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Adagio can't quite seem to hold a job, and she can't exactly figure out why. Even though everyone knows it's because of her voice. Desperate, she receives the help of someone unexpected— Sci-Twi. Can this unlikely pair keep the former siren employed? Only one way to find out.

Cover art by my good friend faith. sex tag for humor. Featured 10/12/18!

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Some people have Resting Bitch Face. Adagio has Resting Porn Voice, and the gestures to match.

Sci-Twi... does not. At all. This is going to be equal parts awkward and hilarious. Looking forward to more.

I never knew I needed this, but I do. It would be hilarious if Wubcake reenacted the Jake from state farm commercial. Hearing Adagio go “ummm..khakis” would make my day. this is a great start I look forward to more.

Is this a Sci-Twi x Sunset?, a Sci-Twi x Adagio? or Sunset x Adagio?

I don't mind the first two options (though I really prefer the first one) ... but the later... is a turn off for me

Not sure yet. Though I know it's not gonna be sundagio

She could get a job as a radio host.

Great, now I'm imagining Adagio saying, "Are you in good hands?"

Why Sci twi and Adagio and not Sunset and Adagio?


If her voice is so sexy, why not sell phone sex?

I just got a good idea...

Take a Root Beer shot everytime Adagio speaks in Rainbow Rocks and this Fanfic.


Because, While I KNOW Adagio is a REALLY HOT girl... I don't really see her having a genuine compatibility with Sunset (And well, Princess Twilight has a ton of ship fandoms), is maybe a selfish idea, but if Sci-Twi is gonna be shipped, I can only read stories of her with either Sunset or SugarCoat... Although Sci-Twi x Adagio has never been writen (at least, i never knew about any story), so I would not mind that. I mean, FlutterShy x Adagio was well written in another story, so only for that i would read it.

Adagio for her part, I like her with any of the other 2 sirens, or even with ANY OTHER of the humane 7, except Sunset... (but, if this end being a SciDagio, and I love it, well, that could change :O )

There are a some character relationships that I can't help to feel really awkward about them... and Sadly Sundagio is one of them...

Then I will happy to follow this :D

I'm not a fan anymore of hitting the dislike button just because the story does not feature my prefered shippings, That's why I ask now first. If yes, I follow (and if I like it, fav it), if not I just have to look somewhere else.

I ship it gimmie more please.

Paired with Cadence.
It'd be romance column writ in radio.
Both could give conflicting advice to callers on how to get sempai to notice them.
They would often bicker, but when they agreed... I'd be VERY wary of that advice.

Dammit, this should be a fic all on its own.


This gives me a somewhat funny idea. There are times when movies will have people come in and add vocal noises to a film. If Adagio's voice is sultry and perfect for porn, she could probably get a job doing that. Just stand in a booth and moan into a microphone so they can add it to the sex scene over the actress's.

This would also mean she could say she's in porn, which would technically be true, just to mess with people.

But who would write it? I can't think of a single person up to the challenge.

So basically cast her as a hentai voice actress? Well those are definitely in short supply especially for english dubs. She'd have to know where to audition though.

My guess? She’s sexy and she knows it, but wants to be adored as a goddess, not a phone call during happy time.

If you're interested in Sci-Twi x Adagio, Second Chances: A Redemption Story is heading in that direction. It isn't the main plot of the story, but it's still quite prominent, if only on Adagio's part since it's written from her perspective.

Poor Adagio, she can't seem to catch a break.

Activate the Rainboom Signal!!!!

I'm now trying really hard to imagine Adagio talking in a (British) West Country accent or something (Geordy? Scouser? Welsh? Perhaps even my own Derbyshire?[1]) and not suceeding, sadly, because it would be hilarious and I do not think putting on an accent is going to help, you Dagi. Not at all.

Actually, I think it might make matters worse.

(I mean, Kazumi Evans isn't quite Jennifer Hale (who I could listen to reading the dictionary), but there's not much below that highest bar...)

[1]Now everyone try to imagine Adagio saying "it looks a bit black ovver Bill's Mother's..."

So I’m guessing that, despite the title, this is not a story about Dagi working at State Farm? Also, at least she can collect employment because her firing was without cause. Cassandra knows a thing or two about that - she’s also been let go for having a sexy voice.


Fair enough.

As someone who works in a call center, this amuses me. And seriously makes me wonder if there is anyone at my work that has that kind of voice.

If she was working there less than a month she can't collect anything.

Or she could do sexy audio book recordings. Like for romance novels or some shit.

Where in Equestria is Carmen Sundagio?


History lectures on Youtube-slash-podcasts.


Not only has she, like, got first hand experience, but who wouldn't want to listen to Adagio ramble on for a hour or so about random historical anecdotes...?


Just me, then...?

Can you even make a living off of that?

OK, I needed a giggle and you provided it! Thank you so much!

while I can already tell that I'm going to enjoy this one no matter what direction you take it I hope you do end up going for Sci-Twi x Adagio, It's an appallingly under represented pairing with great comic potential.

Is your story based on this commercial, except the wife doesn't believe the husband?

"What are you wearing Adagio from State Farm??"
"Starting from the inner layer and progressing outwards, a pink thong, a red lacy push-up bra, thigh-socks.... M'am are you still there?"

Man, it would be hilarious if she tried to do something super wholesome like one of those "For just 10 cents a day..." for starving children or abused animal things.

“Are you calling me a harlet, Sparkle?”


So we finally continue, eh? Marvelous.

Worth the wait. This was hilarious.

“Specs,” Twilight repeated slowly. “Information about the item you're trying to sell,” she could see Adagio was still clearly not getting it. “Features. Like the camera, the brand, stuff like that. You don't really need to be a computer genius for that,”

Fair enough.

Twilight’s cheeks flushed even more at that word. “No! No! That’s not what I mean! I just, I think that since you’re more developed than me, and you have what I don’t when it comes to being desirable, I just think it’d be easier for you to sell to male customers than me!”

Well, she's self aware at least.

“Don’t get me wrong, you’re not ugly ,” Adagio explained, churning her wrist. “Your voice is just really nasally and annoying.”

Bit harsh, innit?

“Have you heard me speak?” Adagio asked, an eyebrow raised. “I sound like I do porn audio for a living,” she pouted. “I'm tired of being fired because of my voice.”

I mean, ya kinda do.

Adagio heard, “Sweet stars above what have I gotten myself into,” as she rounded the corner towards the exit.

An interesting story.

Sonata squinted, mouth open in a silent ‘oh’.“See, this is why people think you’re a sexy dominatrix.”

Bit of redundancy there, Nata. Dominatrix kinda implies Sexy due to the nature of the profession.

Very much enjoying this. Thank you.

Doesn't Sci-Twi sometimes bring her dog with her to keep her sane?

Well, Good luck, Dagi. Even in normal circumstances getting a job normally isn't easy.

Discord link doesn't work. I'm guessing it expired.

Well, I'm hoping this isn't dead. I'd love to see how this ends up.

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