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Perfection? I don't want that, because that would mean stopping, standing still, instead of improving.


Frieza, during his conquest of another world, finds a young girl who seems to know nothing about herself or the universe they live in, save for her name. After some thought he decides to adopt her and raise her as part of his family, both to stick it to his brother and to have a far more loyal soldier for the future. While doing that he must be wary of the surviving Saiyans that are part of his forces, all while searching for a way to secure his legacy and make him the master of the entire universe.

Twilight Sparkle will have to deal with her father's enemies, potential traitors, and anything else the universe decides to throw at them as she tries to learn more about herself and where she came from.

(Dragon Ball Z and Super/MLP Crossover)
(Part of the Demon War series, but reading the others isn't required).

Chapters (130)
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I can't believe you made Frieza Twilights' dad.

great chapter wonder what is going to happen next time on twilight ball z

Frieza would take her along after that, if only to be able to keep track of such a strong being.

11382591 Not a lot of options to pick from in the dbz universe. Most people pick Goku, I think some have picked Vegeta, and I even picked Beerus in the other one... Frieza was the only option left.

11382916 Very much so. Especially one stronger than the Saiyans in his army.

This whole concept has been done a bunch of times and yet it always results in a great story. what makes this trope even better is using it in oddball ways like this one. Who would have guessed Twilight being adopted by Frezia of all people?
Honestly looking forward to future chapters of this story.

Well, we'll see what happens next 😏.

11383203 Indeed.

11383074 In situations like this, I find using the oddballs, like Beerus or Frieza, to be more interesting than following the common trend of using the protagonist... there's all sorts of ways they can shape a displaced.

I bet Frieza and Twilight would have an influence on each other.

Frieza showing his underlings some vague semblance of concern, and Twilight becoming just a bit less.... social, let's call it.

.... is it weird that i can see the Cell that murdered his Trunks raising an Equestrian to be the "Perfect" Protege?

and becoming a half decent being as a result?

11386326 Anything is possible in stories like these... I mean, two Equestrians landed on Beerus' planet during my last take on a story like this and look how he turned out. So there's always the chance that such a thing could happen with Cell.

Also, to be fair, it would take Frieza some time to even register that concern, given his canon counterpart... and you likely hit the nail on the head with the Twilight comment.

Was that a demon Chronoa just saw?

11386815 Aye, she did. Towa, to be exact.

i can just see Twilight designing a tablet computer that also transforms into a weapon for her use, equipped with blade and blaster just because shes a perfectionist...

I was thinking Twilight might become a mini Moro and it looks like I was surprisingly correct. This will lead to some rather interesting developments down the line.

11389042 Especially when you consider just how strong Moro's power got over the course of his arc.

as i understand it, this female is a Demon who seeks to rule all of Time...

the perfect Bride for one of the Emperors of the Cosmos.

and who better to act as a mother in this darker timeline to the displaced Twilight Sparkle?

11391782 Towa really was the only person who could fill such a role, as I had used Chronoa before and there's no other female figure, in all of the series of dbz and dbs, who could actually become the future wife of someone from Frieza's clan. Also, nice touch with the 'darker timeline' comment.

Towa is the Sister to Dabura, the CURRENT DEMON KING.

Like you said, what other female would at least willingly be the bride to one of the three EMPERORS OF THE MORTAL COSMOS?

As for the "darker time-line" bit, can you honestly argue this time-line will just 180 into sunshine and rainbows after this?
It'll take a bit of time at best, not happen at all at worst.

11393331 I mean, Twilight's parents are the most evil emperor in the entire universe, with his father and brother being close seconds, and a demon who wanted to take over time itself or free a demon far eviler than her... Mechikabura is known as the God of Evil, in case you didn't know. Her going dark in some manner is to be expected, isn't it?

11393356 Well, I have some ideas for such a thing. Hopefully you and the other readers like what I end up doing.

about three Raditzs' wide by his reckoning

First power scale and then money in the abridged series, now distance here. Will Raditz' name one day be the name for every base unit in the intergalactic system of measurements?

11394994 I wouldn't go that far. If he were a strong Saiyan, well, I'm sure such a thing would be less common or even non existent... sadly, Raditz never trains, so he's kind of doomed.

Hopefully goku will get some sense in there.

I think she touching their hearts as much as they are hers.

Maybe one day Twilight will break the spell on Towa's brother before he ends up eaten by a certain pink tubby menace. Who knows?

11397491 I mean, he was pretty smart during the Z sagas... it's only when we get to Super that he seems to lose some intelligence.

11397588 Ah yes, Dabura. I wouldn't put it past Twilight to be able to do something like that, though I have no plans for that since we have her early years and the Namek arc to look forward to.

Outside fighting he never seemed to have to have much brains. And figuring out any tricks his opponents might have wasn't his style. That was veegta style. He was more the brains of the team when goku sort of became his friend.

11397869 Well, you got me on the Vegeta comment. As for Goku, all I know is that his intelligence went down once Super started, that's all... even if he does have a few genius moments in the series.

And that's why I prefer GT.

Goku actually wisened up a tad.

11397998 I'll have to take your word for it, as I saw very little of GT during it's time on the air. I do know that Xeno Goku, while still having his love for battle, is definitely smarter than Super Goku, thanks to what I've read in the Time Patrol manga stories.

An engineering genius and a decent fighter at her age? Eat your heart out, Gohan.

At the same time he had to wonder if there was a chance that she might be able to modify the Attack Balls, make them faster than before so they didn't waste a lot of time waiting for certain soldiers to arrive at their destinations, before deciding to keep his mouth shut, least he give her more ideas to consider.

Yeah, wouldn't want to drastically alter the Saiyan Saga just because Nappa and Vegeta arrive early and deny the Z warriors their year of training.

11400465 That's Twilight for you, as no matter what universe or world she lands on she always becomes a genius. And yeah, wouldn't want to make such a drastic change to the time line just yet... Chronoa would have a heart attack.

Damn... Twilight's sheer rage took Moro's energy absorption to a whole new level. This is more akin to the Androids being able to suck the life out of others, but on a much larger scale, and without requiring direct contact. I don't really see her using this power often, even if she learns to use it without rage taking over, but how do you fight someone that can drain the life from you just by being close?

Still, this will be the first time Twilight's killed, and she killed quite a number at that. Even if she came down here with the intent to kill, and truly believed that the Burners deserved to die, she lost control here, and killed well over 100 people. That's going to leave an impact.

11403105 Scary thing is, Twilight's version of the ability is actually watered down. Moro, in all his forms, is capable of draining energy from nearby people and enemies, not to mention the plants, animals, and even the very planet itself... all Twilight's rage did was evolve it into an incomplete form of the original.

Ah, I see. I haven't watched Dragonball Z beyond the Frieza Arc, and none of Super. A lot of my familiarity comes from Abridged and numerous what if videos, so I'm probably lacking in many areas.

11403474 I understand. Moro's from the Super manga, in his own arc that takes place right after the Tournament of Power... other than what I've said about his powers, there's nothing else that needs to be known for this story.

oh boy, Twilight just got told of a legendary power...she is going to research the hell out of it, then try to replicate it...just who Twi is...

After that there was a more legendary form, or made up since the one who talked about it was Demigra, which he called the 'Final Dark Form' and explained that it was obtainable when a Demon God utilized all of their divine power

Divine power? So a Demon God is just a demon with God Ki? Playing it the same way as the whole Super Saiyan God thing was in canon?

11405526 That seems to be how the Demon God forms were designed, mimicking the Super Saiyan God transformations... the only difference I can see is that Towa and the other demons were given God Ki by Mechikabura to achieve said forms, instead of five Saiyans instilling their power into a sixth to make SSG.

When the darkness finally faded Frieza and the others found that Twilight didn't look different at all, a thought that was quickly banished as she opened her eyes, revealing a darker look in her eyes, before she grinned like Frieza did when he dealt with people, making him wonder what the future held for them and his changed daughter.

this.... is going to be either really awesome, or really tragic.

Seems like frezia is actually changing a good bit as time goes by. He is still certainly evil but he has mellowed out so to say.

11411178 That's the beauty of adding ponies into the mix, they tend to influence everyone around them.

11411062 Indeed. If there's one thing I've learned from watching dragon ball, it's that the Dragon Balls are capable of anything and everything: as in immortality, eternal youth, reviving the dead, restoring destroyed planets, granting one immense power, and even vanity wishes... wishing to remove the Warrior's Bane is entirely possible.

I wonder how the Namekians will react to the dichotomy of sensing Freeza's evil nature and finding that he wants to use the Dragon Balls to heal his daughter from reading his thoughts? Will they be able to tell that Twilight has become Freeza's rock, and help him for the sake of the universe? Or will Freeza's evil nature be the point where they stop asking questions, and Freeza has to get his hands dirty because the Namekians refuse to help? Will this be Freeza's side of an alternate Namek Saga? Have Freeza's top minions grown close to Twilight, such that for example when Vegeta makes off with the Dragon Balls Zarbon has a personal stake in hunting him down to get them back for her sake?

11411508 I can confirm, even though it isn't shown too much, that the top officials of the Frieza Force care for Twilight... Vegeta, on the other hand, not so much. I'm afraid the Saiyan Prince hates her guts.

That much is clear as day. Twilight went from barely handling Raditz due to her inexperience to showing The Prince Of All Saiyans up on official missions.

Oh, but my pride grr I wish I were a
(automated monotone voice: Twilight Sparkle)

11411559 :rainbowlaugh:
Oh that line. It was funny when the episode came out and it's funny now.

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