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"Words don't always have to mean things," - Idiot I idolize.


To the pathetic creature who decided to snoop in my belongings, I am Magneto. If you value your miserable life then you should put this down and calmly walk away. Perhaps, if you’re quick, I may show you some mercy for trespassing in my home. However, if you choose to ignore this warning then I won’t feel an ounce of remorse for filling you with lead.

(NOT part of the Displaced Universe. The Merchant is the catalyst but it's not Displaced. No Crossovers, Tokens, etc.)
(EQG style anthro. Roughly 4.3 on the anthro scale)
(Heavily inspired by Villanon by AponymousAuthor, reposted by silvetear on PonePaste. Check out the story.)

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My only regret is that I may never be able to partake in the peace that comes from my plan. After all, a peaceful world has no place for a monster like me. But at least I can take comfort in knowing that I will be the last monster this world has to face.

I really f****** hate this sentence! Because technically, he SAVING their world from their Stupidity and all! 😡

He should be praised and all!

....I'm confused... It says "(NOT part of the Displaced Universe. The Merchant is the catalyst but it's not Displaced. No Crossovers, Tokens, etc.)"

But you just put it in the group...?

Why should I? I’m not in the wrong for protecting these pathetic creatures, I gave everything I had for a world that looked down on me and it still refused to acknowledge my efforts. These creatures aren’t human, they don’t understand a single thing about what it means to be human even if they somewhat resemble us. Just looking at them is enough to infuriate me, creatures pretending to be people when they’re not.

Racism lol

She ran at me again, throwing a volley of punches every few seconds to whenever I wasn’t blocking. Unlike her friends and her D.C. counterpart, Fili-Second’s costume was free of any metal accessories or accents, meaning I could just keep her in the air as I dealt with the others.

I mean most living creatures do have iron inside of em, so you could just yknow use that.

Honestly, you might attract Displaced writers into thinking you do cross-overs, only to see the description and be sad.


Oh crap! WHY didn't he think of that??!!

It's like Bloodbending in Avatar: TLA/Korra Series. But, your using the Iron inside the Blood.

I would have had everything I wanted if they didn’t get in my way. I don’t care about the money, fame, anything that these ponies give me. All I wanted was a way back home, and they stole it from me! I wouldn’t have needed to do any of this is they just left me alone, but no, they were too stupid to let me be.

Huh, he actually should ruin them for that one.

"NOT part of the Displaced Universe"
Why hello there~

She created a way to spread untold pain to the masses.

This story is, oddly good.


I'm actually surprised. I haven't found this, quality? In a while.

I refuse to play their twisted game, there are only losers perpetually rolling meaningless dice, forcing this world to spin on its heels rather than advance to the next stage of evolution. Not just in physical traits or abilities, but in thoughts and actions. These systems of oppression only serve to hold down society’s advancement, which in turn keeps these corrupt systems in place.

Well yes, but even then, it's still a pitifully small amount.

Even Magneto during his prime years needed an additional pinch of iron injected into someone before he could utilize them in such a manner.

Our boy here isn't even close to Magneto's Prime at the moment.

He did it when he escaped in that one xmen movie , shouldn't be too hard. He has a magnetic force equivalent to that of a neutron star i think he can pull a bit of iron out of someone's body.

Yeah, after Mystique injected the guard with what looked like a quart of liquid iron. From a practical standpoint it was probably iron particles the size of fine dust mixed with a saline solution. It probably should have killed the guard, but it's been more than a decade since my last biology class, so I could be wrong.

Yes, but in that movie, Mystique still needed to inject iron into the guard prior to the breakout.

Then again, certain variations of comic Magneto might be able to do such, but the mainstream version certainly can't.

An average adult human body contain around 4 grams of iron (8 paperclips, more or less) distributed in blood, muscles, marrow, etc, etc.

You have my attention. Finally, I was running out of good stories to read.

You have my attention with all these chapters you uploaded in a single day. I can’t wait to see you keep up this upload schedule which is definitely very sustainable.
You must be able to write very fast to get all these chapters out at once.

Excellent story keep up the good work.
And I mark this story 10 out of 20

Can't wait for him to start quoting his X-Men arcade counterpart somewhere lol

Oh man, I can only imagine how Timber could have accidentally given away that he knew the ‘Mysterious Magnito’ and then super villains start coming in and attacking the camp.

Poor guy.

Yknow in xmen apocalypse where magneto ripped like all the metal world wide out and played with it? Can we do that ? That was fun.

Yeah this is no where near Prime Maganeto since he can literally rip the planet out of it's own orbit.

Will our antihero create his own version of Magneto's Acolytes? Possibly made up of those representing the other races?

A little too fiesty compared to our Magneto, but if I'm being honest, I doubt Erik would be half as amicable as he is in the comics if every single hero and villian threw away any use of their power capable of solving 'mundane' problems like 'World Hunger', 'War', 'Famine' and other mortal woes.

True. Erik was really chill whenever he talked from what I've seen, yeah clearly he got angry but he was more monotone ish

Interesting story so far I can’t wait to see more and where this goes.

I can’t wait to see what happens for his escape, and I also want to know what happens during his time with the ‘heroes’, which I’m sure we will have to get through first before his inevitable break-out.

I wonder if Nightmare Moon would figure out those x-gene suppressing collars, or a spell with similar effects, from the prison in Deadpool 2.

The summary intrigued me, and the first few chapters have me hooked. Very well done so far. The pace is great and I can really visualize the world as this Magneto sees it.

I know, right? I'm actually super-addicted to it right now, binging when I should be heading to bed... but I just can't help it.

Combat in general has a high and miserable learning curve.

I really like how you already wrote nmm/ Luna

“I’m shouldn’t be surprised. Take out your card again,” she instructed. Once I did so, she pointed at the small emblem of my helmet, tapping on the picture as she explained the significance of my card. “Among the many innovations made from Professor Shimmer’s experiments with telepathy, she created an artificial sentient being that could analyze police reports and predict possibilities. If the Harmony Table, as most of them call it, thinks you’re well suited for a mission then this image will light up and Harmony will begin to glow and she’ll speak with you.

Hope sunset gets better shes definitely my favorite mlp character

I was hoping he would say "I am magneto! Master of magnet!"

As always, I finish the chapter wanting more. Good job

Comment posted by Orrm deleted Jun 25th, 2021

NMM is Batman so who would be Nightwing, Red hood and Red robin?

Also wouldn’t red hood (if they ever be written into the story) Agree with Magnito when it comes down to killing criminals?

Either way good story can’t wait to see where you take it.

I think redhood might be starlight, otherwise I think. Before I thought it might have been sunset but when it turned out sunset got thrown out of the story by being disabled i switched to starlight.

They're lucky they got Magneto instead of someone like the Demi-Fiend, otherwise treating him like crap would literally trigger the apocalypse.

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