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It's better to see death from her funny side. On my funeral there's gonna be a clown. I would hire Pinkie Pie, but sadly she only exists inside our poor minds.


My version of Lauren Faust ending up in Equestria. I probably got her character all wrong. Hey, I never met her, cut me some slack.

So, Lauren Faust is Queen of Equestria in this story. How will she react? How will everypony else react? And what does Pinkie's chimicherrychangas have to do with all of this? One thing is clear already. For Twilight and her friends it won't be the same.

Added AU tag, 'cause someone mentioned it would be safe. And when I think about it, I don't think we ever get to learn who the princesses parents are.

Just a note, this is set during season two. So the events of "A Canterlot Wedding" haven't happened yet.

Cover Art done by ZuTheSkunk

04.18.2015 Wait what? This story is hot? Wow. Thanks guys.

I got an editor. It's GaleSinger

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I'm pretty sure Lauren's personality is different than what you've shown last chapter, but I don't exactly care about that. It's a good story, nonetheless.

5874313 Thanks. I've only seen an interview of her, so yeah, I'm drawing a blank here. I can only hope that I won't offend her in the future in any way.

This has lots of potential. I look forward to seeing how this will continue.

5874344 I hate it when people say that. Now I'm REALLY scared of screwing up.

You could've completely ignored the personality problem if it was someone else who woke up in the body of L Faust's OC.

5874348 hey dont worry about it. You have started it well so im sure it will go fine.

5874353 I thought about it. But nah, I plan in doing something similar. There're way not enough crystal pony OCs

Umm... not to be a spoil sport, but isn't the adding of real life people into a story off limits? I mean the Fausticorn is a fictional metaphor that is suppose to be her counterpart, but Lauren Faust herself? As best I can remember even using someone else's OC/avatar (representation of themselves in pony/etc form.) was supposed to be taboo.

(If not, cool. I just wanted to make sure. And if anyone deserves an alicorn OC/avatar without it being accuseable of being cheap plot device, I personally think it's Faust. :raritywink:)

5874450 I'm not the first dude to do that stuff. And it got approved, so yeah, that's why I didn't make an OC as Faust.

If I were you, I might wanna put that AU tag on just in case.

Also, I'm tracking this story because I'm curious where you're taking this.

5874460 Me too. I'm a spontaneous writer. Nothing's set in stone.

5874450 I've seen a few stories around that have Faust as a character in them, so if it is a rule it doesn't seem to be enforced.

5874462 You too? Are you like me that sorta make up your story as you go? That's how nearly all of my stories are like.

I like the way this story is progressing, whilst you haven't shown much yet, you gave me enough to keep me intrigued

5874526 Is it just me or is Twilight a little too small in this picture?

5874463 I can't personally find the rule again myself, but if it is still there then I suppose it's there not so much as a way to be mean and cold about it, but as a way to keep the argument clean should the Fimfiction staff have to do anything about a problem arising from it. Kinda like copyright laws and... Fanworks... :rainbowderp: *gulp*

Still a unicorn

5874526 I would like to point out that it looks like Pinkie is climbing a building.

I am God


5874636 Still a little small... :moustache:

5875004 Wait... if tomatoes are a fruit, does that mean ketchup is a smoothie?

Alright, who said putting strawberry-banana smoothies from Hayburger on haydogs was a bad idea!?!?!?

Can't wait for another chapter! :rainbowdetermined2:

Character seems a little generic so far. Most of it's okay thus far. I just feel like she'd be a little more likely to roll with it. Also, I'm not so fond of stories that double back to before the previous chapter. Especially at the beginning of the story.

In mid-air floating was what seemed to be a transparent white crystal with red sparks coming out of it every.

Every what, pray tell?

Also, a crystal can't be white and transparent; It would have to be translucent (see link at bottom) to perceive it as having a color. Try comparing your average piece of quartz to a really nice specimen (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/a/a5/QuartzUSGOV.jpg VS http://admin.satyacenter.com/item_files/article_574_8.jpg). Red also feels like a very strange color for it be emitting, much less as sparks. Glowing a particular color or emitting line makes far more sense than emitting sparks.


5875461 woops. Thanks for pointing it out.

Fixed it.

About the other critic point: I just wanted to do something I haven't tried yet.

It's cool, I guess.
Some comments though:

(not related to story) OC-Generator pics are overused
you could use a proofreader
good concept

5875483 1) just wanted a picture for this story. Dunno if the artist made it himself or used a programm

2) I know. I always forget to look for someone.

3) Good concept? I'm surprised this one isn't overused.

she could feel someone tugging her in.

she could feel someone tucking her in.

Interesting start. Will watch. :twilightsmile:

This should be interesting...

5875500 tbh idgaf if overused, its still good concept

And apparently this story is the 7th most popular story on FIMFic now ^^

Great job at getting Featured :pinkiehappy:

5875817 That's it. I'm getting myself a gun now. I'm ready to die.

Some suggestions

Both were floating as wind was floating through them.

as if wind

The only problem was, she had no arm, but a foreleg.

(technicality/not really a problem) Silly Lauren you still have an arm - it is a hand you lack ;)


Grabbing it with her magic, she walked back downstairs and put it back into the shelf.
"Tidy up library, check." Twilight levitated up a scroll and a pencil, marking the task as check.

back on (/onto) the shelf
marking the task as checked.

If anyone would be helping her at home it would probably be her husband Craig Mckraken. Not sure if that's the right spelling for his name...

interested to see where this will go...

Wow, two days in with two chapters and you already have 90 likes... GG

A magnificent read so far *smashes mug on the floor* MORE!!!

*sees second chapter*


Unconscious Princess= Execution

Unconscious God=Utter obliteration of the MLP universe

These type of stories are fun.
Take me with you on yer adventure!!! :)

Ewwwww. An explanation chapterrrrr.
Huh.... I'll stick around.... >_>


Princess was unconscious.

Unconscious Princess= Execution

That was the best pony logic i've seen yet, look forward to more :pinkiehappy:


I think it just looks like that because Fluttershy is on her hind legs.

Sounds like it could be a good story. Could go the light hearted route, dealing with mainly her reactions to Equestria, or go a bit heavier with her facing inner demons about leaving the show. A healthy balance, and all things in moderation.

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