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Hello everyone, Draxonos135 here. I mostly focus on Equestria Girls fanfics, and the one thing I like to do most is bring some kind of positive emotion to my readers.


This story is a sequel to A Vignette of Harmony

Being the third wheel to Sunset and "Twi-Fi" to appease Her Highness' curiosity wasn't on Vignette's to-do list. Truth be told, if it were up to her, she'd just stay with Applejack.

Alas, there she stood at the park, ready to meet them. But there was something odd about it.

More specifically, there was something odd about Sunset...

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I thought it was Sci-Twi, not Twi-Fi.

Not bad. :twilightsmile:

One thing I'd like to tell you though - you don't need to capitalize some words in this. "Magic" in "Wherever Sunset goes, Magic tends to follow" doesn't need to be a proper noun. Same goes for the use of "Pony" and "Human".

Got it, will keep it in mind for the future.

It's Vignette's nickname for human Twilight.

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