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Story inspired by my own shit and "Oops! I'm Equine again!" by MythrilMoth.

Everyone who attends CHS is slowly turning into a pony-human (or the Equestrian equivalent species). Why is this happening? The magic of friendship has been brought into the human world, meaning more friendship equals more magic. And the area of effect is spreading. :pinkiehappy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiehappy:


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Everyone who attends CHS is slowly turning into a pony-human (or the Equestrian equivalent species). Why is this happening? The magic of friendship has been brought into the human world, meaning more friendship equals more magic. And the area of effect is spreading.

i am working on a story with a twist like that. It is inferred that as the change goes on, since the ponies themselves are much smaller than a full grown human, that the body mass has to go somewhere. so while they are changing, the excess tissues are transformed into magical energy, which suffuses the area with that energy, triggering more changes, environmentally and interpersonally.

Im working on a story where my oc gets stuck in the Sunset's world instead of Equestria :pinkiegasp:

6282833 I think I have seen one like that somewhere...can't remember what it was called.

6282820 well, in most stories i've read the enchantment keeps ir relatively painless, but it probably would hurt like a sucker otherwise.

6282876 I think it was called, "I just want to be In equestria" I'm on my phone and too lazy too look right now

Cool the problem is Im having trouble starting my story. I cant go to Equestria until I make friends on the other side however my past haunts me as I remember everyone who betrayed me

6282990 Wow. so few words yet so complicated. Or maybe I'm just too tired to comprehend.

6282996 well im stuck as my oc and I some how ended up in Sunsets world instead of Equestria turns out I have to make friends at CHS before I can crossover to Equestria the problem is my past still haunts me as I remembered how my "friends"
betrayed me.
Sry I should of detailed it longer maybe this one makes more since hopefully

6283008 Thanks, sounds interesting. Send me a PM, when it's out.^^

Awesome I will do you think you can help me with editing and stuff ?

6283054 Eeeenope. English isn't my first language and I tend to do quite a few grammar errors.

thats alright its just I relized gramar is one of those things on here so hopefully this story will be good

CHOO CHOO!!! Hype train coming through!!! :twilightsmile:

So do they turn into complete anthros or go full pony? And by full anthro I mean the ears, horns, wings, tails (actual tails not hair extensions) and fur and hooves instead of feet, and muzzles? Also this story has gotten my attention a favorite and an upvote! Keep up Tue good work!

6284942 Not decided yet, but if then it would be a slow process from human into full anthro. The horns are definitely coming soon.

6285012 I say you should. When they use friendship to transform they get the ears and hair extensions which people say is anthro. Now for this story how you say they slowly do, it would be weird for them to slowly grow just ears and the hair. I'm pretty sure everybody else is hoping the same. Plus it would make things really interesting. That's just my opinion. :twilightsmile:

"Okay" Celestia took in a deep breath "let's assume I didn't understand any of this."

Interesting idea, keep it up.

6314669 Gimme a break, I gotta prepare for job interviews. Again.

6315284 I was just messing dude. And good luck with getting a job :D

6315294 Knowing my conversation skills....eh thanks.

6315334 dude with how well you can write, I'm sure you can conversate just as well

6315343 Thanks, but writing ain't exactly talking, you know?

6315361 yeah, good point. But I'm still confident you can do it :yay:

An interesting start, I wonder how far you will take this story. Very few stories end up going very far, or are too slow in updating, so I will refrain from favoring it for now.

An interesting start. I'm looking forward to where you take it.

The horns came way too fast for my taste, but it was unavoidable. Well I found a way to even things out. This comment is for everyone who ignores the author's note in the second chapter.

how did this not show up in my feed

6413723 hmm? It's not really one of my best works, so you didn't miss anything special.

"You told her that I am a unicorn?"
"Eh....nope. Only that you're an alien, from another dimension, where magic is as common as water and that you and another alien are responsible for turning the most popular girls in this school into magic pony girls."
Almost everyone face palmed and Lyra's mother lost consciousness.

Very nice chapter, looking forward to Human Twily reaction to her brother and foal... ahm Babysitter future extra appendages :pinkiehappy:.

Next up they're going to either have pony fur and hooves or pony fur and muzzles.

6423036 Well, THAT definitely will take some time.

Well, at least I know it's coming. But here's a strange thing, I know that the movie themselves refers to the tails as "tails" but they're really pony tails at the end of the hair. When did they become actual tails?

6431990 Pff, I just go with the flow here. It's what they've been called in other stories

Honestly, you might have gotten more mileage out of this chapter if you'd lengthened it a bit. Maybe have each girl go through their own individual experiences at home before getting Celestia's call.

"It feels...strange. Having an extra set of limps I mean."

I think you meant limbs there.

Wait, since Cadence was originally a Pegasus before her ascension shouldn't she just have back pain instead of both back pains and a headache?

6480220 Meh, I go for alicorn on her.

You really don't give yourself enough credit for painting a scene. You do it quite well.

Jumping up a little high, one had to say, compared to her usual little jumps. To get a picture, her feet easily reached the waists of the other girls, when she reached the highest point during her jump.

And then you pull shit like this! Never address the reader, explicitly or implicitly. Never speak with the voice of the writer. There's always a smoother way to get your point across!

6480275 Alicorn is an ascended form, you really should just go with pegasus for Cadance, Otherwise you'll have to do the same for Celestia, Luna and Twilight.

6491192 Guess what the plan was? I'm pretty lax with the alicorn rules in this story. Why? It's fun. Leave me my fun. That's why I write these stories.

Well, you're off to an interesting start.

Strangely enough one of Twilight's self-build instruments

Sorry, just had to be that guy.

Alright.... how long until Celestia and Luna end up with the same symptoms? :rainbowderp:

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