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Hello everyone, Draxonos135 here. I mostly focus on Equestria Girls fanfics, and the one thing I like to do most is bring some kind of positive emotion to my readers.


It's another normal day in Other-Questria, and the Human Seven are heading to school... except for Sunset, who's still asleep it seems.

Being the closest to her, Twilight sets out to wake her up.

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That was very cute.

A little messy in the execution, but overall a nice fluffy short. have a like :pinkiehappy:

This was anime as Heck.


Has Spike become a Pokemon?

"No, I'm not that Twilight, I'm the Twilight from the human world," Twilight answered as she walked to Sunset's side. "I came to pick you up because it's time to go to school-"

I think that second comma should be a semicolon or a period. Though I think the semicolon would work better with "Twilight answered..." or you could break it up.

No, I'm not that Twilight," Twilight answered as she walked to Sunset's side. "I'm the Twilight from the human world. I came to pick you up because it's time to go to school-"

Cute story.

Loved it!

"Spike, jump to Sunset and use "Morning Face Licking!"

It was not very effective.

"I guess that Bugbear did more damage then we thought, huh?"

“Dammit, Starswirl! We keep telling you, we don’t just throw monsters into random dimensions anymore!”

Sounds about how easy it is to wake me up in the morning. Great job! :twilightsmile:

"T-Twilight, wait-!"

...School’s canceled, isn’t it? Something tells me Twilight and Sunset’ll be like 😦 and the rest’ll be like
:facehoof: we tried to warn you...

Pre-Read: Huh! This sounds cute! Let's give it a read!

Post-Read: This was adorable! Twilight got anime'd, Spike got his Pikachu moment, and SciSet is best ShimShip. Yis. X3 I like. I fave. Ye.

My older sister got me up by simulating an earthquake via shaking the bed and yelling.

Muuuy cutee, i really liked it!

This story cured my depression.

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