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Luffy lands nearby Ponyville due to a fight that happened not so long ago. During his stay, he encounters, befriends, and soon has adventures with six certain ponies that will shake Equestria.

One Piece X My Little Pony Crossover
Teen Rating - Multiple use of cuss words.
Gore - Bits of bruises and cuts, nothing too serious.

Part 1 - Introductions
-Chapters 1 to 7
-Luffy's arrival attracts curiosity of the ponies as he demonstrates his numerous abilities causing a disruption of peace. Though not meaning to do trouble, he gives the six ponies the next few days they'll never forget.
Part 2 - Ponyville Arc
-Chapters 8 to 16
-Luffy finally makes a move that will plunge all of Equestria into war. Alliances will be revealed as well as actions no one ever knew about until now, and the fate will be determined by Luffy and his crew's actions.
Part 3 - Griffon Arc
-Chapters 17 to ???
-The time to enter the war is now. Luffy along with Twilight and the rest of the team will go into Griffon turf in order to end the feud as well as finding the rest of the Straw Hats.

Takes place after two year time skip
Takes place before Discord was freed and wreaked havoc
Inspiration and better story in the link.
One of the many One Piece X My Little Pony crossovers with potential
Ace-Catel the artist

Chapters (48)
Comments ( 437 )

Quite the good story so far I like it as for what Luffy should do hmm ...
Well since they don't seem to really trust him so far I would say he needs to live under a pony's roof so they can monitor him as for who ...
I would say either Pinkie or Applejack for well ... the food :rainbowlaugh:
Maybe more Applejack that way he won't be too close to town because I feel like his antics would cause a lot of panic in town :pinkiehappy:

i agree with nox, but im more leaning towards applejacks, for the food, plus granny knows about luffys father and the devil fruit so that can supply him with more when zecora hands them back to luffy, unless she uses them for a brew, plus it can supply lots of luffy's backstory, with granny knowing bout shanks, which can help the twi find a way to get fluffy back to his world, just saying :pinkiehappy:

wow luffy pony version jajaja
what if the crew pony appears
or brook pony? jajajaaj

Interesting. A bit bland, but still interesting. I'll be waiting to see what happens next. Also I'd like to see Twilight ripping her hair out because she can't understand him at all just like Pinkie.

Thank you.
Sorry, introductions are kind of hard to do and boring. My fault there. I'll get this into something adventurous soon.:applejackunsure:

Great story so far I can not wait to see more

4833725 Np, I know exactly how it can be. I'm an adventure writer myself and sometimes it's hard to get a good start.

We all do man, we all do.

ok a fine story indeed, but I hope you give Luffy a bit more character. He is way more than just food and play and I kind of feel you are dishonoring him with writing him in such way.

Thanks for the comment.
Just for the intro. I'm trying to steady myself, and don't want to rush into random antics that don't click.
Don't want to dishonor him either, you're right. It's just that the only interests I see him most of the time is usually eating, fighting, admiring cool and unnatural phenomenon, and of course adventures.

I'll try my best to describe every aspect of him, but I of course don't want to rush it completely. That's what I fear the most right now since I'm skimming through memorable information such as Luffy telling Granny Smith what had happened to Roger between chapter 3 and 4.
Again, thank you for bringing this to my attention. :twilightblush:

My pleasure :twilightsmile:
And glad to hear that you will write more about him. I have just seen too many writers making characters one-noted or just only take one of their character traits and write the whole character from that.

Ok I want to see them react to his bounty along with his crew

So far, Luffy is the only ponified crew member. There will be 2 or 3 poniefied members though that will aid Luffy on finding a way back to normal.

Depending on the pace, it could be soon.

...................Wut in good glorious hell?

You're off by one digit with the calculations. It's 1,200,000,000, not 120,000,000

CRUD! I hate my stupid calculator. :twilightangry2:
Thanks for the info, I'll correct it.

Celestia is a bully... But if she think of Luffy as her child and Twilight also as her child... Does that mean she think of Twilight and Luffy as brother and sister?

Comment posted by SparkStone deleted Aug 14th, 2014

In a way, Celestia sees Twilight as a daughter I suppose, so kinda/technically/sort of?

Celestia doesn't know how to put it in simple context when describing the horrors of the Blue Sea World.

Or maybe I'm just bad at writing outside messages. :twilightblush:


Then is easy, Celestia only need to use the Kids Protection Censure spell, like this, Twilight could know something but not too much


The power of Friendship, love and smiles in the land of Rainbows

WOW Dragon x Celestia and celestia was a revolutionary wow never saw that coming but great idea I love this story it is one of the better one piece mlp crossovers i have read.

So many possibilities, can't wait to see what you do next.

Nice chapter, luffy is gonna beat the hell out of discord.

What is your favorite scene in this story so far?

When Twilight and the others ask Luffy to teach them haki after Fluttershy was begin to master it

What surprised you most?

That Luffy managed to win Discord... This Discord do not seem to be very powerfull

What gag do you expect in the future?

What about Rainbow listen about one of the old history of Luffy and try to do the same?

What's driving you nuts on what you want to see happen?

Discord already happen, so maybe Chrysalis, who knows, maybe she is a little intelligent and manage to fool Luffy a little

How Luffy reacted when fluttershy wouldn't go into the everfree forest.

There's a much more well deserving enemy in the future for the Oz scene, so don't worry.

As for the crush, it happened a few years before Luffy set out to sea. She became a revolutionary after Dragon saved her citizens and fell in love due to unknown reasons.

At least, reasons I haven't thought of yet. Maybe hero effect or something.

In regards for Discord, he was overly confident with his abilities. Due to this, he has yet to master them in uses of fighting, since the only time he lost was due to the elements and no one except Luffy defied him and actually fought him head on. Since this was the first time Discord used his imagination on fighting, he faltered to Luffy's surprising abilities and lost because of this.

Maybe next time, he'll do better. :rainbowderp:Spoiler alert!

Comment posted by Lionblaze103 deleted Aug 15th, 2014


Maybe... If he brainwashed Luffy, maybe could win

You're probably right! That would have probably worked! :rainbowwild: Even though Luffy is really hard to brainwash due to his intelligence, Discord was able to brainwash Fluttershy to a totally different pony!

But then again, what would discorded Luffy be like? :rainbowderp:


Who knows, it could be the opposite of Luffy, if Luffy like her friends, the Discorded could hate them and maybe attack them

Also is not like it's impossible, in a episode of OP, A hypnotizer tried to hypnotize a group of pirates that worked for him and Luffy end hypnotized as well.

Yeah, that'd be cool.

When Luffy gets hypnotized, he usually somehow screws that up. The times he was manipulated perfectly were those two non canons I think. The one with music and the one with the green collar. I bet there are probably more that I have yet to watch or remember.

Evil Luffy. Despicable.:trollestia:

How did I not find this story until today????????

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