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It's better to see death from her funny side. On my funeral there's gonna be a clown. I would hire Pinkie Pie, but sadly she only exists inside our poor minds.


It's just been a few days since the friendship games, but something drastic has changed. The solar system of Earth isn't what the inhabitants of the planet are used to. Plus there are two teenage, high-school students, who control the most important objects in the sky.

Editor: GaleSinger

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You're not very good with titles, are you...?
I'll add it to my "to be edited" list...
Also, FIRST!!!11!!!111!1

6470037 Yeah, I think I'm gonna change it, when I think of something.

An interesting start, I'll keep an eye on this to see where it goes. I like that you didn't immediately jump to sort of problem, so it looks like you might have good understanding of pacing.

6470085 Just looking what people think of the general idea. The problem will present itself soon enough.

This sounds pretty interesting. I can't wait to see where this is going.

6470130 On another hard drive?



That was bad, even for my standards.

6470140 Oh yes ha ha. I haven't seen this movie at all but I can't say no to a SunLight story.

6470151 Really? Go watch it on dailymotion. Need a link?

6470166 Unfortunately I'm not into this series to even think of watching it no matter how cool the final battle between Twilight and Sunset was.

6470207 Not into the movies you mean? Eh, your loss. Or win in case you really wouldn't like it.

6470211 Well more like I'm not into My Little Pony period. Although I love to read SunLight and OctaScratch stories if they're good enough.

6470223 Wow, so you don't like MLP, but like reading certain types of stories? That's partially how I got into the fandom^^

Dude, how many EQG fics do you have running at the same time?

hmm... i wanna see where this goes....

Time for some good, old mayhem. Hell earr!!!:coolphoto:

Why are people still throwing around the "you can't feel pain in dreams" myth? You can feel pain while dreaming.

So is Mercury not a thing in the universe?


6470542 Really? Didn't know.

One more story about "Magic overtaking over Earth" (in any way,from "Transformation Plague" to Newborn Celestia and Luna) coming from your profile and I'll start to write my own story,'cause balance is going to be crushed completly.

6470765 Blame the movie, I couldn't help but write another one.

An interesting start, a bit short to give a fav or further opinion, but have a follow. :twilightsmile:

6470596 Pain can be felt in a dream just like everything else. People just usually tend to have painless dreams.

I once saw a dream that I fell from a cliff and my leg got torn off. Your can probably guess what it felt like.

6470546 Don't worry,it's unedited, I'll smooth out any flaws or missed bits I pick up on when I get round to it...

6471070 Now that I think about, I once had a dream of drowning. Almost suffocated under my covers.

hmm very interesting idea. I'm looking forward to more. :pinkiehappy:

6471070 I'm gonna take a gamble and say it felt like getting your leg torn off?

...and then the solar system falls apart because they messed up all the orbital mechanics. Everyone freezes horribly. The end.

6473975 If there was I sci-fi tag, I would add it. Like Twilight Sparkle always says: "It's magic. I ain't have to explain shit to you."


The Goddess of the Sun is here. Countdown to Sunset melt-down/panic attack in 5... 4... 3... 2... 1...

Note: Twilight would have thought that she'd disrupted Earth's diurnal rotation so it had become sun-synchronous, just in case you needed any help with the technical lingo. :raritywink:

He meant that the Earth stopped rotating and one side of the planet will face the sun forever.... I think.

6474184 The earth is technically still spinning, but at a much slower rate. Add in the revolution around the sun, and by their point of view, it would look like the sun was in permanent sunrise. That is what Ben is saying to be Twilight's thoughts on the matter. I think.

Well this could be problematic

I hope we get more real soon!

In other words...
May I have some more?

The two worlds/dimensions were similar enough before Midnight started randomly ripping holes in the space time that separated them. 'Bleed through' is tame to describe what might have happened to their realities.

~~~Mistress, I am ready. Lead me.~~

And here I thought the sun would be more dominant in a relationship... I... I'm so sorry...

Nicely done even as a rough version.

I was on a inspiration rush. Is that even a thing?

Yes that most definately is a thing. Been there a few times myself, best rush there is in my opinion. :pinkiehappy:

Another term is a tidally locked orbit. The Earth's moon is a good local example. It rotates but at the perfect rate the one side is always facing the Earth.

6474687 Do I want to know what you are implying good sir?

6474770 How come everyone knows something about this stuff, except me?

6474830 Dude you should have talked to me about this... I could have helped you out. But still, I'll add this chapter to my to-do list.:twilightsmile:

I like this so far so ima be blunt with u :derpytongue2:

dont fuck up

6474936 Yeah, sorry, I'll remember it next time. Oh and add chapter 3. I swear somehow this movie got me more motivated than Rainbow Rocks. And I like Rainbow Rocks more than Friendship Games. Still a good movie though.

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