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Perfection? I don't want that, because that would mean stopping, standing still, instead of improving.


New Story · 1:28pm May 21st, 2019

To anyone that is interested, I have written and posted a brand new story, involving Spike and Ember this time around.

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Universe 13 Finale · 1:22pm Jan 21st, 2019

This morning I have posted the first chapter of the final story in the Universe 13 series. Come and take a seat while we watch the universes fight for the amusement of the Present and Future Zenos.

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Sombra's New Adventure · 1:34pm Jun 10th, 2018

As of this morning Sombra's adventure with Ichigo Kurosaki and his friends has begun. Come join him as he braves the dangers of Soul Society, Hueco Mundo, and the World of the Living in search of his lost memories... and maybe make some new ones in the process.

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The Sirens · 1:22pm May 2nd, 2018

As of this morning a new story has been added to the lineup of stories I'm currently working on, taking the place of the recently finished Dark Souls 2 story. Adagio, Aria, and Sonata find themselves in Empire City, where they encounter Cole from the InFamous game series, and might just learn what it means to be heroes.

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Replacement · 1:15pm Apr 7th, 2018

As of this morning I have posted a new story, a crossover with Sly Cooper, that will be replacing the now completed Daughters of Destruction story in the time that I would normally update the other story in. Come and follow Derpy and Gilda's journey as they help their brother recover the Thievius Raccoonus, tackle the Fiendish Five, and do so much more.

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Crossover Stories · 11:52pm Nov 19th, 2017

Hello readers. I have decided to do something that I should I have some time ago, tell you which of my current crossover stories actually share the same universe. At the moment I have six stories that share the same universe; Sunset's Adventure in Skyrim, the Starlight of Solana, World of Warcraft: the Ties that Bind, Dragonball Z: Daughters of Destruction, Children of Eco, and Dark Souls: Rarity's Trials. The set of stories start with Sunset's Adventure in Skyrim, though once that one ends the

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