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It's better to see death from her funny side. On my funeral there's gonna be a clown. I would hire Pinkie Pie, but sadly she only exists inside our poor minds.


I am God (again) · 8:45pm Sep 13th, 2016

Send the new chapter to my editor, got a new program for grammar editing, which somehow only works when I'm writing in chat or like this a blog. I guess they really want me to sign up for this shit to work on google docs.

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Where have I been? · 3:37pm May 15th, 2016

For all you stalkers out there, I haven't updated anything last week, not even on my birthday, because right now I'm feeling a certain amount of rage. This week has been shit! Tomorrow is gonna be shit! Don't ask, I'll try to calm down and hopefully get something done next week! Right on top of my priority list is "I am God...apparently?" and "Song of us."

See you.

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Give reviews, even if they're negative · 10:26pm Apr 21st, 2016

So, this will sound pretty hypocritical, because, I'm not much of a talker myself. Today I noticed a problem, which I normally don't have, at least in no such scale as my newest story: negative (and positive) votes without a comment. Okay, look, I saying I don't like your story is pretty much the long version of the downvote button. But can you at least tell us, the authors, why? I know I barely leave comments on other people's stories, especially the ones I downvoted, but I plan to change

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I'm not dead (sadly) · 7:46pm Feb 24th, 2016

So, for everyone who bothers to read this, I haven't given up on writing. I just got obsessed with two new video games. I'm gradually getting off the hook and already started writing again. Next update on whatever story should be there soon. Oh and it's my mom's birthday.

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I am God · 2:51pm Aug 22nd, 2015

I have had some rough days and things are sadly getting complicated again for me in life. You see, I still have no real job, only two mini-jobs and even more sadly, I still live with my parents, because no one is taking me!

I hope this issue will be solved soon, until then, I'll start the next chapter of I am God apparently next week and MAYBE publish it next week. Considering I made a Pinkie Promise for a longer chapter, it might take a little longer.

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