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It was safe to say that the Post Crush concert had been an interesting time for all concerned, Sunset Shimmer especially. But when all was said and done, there was definitely fun to be had, and now the girls pack up their things to head on home. However, as they journey, they spot a particular trio in need of some assistance.

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Short and simple. Love the lesson.

Is good, I like.

Being generous to your enemies is a greater sign of strength then winning a battle.

a very nice story! I have helped change a TIRE once or twice, it's no fun! kinda makes me glad i cant drive, means i dun have to worry about tires of my own.

Edit: Might I suggest a second chapter in which we see the Dazzlings POV on the events that led up to the tire flat, and events AFTER the Rainbooms helped em and left? Might be interesting to see their thoughts

poor applejack

This was great.^^

Wished something like this happened at the end of of Sunset's Backstage Pass special.

Still, very good short story! :twilightsmile:

“Tyre” is the British spelling.

Of course, if you knew that and were teasing, please disregard this notice. :scootangel:

"Ooooh! Did you try and eat a hundred cotton candies all at once? Or maybe try to sneak a kiss from a cutie knowing they wouldn't remember? Or maybe try and know what it was like to just go nuts and run through the whole place naked?!"

"Loops 11, 6, and 14, respectively."

In any case, a nice, understated slice of life. A lot is left unsaid, bad blood still lies between the two groups, but everyone came out of this better than they were hefore, if only by a little. (And in Aria's case, by not saying anything. Wise move on her part.) Thank you for it.

Nice little feel good fic! I featured it on episode 271 of Pony 411.

Nice little short

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