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Hello everyone, Draxonos135 here. I mostly focus on Equestria Girls fanfics, and the one thing I like to do most is bring some kind of positive emotion to my readers.


This story is a sequel to A Vignette of Apples

There was no way Vignette was gonna stay out of the world of magic. She knew this as soon as she decided to stay with Applejack.

But if she has to learn about the magic world, she has to learn it with the first, most important concept: the Elements of Harmony.

And with Sunset and the Rainbooms' help, she might just do that.

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Interesting start to this. Definitely kind of brief, but still, seems like a good idea to me to have Vignette learn more about the Elements of Harmony and the meaning behind them. I do like the way that this one concludes. ^_^

Hmm, brief again, but I do like the idea of Vignette talking to Rarity about her Element. (I found the "Element of Fashion" line, and Vignette's rationale for it, quite amusing. XD) Also like that Vignette has to dash off because she was supposed to meet Pinkie Pie - shows that she's getting more of a life beyond that with the Apples.

Again, short, but this was good. I really liked Pinkie explaining about happiness and sharing it to Vignette. That was quite nicely done. :pinkiesmile:

Hmm. This one had an amusing little joke in Vignette forgetting Dash's surname, but I think something was lost by not having Dash get to explain anything about Loyalty. It just kind of dovetailed in a side discussion about ponies and Equestria, and then Vignette had to run off again. :applejackunsure:

This chapter was a real gem. :yay: I very much enjoyed the dialogue between Fluttershy and Vignette, and think you did a pretty good job with the dynamic / back-and-forth here, as well as setting up a good lead-in for the next installment.

I already edited the chapter to add that. I can't believe I missed it. :facehoof:

Thanks for pointing it out. :twilightsmile:

Hmm. Not sure how I feel about this conclusion. Honestly, I think that maybe you could have unpacked or elaborated on this scenario more thoroughly, because basically, to me, it just comes off as reinforcing Vignette's prejudice against magic and thinking that it's dangerous and evil. I feel that if Sunset had explained (or even just speculated) that the reason she turned into the demon was because of her selfish pursuit of power and magic over friendship and its virtues.

I hope Vignette figures out how Friendship IS Magic, i.e. how the different Elements of Harmony go into creating the power of Friendship, the true magic. I think (and she is not alone in making this mistake) that people forget that Magic (as an Element, in this setting) is less about some kind of power in and of itself and more about the synthesis of those Elements, or virtues, or whatever you want to call them. How they all come together to make something great, not how the one Element stands above the rest.

I guess I got a plot for the next Vignetteverse story. :rainbowlaugh:

Speaking seriously, though, you're right: this wasn't the best conclusion, and although I will add to it eventually, Vignette pretty much has to experience what Magic (and also friendship) truly is before she can understand the basic message behind the title: that friendship IS magic.

Of course, she first needs to make friends other than the Apple Family and Sunset's friends, but we'll get there when we get there.

Okay, this works better now that there's an actual discussion about Loyalty and all. Good on you for putting that in. ^_^

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