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Set after Equestria Girls 3 (Spoilers ahead)

After the events of the Friendship Games, Sunset Shimmer and her new friend, Twilight Sparkle try to move on, but the pestering questions remained. What did Sunset turn into? Is Twilight safe from a demonic relapse? How did time loops keep Princess Twilight from responding?

With all three under one roof, the two Equestrians try to get to the bottom of this little mystery. Will they get at least a few answers?

Meanwhile, a new human has set their sights on Canterlot High

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This sounds really good so far. Keep up the good work.

Wait... complete? You can tag something like this complete! :raritydespair:

Not after all those hooks!

Hold on a moment, seven? Obviously, Ms. Shimmer is one and Sunset makes two but there are five more of them? Where did they come from? You making a fic about that? I'd like to read it.

6471914 it's only an idea and works with us as well. Theory would suggest there may be 7 people who look like you somewhere in the world. Let's see, Sunset Shimmer, Ms. Shimmer, British Sunset Shimmer, Italian Sunset Shimmer, Hawiaan Sunset Shimmer, Japanese Sunset, and maybe a Mexican Sunset Shimmer. Choose your poison

6471960 Unless you have a sequel planned, you should really mark this as incomplete. I'm interested to see where this goes. I noticed that Human Sunset seems to be older than the others, with a job as a PI it seems, is this an allusion to how in The Fall of Sunset Shimmer comic she was already Season 1 Twilight's age when she went through the mirror, while Twilight herself hadn't even gained her Cutie Mark?

6473844 it very well could be. Altogether, Sunset is older that Twilight, no matter what universe they're in. I haven't read the Sunset Shimmer comic you're talking about so I'm going off of what I already speculated. I'm going to use Ms. Shimmer again later

Hello guys, just a little bit of a heads up. I am working on somewhat of a sequel to this, but it will take time. Why? Because I was working on something like this before Friendship Games was supposed to come out. Now that it's out, I'm forced to rewrite it. I am continuing with the Destiny Saga, which will include a sequel to this and my other short stories on here. Thank you so much for the reaction to this story! I was not expecting this kind of reaction.

Ms. Shimmer will make her return soon in the fanfiction I was talking about. If another Equestria Girls movie comes out with human Sunset and I don't have that out, I'm going FlutterHulk haha. Thank you again and be sure to check out the other stories under my name here

Flutter On!



Also, congrats on making the best cliffhanger ever.

This is very confusingly written. There are paragraphs where it looks like the attribution has switched even though the same character is still speaking. It's also kind of a scattershot, all over the place read. This really needs to go through a few more prereaders and at least two more editing passes to even it out.

6480788 Thank you for that. I'll go through it again when I get a chance

She was just about to finish the serum when she sneezed due to hay fever

A pony... with hay fever... :applejackunsure:

“Yes?” both Twilights responded.

You did that on purpose.

“Wow” Sunset breathed.


“Ah yes, Midnight Sparkle. Well, from what I was able to gather, you had a mask when you attempted to dissect both worlds. That mask disappeared when your Spike managed to lure you out of your evil trance. From what it may appear, you shouldn’t have a demon to worry about. You were fueled by 1) your curiosity to expand your horizons and 2) the peer pressure from the Shadowbolts and this Mrs. Cinch. The demon was properly extinguished once both of those were smothered. I must say, this is unique,” Princess Twilight said.

That, and she wasn't originally Equestrian.

Cool But I want SEQUELLLL:twilightsmile::flutterrage:

NIce ending and I love the little SunLight bit you added in there. and I think this deservse a sequel.

Attention everyone, I have news for you.

I am currently working on a sequel that will follow Twilight's different interactions with her friends. It's gonna be called Tales of The Equestria Girls. I may need a proofreader for it and future fictions.

I repeat, a sequel is in the works, so stop yelling at me. Haha, brony on my friends.


7878777 huh that's new. Yeah it's done

Excellent fic I can see Sci Twilight been a fan of Hercules add Smallvile nice conversation between them

Comment posted by TwinAttorney864 deleted Dec 23rd, 2020

I think they meant a sequel to the Ms. Shimmer being a DHS agent a thing

I have been trying to find this for over a year now. I read it and really liked it, but then lost it somehow. I shall now add you to the list of authors who I intend to look over everything they have made, eventually. I look forward to both the continuation of this series and the destiny saga. Thank you.

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