it show her becuase I doubt she will not have it happen to her.

Well Chrysalis is starting to go insane. Hopefully she will tip of everyone before to long as she knows what could be going on.

"Hello" said the spider to the fly.
"Care to take a seat?"

This was the first thing that went through my mind

Chrysalis I can't believe you haven't called out Kendra yet. You are one of the most manuplitive charaters out there and you can't kid a kidder so just call her out already! She is up to something, yes I know what but those who don't know I will save the surprise, but come on Chrysalis you shouldn't be so far off your typical mind game.

In her current state of mind she would buy candy from a shady looking van if it means she gets the fuck out of there. Her fokus is more on surviving and less on the bullshit Kendra's doing.

Ahhhh, the Nexus. Yeah, I know that section is very annoying. What I did was:

1. Find active node.
2. Shoot it.
3. Run back to the elevator.
4. Shoot everything that moves.
5. Repeat step 1.

(Also, i got a machine gun/rocket launcher combo that was veeeery useful.)

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