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It's better to see death from her funny side. On my funeral there's gonna be a clown. I would hire Pinkie Pie, but sadly she only exists inside our poor minds.


Some authors wish to live in the worlds they create or just want to be able to visit it, to escape from reality at least for a little bit. Lauren Faust considered the thought from time to time, but never really wanted it.

Yet here she is, inside Fluttershy's cottage and she can't understand a word the mare or anypony else is speaking. When trying to calm herself down with her hobby, namely drawing ponies and other cartoon characters, the ponies become alive the next day!

Will she be able to find a way home, despite language barrier? Just how long can she keep her rather unique ability hidden? Spoilers, not very long :trollestia:

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 69 )

Has promise. Tracking and upvoted.

Also first.

6601516 One of these days, I write first in the comment section, when I upload a story.

Also thanks.

Crossy. Crossy, why. I'm still waiting on "I am God...apparently?" and "Confusing Reality" to update and you throw out another story.

I like the premise but, Crossy....Whyyyyyyyyy?

I urge you to continue in your extravegant story. by my taste in stories, This fits well them all.
Equanamarians, Unite!
King Equalar
(King of Equanamria)

6601523 The first one I promised 5000 fucking words. I'm at 450!!! I actually had an idea to give me inspiration to write something. Instead, this thing here entered my mind!!!

The second, I only have time to focus on I am God this week. Got another job interview coming on Tuesday. In the town hall and with a little bad luck, I'm gonna see the mayor. No pressure at all.

6601535 King of what now? Spain is the other way, dude.

LOL.No, I'm from Equanamria. It's my empire.
A very peaceful place, it is yes.
Equanamrians, Unite!
King Equalar

Yes! Another great Story is posted :pinkiehappy:

6601623 ...Ah, I get it. Latin. To get to Rome, you need to take the right turn and then go straight ahead. Carefull, we got a lot of fog the past nights.

6601632 If you hit Turkey you've gone too far, make the next legal U-turn.

This is good and i await more. But if you have an editor or pre-reader have them go over it if they haven't. If you don't, may I offer my help?

Keep going :) If you have any actual biographical data about Faust to work in, that's cool, if not, I'll treat her as "power inhibited physical Goddess walking among us" :duck:

6601872 Well, I can't give my current Editor more work and I'd gladly accept.

"However, neither Derpy, nor Rainbow thought of getting this minotaur thing to the hospital for some reason."
It would be better to give a reason than hang a lampshade on not having one.

"season 5"
Lauren Faust hasn't been involved with the show since season 2. Hasbro being a dumb company and all that.

6602629 Awesome.PM me and we'll work things out.

Shit just got real so soon. XD


Its another universe....who cares!


It's upvoted simply for the fact that it has Lauren Faust in it. I believe we don't appreciate her enough for all she did for us.

If she created this.. and can create ponies... why can't they speak her language?

How could she create a language she can't understand? This makes no sense...

6601786 Hungary ate the people of Turkey, even though it had too much Greece. (wah-wah-wahhhhhhhhh) :trollestia:

*crickets from the audience*


Hmph... Phillistines.

6604721 many, many crickets.

Faust has the power of... Being the author.

6604704 Just wanted to have this setup. And hey, these are candy colored ponies. How the hell does THAT make any sense?!

6604704 Hm... to be fair... she did create it. But she didn't *write* it. Unless she specifically said, 'these ponies will speak English...'

I don't know, loopholes.

Even better than your other Faust story! Keep it up!

6606303 Better? Wish I knew where the dislikes come from. Kinda sad that most people don't give their honest opinion, because their comment gets downvoted.

Nice intro, it shows promise, good work. :twilightsmile:

I was following "I am God", peeking at what other stories CrossRedstone had written and suddenly I'm here? Wait...this is already on my read list...

Oh, several competing stories from one general idea--okay, I can dig it.

They're like one's children--sometimes hard to pick one favorite to focus your developmental time on.

Twilight: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :twilightoops:

Oh my, that grammar...

Poop is about to hit the fan :pinkiecrazy:

Mmm, fried bunny.

See even Faust thinks Angel is evil.:pinkiegasp:

He's not evil he's just thinks the rest of the world is full of Horseshit.:fluttershysad:

It is full of horseshit sugercube this is Equestria after all.:ajsmug:

Well pony shit to be exact.:twilightsheepish:

The more you know.:trollestia:

"Cooking with Fluttershy!" Sounds like a good five minute animation. Haha, with Discord as the sous-chef. Mmm, fried bunny.

:rainbowlaugh: I would watch it. :pinkiehappy:

Nice chapter, good work. :twilightsmile:


All of your comments get a like, just because I like this story so far.

Did the first movie already happened?

That is not proper English, mister

cringed at the bad grammar

Did you forget you have editors?
This needs work, I wish you had run it by me first.

6715816 Hehe, sorry. I was so busy these past days, I just couldn't wait to get back on the keyboard.

Nice chapter, I wonder what Twilight's reaction will be

Only later Lauren would find out that her host intended to make salad too. Not something she would eat with soup, but other countries other traditions, right?

Clearly she's never been to Souper Salad.

Still going okay. Very curious where the story will go.

You should really just pick one color for folks speaking Equestrian, one for Faust speaking English, and just let the narration take care of letting us know who is speaking. Trust me, trying to juggle all the different colors for each pony is going to bite you with some big errors at some point.

Other than that, I like where this seems to be going.:twilightsmile:

While you wait for the Next Chapter of "I Am God...... Apparently" I've been waiting for more nearly three years for Journey to the Real World's next update which would most likely be never cause i think the story got too chaotic with it's last chapter

6718811 That story was partially an inspiration for I am God, you know?

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